50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit [Dirty]

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Just a lil bit dirty another big day drake friends got kanye kanye ... little little bit longer rap music rnb sister slideshow some wayne west

I listen this song a lil bit too much
is this supposed to be ho-oh's trap theme?
A Human
I just got shot but im bleeding just a lil bit
2018 :v
A revolutionary mind
She bring it up then slam it down u know how she do lol
who here from back in the day
Adrianna Bridgeman
i love this song
Alex Barrera
Old 50 cent was actually pretty good compared to rap now A days
Ali A
Am i in Abu Dabi with this beat?
Angel Anny
G-UNIT ! \u003c3 respect 
Angelo Bishop
That Indian Beat at the end
Antonia Griffin
50cents is so fine Toni I wish I could meet him I love all his songs you go boy do your thing that's what's up keep up the good work Toni 💜💚💚❤❤💛💛❤💛🌷🌷💛💛💋💙💟💟💓💙💞💞
Ashley Rose
Listening to this song juss a lil bit! 🤗
Bridget Wright
Love you 50 cent
When I am in the car I like listing to this song. I close my eyes and open the Lamborghini doors and then open my eyes it's just a shit Holden Astra.
FUCK vevo
DeVon Hargrove
2018 Just Posted up in here!!
Der Banger !
My grandpa just got up and started humping my grandma from behind.
Dominik Benedetto
his hats are always off to the side but just a little bit
Emerged Createrz!
this song got me gassed!!!
Ethans Currie
2018 Oct?
Awesom 50
Faraz Aslam
It’s 50 coming out your stereosssss
FootOf Blut
I Love this Song just a lil bit to much
George P
A little bit of this a little bit of that
2016 Still going hard
Br aki tlgd
Jarrod Sanders
50 is the Last Real Street Rapper. AkA \
Jennifer Grady
I was listening to this song when I was losing my virginity
Jennifer Lavallee
Jeremy and Jennifer westrich
Jus a lil bit
Jimmie Parker
Joe Goliath
Track of a millennia
John Rambo
The nostalgia........ YESSS
Jérémy Fernandez
2017 ? someone ?
Kaan Köse
Torbacı Veresiye TuTmaLı YapmaLı Hadi Semtee Gidak BaBa Piyasa Yapak Bi İki Duman Alıp Hapı PaTLatak Sonra ÇayLıyak Onun Biraz HızLanak Sonra Tufaya Çıkıp Kapı ZorLayak Kır KiLidi İçeri Ahaa ParaLarrr Sahibbi Duymasın Bizi YaraLar:D Sessiz Sessiz Laaan DuyduLar BaBa Koş BaBa Koş Ahaa AmcaLLar Nezaret Odası Soğuk Veee Buz TuTar KeLepçeLi ElleriM KaLeeeem TuTar Hakim BaBa Can BeLki Bizi Bırakır Berat Kararı Kararı HopBaLaa Veda CupBaLa Hadii BağcıLar Köşe Başında BekLiyor Bu AyanLar İyiki PıtLa Burdaa ÇatLayanLar Ayan AbLaLar Ahaa OrdaLarr Genemmi AmcaLar Hani NerdeLer
Kathija Ismail
2014! and the good memories come flowing in..
Kayte Lopez
brings back memories of my senior year ha!
says \
Kirk Solar
They don't make em like this anymore
Laila hassan
2018 ?
Lucas Harris
50 is a beast, always will be the best.
Maddox Munn-Te Amo
7 years and still strong
Marcos leon
Still listening to this
Mark Ellersick
Going into 2019 but still good 50 will always be the man
Marl Kalone
Dammmmm, we need some more Storch these days! Imagine a beat like this with some fire vocals from Drake or something.
Max N
2014 !
Moheeb Mohmmad
Good song
Nevaeh Neblina
Niko Belic
The instrumental....
Pablito Lescano
Temaso 👏😎👍
Patricia Davis
I love this song from 50 cent just a little bit ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Pedro Nunes
Shady aftermath g unit
Phillip Crihfield
still my favorite rapper.
Pot Head
beat drops harder than the twin towers
Preta Ana
Randy Ramos
2\n 0\n 2\n 0?
Ray Nixxx
🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 FACE DOWN ASS UP 🤩❣️💋🎶🎶🎶🎶😚💨💨💨💨🙃
This is my jam
Retro PAL
I love the beat, but I get bored of lyrics that are only about sex.\nI prefer when rap songs have a positive message and you can actually learn something from them.\nAnyone feel me?
Ridingskull 321
Fifty made some great hits back then
Robert Kinnear
50cent gangster squad 2018
This songs addictive amazing flow great beat, bass, and background instrumental there may be greater rap songs but nothing like this bruh.
Samantha Cazier
It’s 2017 and this song is still amazing!
Samuel Penate Sosa
Still better than mattyb
Santiago Ruiz
Yo no entiendo ni verga pero la instrumental esta cabrona jajaja😂🤘🎶🔥 2018 y sigue sonando😎🔊
Selena Tilling
Sexy Blade
since 2005.....
Sha Weis
2018? Yes
Shahid Younis
2018 and still buzzing a lil bit
Hell yeah this song is my shit. And this is coming from a huge metalhead.
Skyla Marie
I love this song just a lil bit too much 
cinquenta centavos
T dW
if anyone knows the notes from the arabic part at 2:27 please tell me!!!
Teesha Walker
old school💯👍
Teresa Bickley
great song to jam to and great one to show your guy to give them a little bit
Thomas Schmidt
I'm a 64 year old Catholic priest and this is my jam!
Timothy Jackson
2018 he needs to re-vise this song like update it
Just why would you add \
Vinicius Ferreira
Quem é br aí???? 2018 nessa bagaça
Wacko Magician
now THIS is gangsta rap
I just love the damn beat
Ya XxRichGangxX
2018 still fire 🔥 🔥
Yunus Demir
▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄\n█░░░░░░░░▀█▄▀▄▀██████░▀█▄▀▄▀██████\n░░░░ ░░░░░░░▀█▄█▄███▀░░░ ▀█▄█▄███
Zé Pequeno
BRAZIL PORRA!!\n\n2018!
ben jamima
Was this storch on the beat ?
brittney chorpening
2014 and I still love this track
chance wall
Like this if its 2014 and your listening to this amazing guy..... 50
easy_life 420
1920 someone ??
fã de rbd
johnny sand toe
Still listening to this in 2018
kellyann noble
Still listening who else 😍💦🔥
lol king
Here for real rap ❤️
milton henley
50 cent was the man back in the day
Who came here from shaq throwing a free throw and then slam dunking it
sandra cuiriz
2019 🙋
yeah ik
2015 and i love it even more than before
zachattack Tavernier
this song should be on gta 5