The Tracks of My Tears - Smokey Robinson The Miracles Aesthetic Autism.

South African Defence Force S.A.D.F Soldiers Marching South African Army.


South Africa 1980s. South African Defence Force S.A.D.F Soldiers Marching South African Army.

32 Battalion SADF, early 90s


Phola Park incident, a known nest of insurgents, a 32 Battalion patrol comes under fire. The ANC propaganda machine goes to ...

SADF border war movie: At Thy Call


Movie made by Chris Dos Santos as a post graduate student project. BE WARNED: EXCESSIVE SWEARING! (but that is exactly ...

SADF Nutria Brown Camouflage Effectiveness


In this video we will be looking at the effectiveness of the old South African Defense Force (SADF) Nutria Brown uniform in a ...

At Thy Call - A Film by Christopher-Lee Dos Santos (SADF Border War Student Film)


At Thy Call is an award winning short film by Christopher-Lee Dos Santos. Produced as a post-graduate student film, the ...

SADF SAAF: Feel The Power See The Glory.........1957-1994


The Old South African Army 1957-1994. Ons Vir Jou Suid Afrika.

SADF Section Leader Training Course (SAW Seksieleier Opleidingskursus)


This video (circa 1980s) offers a rare glimpse into the former South African Defence Force (SADF) during a routine Section Leader ...

Camp Attack - War On the Border (SADF in Angola) 1981


South African Defence Force (Apartheid Regime) Al J. Venter is a South African war journalist.

SADF Pattern-83 Battlejacket - KommandoReview


We delve into a forgotten, classic piece of kit. Buy your own here: ...

Old SADF I salute U


Salute to all Angolan soldiers who gave everything to fight the communists. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten............