Fingerboard and Tech Decks Demonstration by Zander

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Check out some of my other videos! SKATE PARK KID - ROAD TO SUCCESS! Zander demonstrates a variety of his fingerboards, swapping of wheels, and ramp tricks. He's a true fanatic of Tech Decks and Fingerboards! "SUCCESS!". Don't hate guys, he is only 7 and is working hard on learning the fingerboard craft. He is getting better with time and is ALWAYS watching videos of young and amazing kids using fingerboards! He is determined and will get better :)

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Your awesome
Andrew Mckirby
Good job keep trying to be a pro good job little bro
Angel Garcia
Your the best Zander
Annie Valdez
None of those were successful
Axel Masse
worse inro ever
good vid
Brice Ioanz Faro
He say succes every time he fail 😂
Callie Perelli
I believe he will go places with his life #so cute
Can I reach 5000 subs For no reason
At 3:14 that isn't a nosegrind that's a 5-0
Catherine Sharon
Xander you are my favourite YouTuber ever
Charlie Savino
Gonna do a nose grind, *does blunt slide*
Corn Guy
DAB FAM 12345 dabber
Good job
Daemien Grover
None of those were successful
Disowned Frame
Why would you make fun of him you had to learn just like him! Imagine if you haters meet up with him and he is better than you
Dmc a
Better than me and I'm almost 13
Hey he is young Dont bully him!!!!
Drixler Nabua
Why are there dislikes? And haters?.\n\n\nOh wait a minute their just jealous.
Elaine Hughes
He thinks he’s hard and cool with that gold chain hat and vest
Eli 101
congrats on 2.7 Million views keep it up bro! :)
Elias Redant
I am even better and that wasnt a nosegrind
Ferguson Fingerboarding
This kid is awesome keep trying
Finian Parsley
Do you even know how to Ollie?
Keep Doing What You’re Doing Man Keep Up The Amazing Work!!!! :)
Gael Rivas
Guys dont be mean to thim he is trying his best if your a hater and have a YouTube channel what if people dislike your video you rock Zander
Gavin Finch
be nice to him
GreenLemon Man
This kid is amazing you people are just being mean to this kid
HCKY Knows
good showcase little one keep it up.
Flails board around puts it back on table. Success... Good job bro no hate keep it up
Irina Iacub
3d trick fait because i lifted it up and all of your other ticks not so fail but fail
Ugh this kid is so cute. Dont listen to the hatets your gonna get better over time. LIKE IF YOU AGREE❤️
JJMAD 2000
Dis kid better than me
Jacob Chang
2:21 it's a blunt slide bud not a nose grind
Jakub M
Was the background moving or was it just me
Stop saying succes
Kael Andrews
This ain’t that bad pretty good👍🏽
Kalen Jamieson
When he first gets a girl friend he'll be like sucsess
Kathy Rhyne
That's not how a scooter works
Sure he's not the best but he's a learner and he may not know all the trick names but what point does that prove? Just give the kid a break and shut up about saying he's bad and doesn't know trick names
Klla 123
Haha ! The cap ! Keep it up lil dude !
Lance Underwood
so i'm trying to figure out how many times he said SUCCESS
Lea Lea
The second n'ose Grindr is a5.0
Leslie vlogs and vids -_-
Swag mode activate
If this kid tries to skateboard, he'll be a poser
Mack Gaming/Animals
Guys, he is probably better than most of you and he likes this stuff so let him learn and don’t get in his way
Maddox Yo
Hi yo
Mandy Malicki
Nice dude keep up the good work
Mario Vivas
Masked Marvel
Dude 2.5 million views. Great Job little dude:):)
Mememazing 3
All he did was just slide them down a board with his hand
Mini gangster right there
Mighty Falcon Gaming
I love your video you got me into using tech tecks thanks keep up good work😀😀😄😄😊😜😝
Well done little dude great video !!!
Milo20acres SOCCER
Everyone stop being mean to him wahtbif he does not know how to do it I will taech him wahtbif success means and what fail maeans😂😂😂
Mobil Noob 420
FYI that is not a nose grind
Nathan Kirschner
Haters you are breaking a rule the description says not to hate. And if you don't like it stop watching
Nathaniel Smith
I started to play with my old tech deck and now i love them!
Nick Ransbottom
Go cubs
Oliver Fridholm
but keep up bro
Owen Liss
Good job I didn't mean to say you have to learn how to only cost you did a great job
Ich sage nur eins \
Phenz Phenz
1/3 of the comments are defending the kid, another 1/3 is people bullying him, and the last 1/3 are comments like these.
Philip Green
if you want to do all of those tech deck tricks, you need to learn to do an Ollie. But I will sub your good effort!!!
Hey it's ponoisono from the fingerboard vid with the pool you did good you got yourself couple of bucks on right now with all those ramps and decks ,scooters penny, boards. Penny boards cost almost 50 -30 bucks these days but good job on the video liked and turned on notifications let me know if you make a new video. Very good job\n💪👀👍
I know he kept on saying success after he failed
Rafael Victorino
When u pass school you be like success
Regan_FB Lit
Yeah reading the bottom of the description is useful...
Sam Livingstone
Col vid
Samantha Kuntz
He fingerboards just about as good as me😂
Sammy Flakes
You are doing great!!! Keep it up!😁
Silent_Assasin 14
I love how he says SUCCESS but he holds the bottom of the board to ollie😂😂
Space Walker
A Nosegrind on the back
Steven MacPherson
Steven Vy
Supreme Links
You did good don’t Listen to the haters\n\n\n\n\nPs. You just need to pop into your grinds
SyncMode Lightcore
So where did you get the cruiser fingerboard?\nIm finding one of those, Thanks.
Taylor 13
This is him when he gets a girlfriend “Succsess”
Teo fingerboarding
That is not a nosegrind its a 5 0.\nAnd everything makes scence.
Uno Wongspatt Pasadhika
He's actually pretty insanely awesome for his age
Your nan wasn't a success
dia a dia do kauan Ossemer
escape african monkey
3:15 u u u call that uh uh nose uh grind uh
you need no learn to ollie and then you do all the tricks you want
lachelle Diaz
Don't listen to them
laksh bhakti
I like you man don’t listen to the haters do what you got to do keep up the good work
levi Clarkson
Dude try and put grip tape on your Penni bords it helps out a lot on grip
lisa slegona
haha so funny (if this insults you im sorry) but success:)
paxton gaming
richard burden
Nose grind ?
rose mathis
He didn't even Suced on eney of them BRA...
simon ilett
*s* *u* *c* *s**es*
supreme _modz
listen to David
tahmid Islam gamer
Good 😉
xXSavagePandaXx !
Where is everybody getting that blue tech deck
yung miguel
The stability at the beginning is top notch