Stand Up 01

Stand-up comedy 05: Michael Szatmary 01


Ľudia sa jednoducho radi smejú. V sobotu19. novembra 2016 im v košických Kasárňach/Kulturparku zaútočila na bránice štvorica ...

Simon Amstell Stand-Up 01/14/15 - CONAN on TBS


Simon explains why dreaming of a well-lubricated dungeon boy nearly ruined his French vacation. More CONAN ...

Michael Palascak Stand-Up 01/05/15


Michael gets a lot of Chicago parking tickets, which lays out the fines like a helpful restaurant menu. More CONAN ...

Cristela Alonzo Stand-Up 01/08/17 - CONAN on TBS


Cristela thinks shes the only woman who gets catcalled useful information. More CONAN @ Team ...

Stand Up!! Episode 01


Title: Stand Up!! Format: Renzoku Genre: Human drama, romance Episodes: 11 Subtitle : English Four schoolboys find ...

Dan Soder Stand-Up 01/07/13


Dan Soder has a surefire anti-mugging trick: in a dangerous situation, put on a fake Russian accent.

Daniel Sloss Stand-Up 01/23/17 - CONAN on TBS


Daniel Sloss shares his fantasies about tripping a small child with an ice cream cone. More CONAN @  ...

Carmen Lynch Stand-Up 03/01/16 - CONAN on TBS


Carmen loves to read inspirational quotes online, though she mightve gotten a few mixed up. More CONAN ...

Kick-Ass Soundtrack ( 01 - Stand Up )


Soundtrack z filmu Kick-Ass. Nagranie 01 ( The Prodigy - Stand Up )

Billy Wayne Davis Stand-Up 01/19/17 - CONAN on TBS


Is Billy Wayne Davis the first stand-up comedian in history to work immortal raccoons into a set? More CONAN ...

Emily Heller Stand-Up 01/09/17 - CONAN on TBS


Emily has never seen a kid on a leash who didnt need a leash. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the ...

Rory Scovel Stand-Up 01/07/16 - CONAN on TBS


Rory feels confident in declaring that Salt Lake City is the whitest place in America. No, the WORLD. More CONAN ...