Michael Trevino & Joseph Morgan Interview in Monte Carlo 2012 - HD 720P

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Joseph Morgan Trevino Michael

Both are so hot!
tyler needs to die already klaroline needs to happen
Abhi Panicker
WTF was that about Ian being concerned about not being in the show next season! i will go on a murderous rage if anyone kills damon! No one dare touch my damon baby!
Ese hombre es casi perfecto para mi lo adoro... Klaus
Alisha Handley
Joseph and Michael are both fucking hot! :) \u003c3 \u003c3
not agree, he's just polite with Joseph --' Their lives aren't like in the show ok, you can criticize Tyler in the show, but you can't say that when it's real life (excuse my english, i'm french.)
Arlene NJ
Joseph Morgan!!! *faints of extreme hotness*
I looove Joseph so much :D
Bruna Gasparelli
2 delicious
Cathrine Albæk
Joseph: ''I could imagine that the first kiss would be in Tylers body, but that means I don't get to enjoy it..'' I think he likes her ;) \u003c3
Charmed Diaries
Klonnie would've been more interesting and convincing than Klaroline tbh.
Cherry Tan
Great interview but...that hair strand.
Christina Solaki
teem Klonnie....I laughed a lot.\nReally...=D
Claudia Scholz
both hot *.*
Cy Sully
his accent is hot tbh
Oh gosh, oh gosh....Josephs Morgan's Voice....Oh gosh.....\u003c3333
Denislava Todorova
When Joseph started talking fast I thought he's rapping. Omg :D
Joseph is so hot! And smart! I love him!!
Emilia Jakobsson
HAVANA ooh na na
Joseph We love U :3\nWe want Klaroline!!!
UGH. Joseph?! You cannot be that hot! It's impossible. Stop at once, young man!
Hanna Aria
03:07 LOOOOOOOOOL Michael's face :D
Heidi P-K
Klaus is good example what british accent can do. Without it he would be anything. With that accent he is super hot!
Huong L
Joseph Morgan \u003c3
Jenna AQ
i agree, joseph is not just an accent his a sweet down to earth funny guy i like him cz of the way he is not just accent the accent just makes it even better and harder to look away.
i'm a gay girl and i want a joseph
He and Michael actually look pretty good together ! I swear its hard to picture the guy as a human , I'm always expecting fangs ! Gahh ahahah hes EFFING hotttt \u003c3! Actually, bothh of them are !
Karla Multi Decameron
Joseph el mejor exelente actor love foreverr
Kat Kathy Salvatore
Joseph is so hot & his voice is just .. just .. OMG I'M DEAD, BYE THANKS.
Katerina Mikaelson (GNR)
Oh.. my... god. I just had a sexy thought with Klaus and Caroline getting it onn.. I won't be able to sleep tonight ! Can you just imagine Klaus and Caroline makin' out, and Klaus doesn't have a shirt on and his hair is all messed up !! i'm gonna die... n.n
Hee Hee Klonnie. I never thought of them together, I shipped her with Kol.
Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot and Jedi
joseph is so sweet ♥
Lyndsey Wankowicz
Joseph looks especially hot in this interview
hahaha Yeah! Actually I think that too! there's this interview with the cast and he stares at Candice so lovingly! kekek
I just love to hear joseph speak. :)
Maud B.
they are smokin' hot, oh my gosh what are they doing to me !
Megane llove
Le sourire de JoMo est tellement communicatif OMG, He is so hot!
Michelle Rose
MilWah Lee
I'm terrify as well, don't kill off any of them in Season 5, maybe you can kill off elena.no offence..
Nadia Parrilla
Joseph \u003c3 \u003c3
Naouaaal x
Hahaha love how Michael reacts on the Klonnie ship.\nHe's like: 'Klonnie? Klonnie? Klaunnie, Klonnie!' :')
Nesha Enchanted
He should just legally change his name to Klaus it suits him :D Michael and Joseph are so cute :)
Of Music and Fairytales
3:08 Michael!!! What was that? Whatever it was, it was HOT!
Othman Gourch
Joseph is a real vampire everyone can feel him, he was gonna kill the host :O
Pamela Vazquez
He said.. ''Our FIRST kiss'', some hope for + klaroline kisse's here(:
Panagiota X
Klonnie?? Seriously??..... We ship only for Klaroline \u003c3
All I keep thinking of as I'm watching this is: \
Rhayk The Introvert
I think it's more on letting the elders speak first...hahaha...
Sara L
Every time joseph smiles\nMe: WHEN YOU SMILE I SMILE OHH YEAA YEAA
Sarah Kaserer
when ian is no longer in the vampire diaries, i don't watch this anymore!:D
He predicted what happened! O.o
Siria Cano
That accent and hair strand... Perfection \u003c3
I love how Joseph talks about Klaus in the first-person :) \u003c3
Susan Hung
no because Klaroline is gross but may happen anyway since Tyler & Caroline will share only one more scene this season and Joseph Morgan said episode 18 is a must watch for Klaroline fans although I don't know what Klaus does in the next episode that'll give JoMo hate mail because he said in an interview that could happen.maybe unlike Tyler,Klaus sleeps with Hayley while spending time with her since there will Klayley scenes in it
Poor Ian he's still recovering from Lost delusion to buy an house at the Hawai...
Too much. Just too much. Too much awesomeness in one Youtube screen. \u003c3
Winchester Nymphet
OMG THEY KNOW ABOUT SHIPS :O well somebody's been doing their homework.
Zakia J
Joseph mentioned KLONNIE!!!
oh lord... his accent ^_^ !!
2:03\nJoseph: *says* I think so... :)\nJoseph: *thinks* that's what I'd do!
comfortably numb
Joseph is so beautiful!
Klauroline i Delana :D \n
efraimia kop
micheal 3:08 just look at him...hahhahahhahaha
Joseph is fucking hot.
emalee keane
rootin for klaroline bitches who is with me on this??!?!??!?!?!?!
Joseph is so handsome!!!
hahaha mabey a kiss or two...translated into a full blown make out session
klaus Alpha Hybrid
i want to see klaroline sex!!!!
My good lern to spell !
I watch TVD only for klaus and tyler. They're so HOT! oh yeah, and amazing actors too....:)
Josephhhh, a frienemy is an enemy who helps you
Really? You're only attracted to his accent and without it he wouldn't be anything? That's kind of shallow.
I love Klaroline \u003c3 Joseph, I love you too.
josephs slur is so cute.
samantha williams
Love joseph morgan :)
sanjana sriram
I watch TVD for klaus and ian
shelley pieter
Why is errrybody so freaking hot and cute on this show I have the biggest crush on all these people \u003e_\u003c
tabithaa noell
I love kallaus
#Klaroline :)
omg, his accent.. and gosh Joseph just please stop being so hot.