Stop Using Noggit SDL - Problems with Old Noggits


For some reason people who use preBeta versions just keep popping up (most likely because there is still no new public  ...

[3D] Learning Virtual Environment Creation with Noggit for WoW [2014]


2015.11.23 Session_01 with indie program , a 3D dev tool for famous online game World of Warcraft. Working on a ...

Lets Mod Wow? - Using Noggit - Part 1


In this video we will be doing something a low key. Ill show you how I edit with Noggit and other little tips and elements. If you like ...

World of Warcraft - Noggit - Gilneas Mod 1


We take a look at the WOW Gilneas Mod. This is a WOTLK mod and does not use imported resources from cataclysm.

Noggit zone creation / making-off 1 - WOW custom content - private server


How a new zone is built with a program called Noggit. [ I want to do the same thing! Can I learn it? ]

Wow 3.3.5a - Draenor Map In Noggit 1.4 WMO Water - VLOG


So this is the culmination of my activities, study, research, and much error of the past month. Got to a point where I can put in the ...

Modcraft Tutorial Series - Noggit


Hey guys im making a tutorial for noggit. Modcraft Link : Thanks for Watching!


[Noggit] Installing Noggit for WoW 3.3.5


This video is aimed to teach those who may need a bit of help in installing Noggit for World of Warcraft 3.3.5a. Noggit is a ...

Процесс создания локации в Noggit 3.3.5a


Как то однажды делал локацию для закрытого проекта , залил в январе месяце видеоролик, но так и не опуб...

Noggit Timelapse - 4th project (My Goal: Understand texturing) (read discription)


The quality is bad due to the rendering settings in the program i used to edit all the clips together with and the music. Im changing ...

Noggit Tutorial - How to compile Noggit


Scroll down for download links! Sorry for my horrible accent xD Many people asked me how to compile Noggit and finally i could ...

World of Warcraft - Noggit - The Silver Hand Mod


We take a look at the WOW The Silverhand Mod. This is a WOTLK mod and does not use imported resources from cataclysm.

Noggit Manual - Basics


In this video, we will take a look at basics of Noggit usage - how to edit a map, how to revert changes, apply them to game client ...

Noggit Manual - Setup


We will take a short look at setuping Noggit and making it run (smoothly) in general. WoW modding sites: WoWDev Wiki: ...

WoW Modding - Download Noggit


Hello all! and Welcome back. Today ill be sharing with my files, my version of noggit and some other tools. Fair warning: These ...