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BTS sat down with Scott Goldman at the GRAMMY Museum for an intimate conversation about their songwriting process, becoming the first K-Pop group to hit No.1 on the Billboard Artist 100 chart, why their music feels so relatable and how their fans give them wings.For more BTS visit ►►►

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A Jones
self-producing and writing for Kpop bands isn't a new thing, I know, but what I think is really an important part of what makes BTS 'different' is the intention of the band: to heal people through music. BTS' roots are solidified in the idea of using their platform to bring awareness to the struggles of youth. From their first album to their latest, BTS have maintained their value of making music with a message that can resonate with all kinds of people. This value is the basis of BTS, it's their DNA, and the fact that their fanbase has grown doesn't change this, it only makes it more powerful. I'm so so proud watching them being able to share their message with the world.
Airielle Min
just gonna say this.. \n\nYoongi's voice is asmr. Literally.. I know he's my bias and everything but his voice is really something. Oof.
I love to see BTS in american interviews, but honestly I'm so happy for this one, because as a fan of them I already kinda know the answers for this questions, they always talk about how important their message in their lyrics are, i know how hard working they are, and how they help and listen each other to create each album, this is the reason why BTS has such a big and loyal fandom, because we already know what they want to achieve, the meaning behind their lyrics, this is not just for fame, or money, they have a purpose, to help all people to love themselves, to accept who we are, to work hard, to believe in our dream, and to accept if we don't have one, and sometimes help us to get one. But this interview is for the people who don't have an idea of who the real BTS is, they are not just some popular twitter group, or just some kpop group, they are so much more than that, and I hope people can realize that. Don't prejudge people, bc u can't never know how amazing can someone be. They literally brought happiness to my life, they help me when I most needed it. They show me how to accept and love who I am, and to never give up. Don't be afraid of the unknown, give BTS a chance and listen to their songs, cause each album, each song has a story, and a meaning. You won't regret it 💜
Almizar Amil Hamzah
The way taehyung answered about ARMYs are giving them the WINGS to fly, short and simple, meaningful indeed. Here I am crying in a business meeting where idk anything of.
Angel Chong
Yoongi talking in Korean in this interview gives me liFE
Ayaka Tanaka
It made me so happy that they finally asked the right questions. Hint: Suga is very engaged.
Banjo Balkaran
I love this and big respect to the host and BTS they have so much respect for us fans and also the interviewer asked some real intellectual questions about what BTS is all about and more about their work. Awesome! 😃
I imagine if they go to the amas or the bbmas again or whatever they are gonna copy this guys questions like they did to the other guy whi actually reaserched too and annoyed them with questions its like that meme where they copy the homework but say it a little diffrently so they wont notice
Blood Fallen
Bts got me hooked after blood sweat and tears and since then I've never looked back. Binge watching anything and everything related to Bts
* Mr. BOng. *and joon just lying to make him feel better 😂
i'm so happy to have them in my life, they're such down to earth guys, they literally started from the bottom and it's so amazing to be on this road with them watching them grow and make us proud, i've been to some music fandoms before but i've never experienced something like this, there's only one thing bigger than our devotion to bts and that is bts' dedication to their art, i feel like i could talk about every little detail in their music forever\n\ni'm russian and i grew up listening to songs in english cause popular music here is utter shite but falling in love with songs in korean turned out to be an experience, bts really broadened my perspective on many things, i'm rooting for everything they represent right now in the world
Charle Redillas
when you make suga interested in an english interview then you are the winner
Cheri Tang
Instead of making BTS look like a group of boys with good looks and a big fan base, this interview really respected BTS and considered them as real artists. Thank you for this wonderful interview
Chiara B
Give them a Grammy already. The boys are legends.
Choco Chip Kookie
Christine L
BTS gave such thought-provoking and insightful answers to this interview! thank you to the grammys for taking the time to really research bts and understand their philosophy and their passion to spread music that resonates and connects with people! i also appreciate that bts talk korean allowing them to communicate better :)
DANCE Monster
An actual interview where they don't ask repetitive questions but relevant questions.
Deepika Bedi
Thank you so much for this interview. I hope you will post the full interview soon. Eagerly waiting for it. ARMYs all around the world are grateful to you guys. 🙏🏻
Dimitra Papadopoulou
This is the by far the best interview they have ever done. This shows that they are now recognized as artists and their hard work is what got them here. Truly amazing.
I just think Tae and Jin should of answered a whole question on their own... But beside that the interview was great these are questions we actually want to hear. Not if they hook up with fans, or if they're gonna do a whole album in English... we don't really care about those things
Effie Kokkinou
Finally, a decent interview that doesn't make them seem that they're 100% done (esp. Suga). RM probably gave them the answers beforehand and told them to memorize them (except Suga. He is talkative in clever interviews anyway, and now he's got his eyes set on a Grammy. Hopefully they'll get one soon. They so deserve it.
Emilia Poghosyan
For the first time I did not feel uncomfortable watching BTS doing an interview in the US. They deserve to get serious questions like those and they deserve to talk about their music - their MAIN focus, the thing they want to share with the world. Also the comments down here are great, I've never read so many thoughtful comments at once under a video. All the deep thoughts and opinions.
Emma Talented
this is so great. \n\nun white washed interview \ngood questions \narmys were quiet and \nrespectful \nthey didn't ask about celeb crushes \n\n\nour boys are gonna win a Grammy one day, let's get it army!\n\nEdit: omg thank you for the likes 😭😭
This is honestly the best interview I've ever seen with them. The rest of the interviewers ask about things that are mostly already answered, or things that don't relate to their music. This right here is what an interview should look like! All of you who just ask about their personal life instead of their music, take notes!!
I_stan_BTS_ my_world
Just look at his answer\n*Mama's proud*\nHoney🐰🐰
Isa Nicole
Yoongi gettin his Grammy soon
Janina Frank
Finally! An interview where they were able to provide a translater and it wasn't only Namjoon talking, and the interviewer actually asked intresting questions!
Jay Jay
This interview takes my respect for them to another level,,, all members speak out although in most of their English talkshows they don't speak except RM... It's nice to hear from these gentlemen...
Jazmine media
not even a bts fan but i am so damn excited and happy for the group and their fandom, this is BIG
Jeon Jungshook
0:38 *speaks in GRAMMY*
Jeon Taehyung
BTS has done so many interviews in the US. But this one just seems like the official one. It feels real and genuine. \nNot some gossip rumors or celebrity crush kind of thing. \n\nThese are the real question we all wanted to know the answers of.\nBTS is making history, it’s real and it’s big.\n\nSuga actually enjoyed this interview. You can tell just by looking at his face.\nThey all know that people around the world are actually starting to dig deep about them.\n\nThey know now that people want to know them. \n\nBTS is a group that came from a very small company. No one expected then to get interviewed by Grammys. \n\nTheir fans are everything to them. \nI have never went to a concert before (rip) but my friend did, and she said that at the end of the concert.all the members came close and tried to make eye contact with every fan.\n\nWhich just shows how much they appreciate us. \n\nHaters can hate them. But they can’t deny that BTS are making history. Because it’s a fact.\n\nI honestly came for the looks, I never knew I would fall this deep. I never knew I would cry cuz of some lyrics. \n\nI never knew I would fall in love with 7 beautiful young dorks. \n\nI stayed for them. I stayed for their lyrics. I stayed for the fandom. I stayed for everything about them.\n\nI’m starting to cry right now.
Jungkook's illegirl
I'm very proud of bts and I am proud to be army. I love how insightful their answers were. I love them so much because they demonstrate good character and always show their love and gratitude to their fans. Bts is an inspiration.
This interview was amazing. The guy did an amazing job, even took the time to do his research. Didn't ask them \
Kookie da Seagull
This is probably the best American interview I’ve seen you had a translator and every member was able to talk and there was spot on subtitles for when the members spoke and the questions were all new that I personally have never seen or heard asked by any other American interview
well this interview may have only been 6 mins and 5 questions long, but it was already more insightful than numerous other interviews they have been thrown into. thank you Goldman sir, and yes to objective resolution of disagreements-this is something everyone should learn \n\np.s. will the full interview be released? :) we can't get enough
Thank you for providing a translator and asking such sincere questions about their music including their production process/inspirations/message, and thank you BTS for saying ARMY are your wings 💜 It’s incredible to see BTS fly higher and higher, and yet they remain so down to Earth about themselves/who they are, their experiences, and are so humble. Not only are they amazing musicians who are bringing people all over the world closer together with their art, but they’re amazing people as well!
i can hear them talk all day, all night everyday!!!
I've always been curious about their process of song writing, especially since I don't have much knowledge about the process in general. I've found it fascinating how their songs fit the theme of the conversation that they want to have with the album and have wondered if they they start with the idea \
Love Yourself
This was the most professional interview I’ve seen them have and I need more like this
MYG enthusiast
Thank you for having BTS on the museum for the insightful conversation about their music and the music production process. We got to know more about it and in-depth through your interview. So thank you so much. Eagerly waiting for the full converstation.💜
Madison Austin
I cannot say how appreciative I am of this interview, even if it's only a small portion. You have such a kind and respectful interviewer, the ARMY isn't screaming over their answers, and everyone spoke. Not only that, but they spoke in Korean and could say what they truly wanted us to know. You asked them about music, their inspiration, their passion and love for it, and then topped it off with how we are behind them every moment and vice versa. They aren't white washed, everything here is absolutely perfect.
Mariiiaaa Ramireszz
why can't this man interview them always?? He asked really good questions
May May
Other interviewers should learn from this\nGrammy thank you for showing the haters that our boys are recognised for their music and you are curious about it rather than their Hollywood crush\nYoongi was in heaven, I can sense it
Miss J
I really love the way they answer every question like it really touches the heart....thankyou grammy for interviewing our boys and letting the world know about their passion and thoughts
Muscle Tokki
They've done 99999 US Interviews yet this one feels like it's their first official US interview because it looked like the boys felt as if the world is finally interested in knowing more things deeper about them rather than just who their celebrity crushes are.
Music Is Life
Man when he was talking about how not many artists enjoy their fans. I instantly thought Justin Bieber.
Namjoon Kim
this interview is probably one of the most informative interview
Naomi Priya Biswas
I'm so happy to see that everyone is taking turn to talk.
The whole interview is amazing, and i mean not just the questions but the interviewer's (sorry idk his name..) attitude and tone, and the whole atmosphere -everything is really great \n\nALSO i paused because i couldn't take Jimin eyeing the fans with a little smile when the interviewer mentioned their relationship with us omg ;-; so sweet
Neha Singha
It's such a serious environment?!!
OT7 Wes
Thank you so much for asking them really good and well-researched questions! I am beyond proud of them and their achievements and I am glad that this interviewer was interviewing our boys. From what I heard from ARMYs that were attending the conversation he seemed to be really well-informed (even about the meaning of the color purple to us and the line \
Last year i broke up with my ex bf. I cried for 4 months straight everyday. I was depress. I happened to saw bts funny video and they really crack me up everytime i watch their videos. Soon after my mood become better. I become less depress. I started to listen to their songs. And watch their mv, crack videos etc daily. I am more cheerful. I stopped crying. Epiphany is the song which completely helped me through and move out from my past relationship. I started to love myself more.and love my family friends more. Bts is really special to me. They really accompany me throughout my dark period. I watch other kpop groups funny video and reality show too but i cant find them likeable and as real as bts. I have been a kpop fan for more than 15 years since shinhwa era and bts is the only group that make me feel special. Their bond is like shinhwa members. And Bts is the 1st and only group that make me hook on all members.
I'm so happy that they could speak comfortably in Korean and the questions were good, best interview ever!
Raiza Silva Muller Leal
I feel like BTS is so unique for some reason. I literally get into kpop for them but even after many years i can't find any other group that feels so special to me. At first i was atracted to the choreos, the music (not the lyrics because i was a little bad with english back then and i didn't search so much about it), but when i really get to meet their lyrics, their history and their personalities i think i really understand they would not be just artists with musics i would enjoy sometimes. The whole stories of HYYH, Wings and LY made me emotional and lead me to learn a lot of things, cultural and about myself at a level no other history did. I'm just so gratefull to meet them because i feel i can learn and grow with them, being happy and proud and using them to keep me motivated. I feel the love they give to army is so real that i want to always give them this love back \u003c3 because they army so precious
I wish more interviews they had were this insightful and oriented around their MUSIC, because that is after all their life and you can tell a lot of them are most passionate when talking about their music. And having the in ears for translation and allowing them to speak in Korean, ugh amazing loved this
Sakila Hamim
I'm so proud of my boys for reaching this far! They're legends indeed! Thanks to all those antis and haters who constantly kept demeaning BTS. Because of them, the boys and the armys are able to prove that how much potential they have within themselves. They are the reasons why we became a big fandom and proved them wrong, they boys got inspiration from the haters to prove them wrong. Indeed there is no success without hate. Antis and haters stay pressed! BTS will always have my full support, love and prayer!! 💕
Sapph 98
Can someone just talk about how their skin tones haven't been whitewashed here and we can see their original beautiful skin 😍
Selene Cruz-Albrecht
This interview was amazing and I'm so glad that all members could contribute and that Namjoon could relax without thinking about translating everything someone says.
Sleeping Rose
This is the first video I’ve seen so far where the interviewer were actually asking questions about their music and not if they are dating and stuff like that. I appreciate that! 💜😊
Sophia Salido
I *thoroughly* appreciate the variety of these questions. It's incredibly satisfying to hear in-depth questions. Thank you GRAMMY Museum, Thank you.
Stacy JK
BTS don't talk about music often so I'm glad that Grammy asked them such questions and I love hearing their opinions as well. *Well done* 💜🍃
Tae Tae
Thank you for this beautiful and meaningful interview 💜💜💜
Look at them sitting like a legend ❤️ they deserve this loves and attention
The questions and the answers, I respect a lot. This is called what interview is. Hhmm correct me if Im wrong to say it in english. 😬😬🙏🙏
Vanshika StyPayHorLikSon
Taehyung's answer😭😭 he's so precious💜💜 I like how the audience was cheering for him
Vicky Hantari
BigHit did a great job to 'minimize' the interviews in US, and then resulted this amazing show for BTS' publicity. Everyone engages in to the talk. Hopefully BTS will be recognized for the quality they bring to the wider audiences
Wayna Sattar
I have so much to say, so...\n\n1) I really like and very much appreciate how this specific interview allowed us AMRY to get a little insight on the production and all of the songs that we love and enjoy so much. How the boys, along with Mr. Bang, come together to write these songs, the music and choreography (everything I don't know added). there hasn't been an interview (as far as I know) that shed light on this process. I'm grateful to GRAMMYs for that.\n\n2) Secondly, I would like to thank them for allowing the members to talk in their native language because some of the members (like Suga and J-Hope) really want to express their views on a question or topic, but then they can't because they don't know English. Namjoon, we know, is amazing at English. Jin, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook know quite a bit of English, even if it isn't perfect but they manage to get their point across.\n\n3) They FINALLY did not whitewash the whole band. This also brings me to the fourth point.\n\n4) BTS was focused on as a whole group. Not just individual members and their personalities, but a septet group of musical artists. This may seem similar to my first point but, most interviews have questions that they can't answer as a whole group (mostly interest and all) but here it's clearly different.\n\n5) The message, purpose and/or intention of the band was discussed. Like, how it was born and why they have this relationship with their fans as well as why fans love them so much. What makes them different, etc.\n\nFinally, this interview was very well done and treated BTS with respect as artists and respect towards their cause. It was different and I really appreciate it! Well done!! \n\n-LadyofPandemonium
appreciate kim seokjin
I love the way everyone is just so damn passionate about the music and fans. Like you can see it in their eyes whenever someone asks them about the music, especially yoongi and Joon. Like the depth they put into their answers actually hurts (in a good kind of way)cause you can see how much they work on it. With the fans too, Taehyung and Hoseok never pass up a chance on how much we mean to them. Like the relationship we have is such a welcoming feeling, I've never felt anything like this towards a band or group which is why I feel so connected with BTS.
I love that the boys are getting recognized for the thing they were brought together for the first place. their music their lyrics their intentions.. finally there are people willing to pay attention to my artists as artists and not as some bunch of guys with a huge fandom.
bts bangtan army
thank you so much ❤ \nFor this amazing interview with Our boys we all appreciate it 💞💞 Love you 💜
cheonjae yeoja
Now, *this* *is* *an* *interview* .\n\nThis interview did justice to BTS
So good to see the members so poised, answering questions that actually matter. Thank you ever so much Grammy.
Thank you for giving them a chance to express themselves and asking them questions about music!! If possible please upload the full interview. Not just for us ARMY's but for everyone. I wish the general public gets to know more about them and their music. Thank you!
gpkl mni
The thing I like the most about BTS is their music. Their songs are very diverse. It's relatable, it touches lives, its full of meaning and very intellectual. whalien 52, baepsae, spine breaker, am i wrong, not today, etc.Its not all about love songs or heartbreaks, they tackle every feeling,issue and phase under the sun. Their discography, although 5 years old, speaks about all kind of issues, from love, heartbreak and sadness to mental health, youth empowerment, sel-acceptance and self-love...They inspire and amaze me, being their fan has made me a better person.
i cried\n\nthey all deserve all love in this world💛
this looks like a formal test just before qualifying for the grammys..the serious tone of this interview and esp the silence of the audience.
Nothing better than hearing Yoongi talk about his music ❣️❣️ ❣️This was probably their best interview yet. I appreciate the insightful questions so they could give meaningful responses. Thank you!
These are the questions I've always been curious about. Also, Yoongi loves talking about his music, I love hearing him talk about it.Thank you so much for this amazing interview and for giving BTS a chance
They are just so, so amazing and special in every way, so deserving of all their success and more. Thank you so much for this interview.
maisha Bts
I love that bts takes advantage of their platform and uses it to help or like do something that benefits the world. They’re all about helping people and it shows they are way more that singers but they are true role models who people look up to.
This interview was so calm, relaxed, I actually had time to watch them individually when the interviewer asked the questions and I liked that they were not rushed to just give an answer and move on. They were allowed to speak their minds slowly and peacefully. All in all, I loved this 😍😍😍
min yoongi
_Yoongi, my love, the Grammy is coming._ ✨
As expected, grammy is on another level that the interview is absolutely different and classy.\n\nOmg the likes 😍😍\nLove you fam 💜💜💜
Words aren't enough to express how proud I'm of these guys. My role models in life! :')
sakura heartfilia
I'm so happy about how good these questions are, I'm also really grateful that you let all members talk and in their language, I wanted to hear Yoongi, Hoseok and the others talk so much, cause I know how bad they wanna express themselves, even our cute lil Kookie said it, but if I'm happier for Hoseok and Suga is because I know how bad they wanna talk but also how mad they are about not knowing english, cause Taehyung, Jimin, Jin and JungKook talks the more even if its in a broken english, not talking about Namjoon, I think we all can agree that his english is excellent lmao\nBut I'm still really happy for all of them, cause I also sometimes don't know or forget how we say something in english (I actually learned this language by watching BTS 😂😂)
sarah i
It’s nice to finally see them being appreciated as actual artists where they get to talk about their music and not just them being some kind of novelty. And to think the grammy museum are the ones giving them this platform to speak out is mindblowing\nAlso stream idol lets keep her on hot100\nGUYS BUY NAMJOONS MIXTAPE ‘MONO’ that drops on 23/10 !!!
tae is bae
Taehyung answer made me cry, omg i love them so much
Well... i've not come across artists who love their fans as much as BTS, except Siti Nurhalizah from Malaysia. They appreciate their fans so much that they dont care to act like stars or behave like gods when they meet fans. When they meet fans, they interact like old friends. Their love for fans is genuine. They do things to satisfy fans and make them happy. Siti's fans say they dont get tired loving her.
todayillfight becauseImarmy
Never really use the like button, but this interview deserves it. These are the questions I’m always waiting for. I’m also glad that all of the members were involved in the interview and could speak their mind in their own language. When they have to respond in English, they lose so much of their actual meaning because they have to get their message through with the little vocabulary they have. Really appreciate that you actually take them seriously and come up with real music talk
vibhooti Jin
How do you guys resolve ?\nJk we go with Rock paper scissors
I really like this interview. I wasn't awkward to watch. (armys know what I'm talking about)
This is the most professional interview of BTS so far. Respect