Goong(Princess Hours) Ep 23 Engsub[NEW]

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Goong(Princess Hours) Ep 23 Engsub[NEW].Thanks For Watching...!Subcribe to my channel

AJ Dela Cruz
Wow! Yul's accent is 💓
Eti Miss
yul mother are so bad hhhhh
Jessica Sheilla
Always love this korean drama ... 😍😍😍 since 2006
Kathleen Pinguel
Luca L
The dumb realized too late a great honorable guy she had. Normally women are all like that, sweet words and fake comfort is more important than promises and commitment.
Mykka Cedo
i love this kdrama ever since i was in grade 4 until now i'm 4th year college:)
Rryche Nam
akin ka na lng Yul!!!
Sarah Plang
Kasalanan mo.lahat yn prensesang OA kakabwesit.
Seyha Love
jane garwinen
At last .
sankari barman
❤❤❤❤❤👌too good and I love this.
xXNightmare WolfXx
I really hate yul's mom!!!!😡😡😡
이제노는 왕자님
17:14 신 챙 커플 꽁냥