Heathrow to Upminster for just £1.50

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It's 32 miles between Heathrow (out in the west) to Upminster (in the east), and yet there'a way of travelling between these two Zone 6 tube stations for just .. £1.50 - here's howDOWNLOAD! My PDF table which lists both the single oyster/contactless fares AND show the caps from my website, here:

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How long would that journey normally take?
Adam Keyte
Were you at risk of exceeding the Maximum Journey Time allowed?
Adam Pencharz
What a fabulous waste of time. Loved it. Beautifully edited. 👍
Andrew ‘Andy’ Gwilt
Acton Town tube station to South Acton Overground station is about a 8-10 minute walk. Never knew there was a line that was a shuttle line that went between Acton Town and South Acton. Was it part of the District Railway before it was closed and lifted.
What's with 'the next stas'
Ben Ridsdale
Hatton Cross!! That was my local station when I lived in Hounslow. I miss the Tube. My Freedom Pass (Registered Blind) expires in March. I'll miss that too.\n\nGeoff, do you think Hatton Cross looks like a leisure centre from the outside?
Bill Grose
I remember going from High Barnet to Ealing Common once avoiding Zone 1 via Kentish Town, Kentish Town West, Kensington Olympia and Earl's Court once, took a while to make that journey but it's another trip that can be made for £1.50
Byron Q
Cool video Mr Marshall! Not sure that I like the choice in edit style and also music, but that's just my opinion. What I will say is that one can never have too much Geofftech content! ;D (I have watched many times the Secrets series... Could do it word for word in some parts ;] )
CO Waylon
Still faster than going there via the M25
Callum LTFC
Loving the music in these videos 😊
Carl Thompson
It would have cost over a £100 in a taxi and still taken 2 1/2 hours probably :-)
Chris Fleming
where you mean contactless is that bank card payments
It would have been nice to have an underground map with the journey hilighted at the end - for the non-londoner who wants to understand all the pink readers
Corey Reid
I've pondered this because my friend in Turnpike Road (via Finsbury Park) can be reached by that circuitous route. But imagine doing that with baggage from Heathrow (!)
CrazyShark Gaming
9:22 I've been to Upminster before, and you can actually check your balance on the machines there. Also, it is much quicker to take National Rail between West Ham and Upminster, and it won't cost you anything extra
Dan Smith
Cos I'm under sixteen even going through the zone 1 just costs 75p
Daniel Eyre
It’s quite satisfying for me seeing the overground getting crowded off-peak between Highbury & Islington and Hackney. When I lived in London about a decade ago; I lived for a while in Hackney and used the crappy old Silverlink services, which was barely adequate and under-patronised.\nI don’t think it’s any mystery why it got so crowded for Geoff; Hackney is probably the last area of London proper with no convenient London Underground. The improvement of the North London line under the tfl overground services is the closest thing they have to the tube, even if if it only gets people to interchanges.\n\nThis is why the Chelsea-Hackney line, which would be the final piece of the tube network, should be built. But unfortunately; it looks like the safeguarded alignment will be instead used for Crossrail 2. And that looks like it will bypass Hackney altogether.
Daniel Kudla
Living in Southend, maybe I'll use this to get from Upminster to Heathrow for holidays, the next time I have about a DAY to kill on trains!!
You took the longest route possible there is a quicker way
David Frankal
I have a question. Since the oyster system only charges you based on when you tap in and out, would you be able to just ride around the network without getting out and not get charged the full amount?
David Webb
Heathrow to Upminster, direct takes 1:45. Heathrow to Upminster for £1.50 takes 2:00. Just 15 minutes longer, if you are smart. Heathrow to West Brompton, via Earls Court. Tap Pink Oyster. West Brompton to Stratford, via Notting Hill, tap the pink Oyster. Stratford to Upminster, via West Ham. £1.50 Job done. #HacktheTube.
Dylan Ch'ng
what happens if you don't \
EP3 Group
”The train is about to move”😂😂😂
Emma Paignton
Is 90p too low
I’ll never forget the time I was on the platforms at Hatton Cross when it was closed
Euann AC
You can get C2C to upminster or barking. Still would cost the same. I do it all the time.
Geoff Marshall
Also, you can do Amersham to Upminster - which is 43 miles - for just £2.70! Can anyone find a further journey between two tube stations than that for a ridiculously cheap price?
Giles Wendes
'The train is about to move' #KILLALLHUMANS
Harvey Dee
Great video! 😀Love the trick. Is Swale still the least used station in Kent? I can't seem to figure out the ORR statistics website.
Heads Tails
What happens when you make a tube nerd jealous, you Turnham Green
High Speed 43
I've just noticed something... you arrived at Acton Town on platform 4... yet you came from the Heathrow Branch instead of the District Line branch or the Uxbridge branch. That surely means you must have taken the extremely rare Acton Town dive-under, which is basically NEVER used in public passenger service! I'm surprised you didn't bother filming that, it's extremely unusual.
Huw Thomas
I must point out that the fantastic Oyster-rail website has complete fare tables already, although they are a bit more complicated since they include NR as well https://www.oyster-rail.org.uk/fares-guide/adult-fares-2018/
Ian Mcclavin
Yes unusual to depart eastbound from the westbound at Hatton Cross these days, although thankfully the reversing facility is still there, as it was of course the terminus for 2 years when it opened in 1975.
Inky Scrolls
I live in God's Own County (Yorkshire) and have absolutely no interest in, or intention of ever going to, London - and yet for some reason I always find your videos fascinating. Grand work, sir. =D
James Parascandolo
Does this not work for North/South journeys or has it changed recently? I sometimes used to go South Woodford to Elmer's End (both Zone 4) by some non zone 1 routes;\n\nSouth Woodford (Central) -\u003e Stratford (Jubilee) -\u003e Canada Water (Overground) -\u003e New Cross (Southeastern) -\u003e Elmer's End\nSouth Woodford (Central) -\u003e Stratford (DLR) -\u003e Lewisham (Southeastern) -\u003e Elmer's End\n\nIt always charged more than what you suggest here.
John Bicycle
Do you dream you're stuck on the underground, just going round and round?
John Vocking
Some great mosaic tiles at Hatton Cross depicting the various Speed bird icons of BA and BOAC. The BA head office used to be called Speedbird house which could be seen from Hatton Cross bus station
John Walsh
Frequent Traveler to Budapest. 7 Day Travelcard for around £14. This Includes Peak Travel on Trains, Metro, HEV, Tram, Bus, and Boat within the large City Boundary. You would spend more than that in one day in London.
Joshua Fawcett
As someone who likes trains a little, £1.50 for 2 and half hours of sightseeing seems like a total bargain to me. Bet you could get some decent photos too.
Jude H
Just have to say that I love your videos - thanks for sharing them!
Great set of videos and  on the Londonist Ltd.  Can you tell me what selfie stick and camera you use. Thanks
Keith Gable
Here's an idea: Is it possible to complete a loop by hitting pink readers along the way?
Kuhl Christopher
Well played sir! Love the vids. As a Yank exPat living at St David's Sq near Island Gardens DLR when all that was brand new circa 2000, I was ever vexed on how best to make my way to LHR for flights, mind you that was pre-Oyster Card, pre-Overground, pre-Night Trains (Had to a Hire Car once to go all that ways to catch a 6AM flight to Vienna) but for a dear price I could use the Heathrow Express to shave some of the time and dreariness of (how many!) intermediate stops on the Piccadilly Line. I did (and still do!) pride myself on being a rather proficient Tube/DLR expert in getting 'round London as often as I did for business meetings, to connect up with friends, take in so many of the amazing places and things to see in London. I would have appreciated the DLR station for City Airport (in planning while I was there) as I made several trips to Dublin for work whilst there. As it was pre 9/11 security measures in 2000, I could actually call for a cab to collect me at St David's Sq at 8AM for an 8:40 flight on Aer Lingus, pop in to collect my (yes!) paper ticket at the counter, pick up a copy of the FT for reading pleasure, stop at Costa for a Cafe Mocha and begin to actually drink it as I leisurely boarded the flight! Ah that was a very different era. But to be in London now(!) being the railfan that I am, with all that has gone on / is going in on nearly every facet of rail travel in and around London (and film it the way you do) would be simply brilliant!
Lisa Sargent
Are you telling me that you got on a district line train to Upminster instead of going C2C like everyone else??? My God!
Louis Hypothetical
MECL Wheels
Would love to see a video about tube wheelchair access, to show how limited it is
Marcos Sartori
Love your tube videos, reminds me fondly of the time I studied abroad in North Wales, every chance I had I would then head down to London... There is no city I feel more at home than London... Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the little things I miss so much. Hope someday to get back, perhaps for my PhD, and expect next time I could stay for good
Mark McMarkface
Does this also work using contactless debit card?
Hey, what if you would tap the pink reader and hop back into the train and go through zone 1?
Mercenary Pen
Is that 32 miles the long way or the short way? Because I'm wondering how many miles of rail you actually travelled for on your journey.
Michael Allison
That's not the cheapest journey! Many small stations do not have a means of paying, and not all trains have conductors. You said a while ago that Midgham Station is the least used in Berkshire, but since they have no one to collect fares or tickets there, who really knows? Certainly not the railway company!
Mike Whitaker
It's a real shame TfL won't allow an OSI between Acton Town and South Acton. That would save quite a chunk on that journey.
Never tapped on notification so fast!!!
Moritz L
Interesting nerdy fact: All tube stations not managed by TfL (Richmond, Wimbledon, Barking, Upminster) are all part of the District line.
This might be a stupid question, but could you not just get the train to Gunnersbury and tap the pink reader then just go directly to Stratford and tap it again, saving lots of time? It can only assume you went around zone 1? I may be wrong here - I just buy travel cards whenever I go to London.
Nuutti Helimäki
Make more off these longer tube journeys!
Oliver Gray
I know what you mean about the Stratford to Highbury stretch!
Peter Kay
As a Northerner it's hard to appreciate how far London transport boundaries extend. But 30 odd miles and 2.5 hrs for £1.50 seems like a good deal.
Planet of the Deaf
Great video! I see you only just tapped out before 4pm, if you had tapped out after 4, would you have been charged the peak fare of £2.80?
The Express was off last week so had to take Tube from T5 to Euston at 6am, cost me £3.10 - was shocked. Thought it would be a lot more than that.
R Han
What happens if you do Heathrow Terminal 5 to Upminster
Rafael Nádasi
It's aches for me seeing londoners not see the sun, its -1°c here and every time the sun is shining as ever.... :( I would never survive without sun
Ray Murray
0:51 - This country in a nutshell. Why anyone would want to come to it, I have no idea! What other country inflicts Rail Replacement Bus Services on its citizens?
Reality In Motion
Hang on Geoff, you clearly got on a non-refurbished Jubilee line train yet supposedly got off at West Ham on a refurbished one!
Rick Oneill
Again Geoff you make the most boring sounding videos actually very entertaining. It's quite a skill you've got!
Robert Gottesman
So what happens if you never tap your Oyster card when changing trains (or you forget to do t one of the times)? Then the card won't know what route you took from point A to point B. You just tap in when you first get on and when you finally leave the system.
Robert Hamman
I don't know if it's the music, the camera music, or both and something else I'm missing, but this video feel like it has an unusually happy tone to it.
Sam Gunner
You could have taken C2C! If you didn't bail at Elm park!
Sam Jones
I saw the title and thought this was an old video, then I heard the opening music and was like oh no, it's casey-ified, definitely new. I.like this new style
SeumiseuTV - 스미스티비
If you go to Barking, be sure to link your ting
Geoff did you tell those people who were asking for the airport when you said 'get the bus' to hold on when it about to move as well?
Title: Heathrow to Upminster for £1.50\nDoes: Hatton Cross to Elm Park\n\nIs this CLICKBAIT
Sven Mesman
Planning to go to London this year, taking the tube at random and see where I end up. This looks like a thing I could do :)
Sydney Collins
Epping io Heathrow for £1.50
I have a question to do with the pink card readers...now I usually travel from either Norbury or Thornton Heath to West Kensington going via Clapham Junction and West Brompton to avoid zone...Now this is where my confusion lies: if I take the Victoria train, get off at Clapham Junction, there is a pink oyster reader where I can essentially \
Toby Skinner
If you have a railcard 16-25, you can add it to your oystercard and get cheaper train ride...
Tom Kell
Were you inspired by me complaining about the cost of travelling last month ;)\n\nIf you ask at NR ticket offices with Oyster facilities they can print you a nice little receipt with your journey history.
Tom Shorey
Would it not have been quicker to do Gospel Oak to Barking on the GOBLIN?
Tristan Laing
How does the system know how you've gotten from one station to another? How does it know you didn't go through zone one? Is your Oyster card GPS tracked?
Not happy about you describing visitors to London being turfed off and confused at Hatton Cross and not knowing how to get to the airport as something that makes you amused. Not cool, Geoff.
anthony harvey
nice little tip for people. upminster runs alongside a c2c line to west ham then branches off.
Whilst it would not be ethical, after tapping on the pink card reader could you not have got back on an a train from Gunnersbury direct to Upminster? Or even changed at Mile End if you needed to do Stratford as well.
dawn doherty
If you work for the Underground You don't have to pay 1 Pence even
Technically, this is not the cheapest tube journey in London. Heathrow Terminal 4 to Heathrow Terminal 5 is free with an Oyster card. :P
Hopefully, TFL wont see this video regarding the zone caps. \n\nI could easily see them altering these zones by splitting them into East Zones and West Zones so there is no way this is possible.
With HX being in Z5/6 technically you tapped in in Z5 and tapped out at Z6; The system takes the lowest number of zones into account.
When travelling between Gunnersbury and Stratford you can go right through Zone 1 (e.g. take the District line to Hammersmith, change for the Piccadilly and finally take the Central at Holborn) as there's no way for the system to know which route you actually took. It's useful to know if there's disruption on the Overground between these two stations.
Wow Mate!! I cant believe You were literally standing a platform away infront of me on Acton Town and I haven't recognized you!! Cant wait to say Hi to you one day! I missed my chance this time AARGH.
9:32 \
matt finn
A trip from Heathrow to Upminster that doesn't start or end at either of the stations :-)
You can walk quite easily from Chiswick Park to Gunnersbury though I'm not sure if it's a valid out of station interchange. Alternatively it's often a timesaver to catch your richmond train at Hammersmith instead as then you'll only be waiting for one district line train, not two and they can be as much as ten minutes apart for specific branches.
I use the Single Fare Finder quite often. It's one of my most visited TfL pages.
Love the editing in this
willem Copson
And obviously all staircases traversed in the video are equivalent to a 15 storey building.