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Animovaný / Drama / Romantický Japonsko, 2001, 87 minRežie: Satoshi Kon---Animation / Drama / RomanceJapan, 2001, 87 minDirector: Satoshi Kon

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ugh... his stupid voice ruined it. such an epic film -- such a failer.
this is a rare anime story
Adrien Garcia
He said it was movies, Paranoia Agent is an anime.\n\n
Aisha Yusuf
Andre Lavandero
+Kserijaro His name is Jim Cummings, and he pronounces it right
Anime Lea
There is no English dub.
This movie made me cry so much. The ending is so perfect.
You are right. The winning seat for at the Oscar's is pretty much paid for. I can't remember what podcast but they talked about how movie makers give lavish gifts to the voters to \
This is my all time favorite movie with perfect blue being a close second, simply a masterpiece that I would recommend to anyone. This trailer doesn't nearly do this movie justice. Honestly just watch it and see another great Satoshi Kon movie.
Cesar Laser
But what about Paranoia Agent?
Charlie Chuckleberry
I label all of those movies as chickflicks, because they are so far from logical that only a woman can truely enjoy them.
Cinema Slut
I cried
Damaris Lopez-Carrasco
Yeah! Good point!
Deirdre Bernal
Wow, Jim Cummings narrating the trailer of this anime movie. That's very interesting!
Diana Guerra
sankarea fuck
Diego Fernando Murillo Valencia
that like number are creepy \u003e_\u003e
Diego Hernandez
I Think Toonami Should Show The Premiere of Millenium Actress for The Month of Movies, Since Toonami Came Back
Drake The Demon
Sounds interesting, I'll hafta check it out.
Currently on a Satoshi Kon movie marathon!!!
Sad movie =(
FKA Pearl
SO true
Fokkusu Haundo
Satoshi Cone
Great film, horrible trailer. Kon deserved much better. I would love for people to rediscover his work.
and Tokyo Godfathers :)
This is a masterpiece no dubbed needed
Ian Escobar
I was so moved by the character of Chiyoko, such an unadulterated attitude on life. A respectable character.
Art style looks alot like Spirited Away. Looks like a cool flim. 
Jen Paehr
I could watch this movie every week for the next year, and not get tired of it. It's so beautiful.
Jozef Ďorď
Mal som tú ČESŤ zhliadnuť včera vďaka (!!!) ČT Art.\nĽudia, toto je jeden z najlepších filmových príbehov, k akým som sa kedy vôbec dostal.\nEmócie, ktoré som pri záverečnej scéne pociťoval, boli jedinečné, neopakovateľné, absolútne s ničím neporovnateľné.\nMusím priznať: tento film sa nepozerá, on sa PREŽÍVA.
Just Once
Don't generalize. There are some bad, there are some good.
Japanese animation is indeed better than any animated b.s created in America. I'm tired of all the animated prequels, sequels and three-quels coming out of Hollywood. Animators in America don't like to think hard or get creative enough.
Luke M
Well I love Pixar, but aside from that I have to agree. (crap dream works)\n
worst trailer ever.
Marady Mon
Margarida B.C
He was stolen from us... TOO SOON
Mariano Ardiles Veron
posiblemente la mejor peli de satoshi
Mauren Time
are u gay==??
wonderful movie
Minh Quach
That's not entirely true. In terms of storyline and creativity, most people would prefer Japanese anime. But when it comes to technical view point of animation specifically, the animation in American films/cartoon are smoother and more convincing than those in Japanese anime. Walt Disney's \
Oliwia Bogusz
And Susumu Hirasawa's music hnnnnn
Onyx Fire
wait you are telling me THIS lost to fucking brother bear.
Prince of Pisces
This movie was brilliant, yet, sad. too. Chiyoko was one heck of an actress! Satoshi Kon was a genius.
Rino Patinete Sakuro Akimono
Preciosa... desde luego es tan buena como me dijeron *^*
Finally found this trailer after all this time. I remember wanting to see this so bad as a kid.
Sasha Tiernan
Best movie ever!!!!! I discovered it in 2003 by the trailer, and I still love it, and it's 2016 now. Still as good as I remember. Even after all These years. I wish dearly I could own this movie.
Shabbizzle Blabbizzle
as much as i like japanese anime....i still have to give some perks to the Western world animations, naming a few of my favorites: Swan Princess; Lion King; An American Tale, etc.\n
Shahed Raiyan
To be honest the movie just makes no sense of taste to me... Totally straight concept, no romantic turns, no proper emotional attachment, no suspense just dull beyond my imagination...
Susan Slaphappy
excellent movie.
They have some pretty top notch series though. Different class but certainly occupys it's own niche well.
This left me so upset after it finished....
I cried. How out of character.
That Squiddy Pineapple
I remember watching this on the Shrek 2 DVD
i have never heard of this until now even though i have been an anime fan for over a year, however i watched brother bear when it was released
This should of won the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature of 2003.
Thomas Hofheinz
And then there's Paranoia Agent, possibly the most terrifying anime series of all time.
Toni Noni
just love this movie
Love this movie
I used to watch this all the time when it came out, it's practically how I learned to read. After the local Movie World closed I totally forgot about it. Now I need to find it again.
one of the best movies i ever saw...
WynRed C
I remember seeing this trailer on a DVD I had when I was a kid but I can't remember which one
Actually, it was never even nominated, because Dreamworks bet it all on fucking House of Sand and Fog.
a very fun movie, but  is *NOT*  the Satoshi Kon masterpiece that everybody say
blarg bombdey
Even though spirited away's animation was way better.
Literally just finished Perfect Blue for the first time. Guess I gotta add another to list; good thing I'm on summer break.
I recently bought the movie after seeing the trailer for this film years ago when it first came out courtesy of Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker having the trailer as a bonus feature (not kidding) but have never seen it before. Without giving anything away, is it really as good as its underrated reputation states? I already saw Paprika and Perfect Blue so I know what I'm getting into. I ask because I'm a reviewer and wanna review this movie and spread the word of films like these that aren't given that much appreciation.
perfect blue is shiiit
One of my top 10 favourite films ever!
Oh how I cringe at american pronounciation of japanese names :D\nMuch prefer hearing engrish \
not to mention: he also did Tokyo Godfathers
This fall?!?! I can't wait!
Perfect Blue(1998), Millennium Actress(2001), Tokyo Godfathers(2003), Paprika(2006), Satoshi Kon's anime movies are all AWESOME!!!\n
jenan savanath
the best ever movie, acting , story and soundtrack
I don't believe there is an English dub
@remaininghope \nIts a sad story about an actress chasing after an anti-war painter who probably was killed the day after she met him, and she never knew that she was chasing after just a shadow of a person who never existed. She solely becomes an actress in hope that he will see her and find her so she can return the key, In all her movies her life is depicted where as she is always running/chasing after something like true love.
This is my favourite animated movie. And that's the honest truth
in my opinion yeah. But i saw this before perfect blue, so i'm kinda biased
Be honest please.\nIs this movie better than \
beautiful music and the film looks gorgeous and masterful :) what's the music in this trailer called?
This trailer gives me chills :)
Why have I never heard of this?
This trailer is what got me into anime 8years ago... I will never forget that day.
This movie is good, I cried watching it:,)
It's a horrible title and an even worse trailer, but the film is great.
0:00 what song is this ??
wang tan
OMG this is brilliant !