Hunger (Lyrics) ~ David Nicole Binion

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David & Nicole Binion ~ Hunger (Lyrics)this song sets my vibe for sunday :)Get "Hunger" : for Jesus.──────────────────────────🏳️If you are the owner of any content that has been uploaded on this channel and you want it removed please contact [email protected] and I will resolve the issue immediately.

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Asha Ramjattan
Always need my Lord now and forever heart always longs for you sweet Jesus Christ... I will keep blessing and praising yr name now and forever ...for you alone is worthy my King 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Becca Pope
Love the song!!
Buelah mai
The lyrics are awesome. ...try hearing it in 1.25× speed..
Camilo Sangma
God bless you dear singer
DIEU Vainqueur Flower
I love this song so much\n\
DIOS Vencedor Flor
Davide Harasemiuc
I need you Jesus
Disney Davis
Praise God.\nLovely voice...great lyrics.
Evalee Pospisil
Fabiana Miranda
Linda linda canção.....Amei...Very beautiful!!
Fer ortega
Fly WhiteBird
True\nHe save my Pride ,my life.He is everythimg to me.❤
Helen Burnley
Holy Girl710
😌 all of your songs makes me relaxed, Thank you❣️ I need you Lord 💘
Jack and God Is Gracious
So Awesome 👏 #GloryJesus
Joshua Olinger
Y'all... you guys must of been in prayer and seeking the face of God HARD because the anointing coming off this song is so strong! This song has blessed me so much! Thank you!
King Johnson
Holy Spirit mixed with Binion and Praise!)+
Lei Paparoa
Love Light Life
M Burton
I truly hunger and thirst for his righteousness.
Mardie Lincuna
Maritha Kotey
this song is so beautiful i love it so much xxxx
Mr. bear 40
😏 nice message
Nando Zavala
This song gives me the CHILLS #JESUSISKING
Natalia Solakian Official
I #dedicate this song to #Jesse #Nieto!!! May the #LORD #reveal #His #GREAT #LOVE to you in #JESUS' #NAME, #AMEN!!!!!!!! 👐👐👐👐👐💖💕💜💓💛❤💞💥💫💌 #GOD #BLESS #YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Nel Maasland
I need you Lord!! ❤️beautiful song
Nilcéa Gomes
Wooow ... that music !! So beautiful !! Very good !!
Rachel Andrews
I need you Lord. Lord I’m desperate for you. Beautiful song.
Ralph Garrett
Powerful Video!
Rowell Buccat
Wonderful song...the voices of the singers awesome....praise the lord jesus christ all the time....
Sarah 8830
So Beautiful and now so Blessed xxx Glory to GOD and Praise our JESUS xxx
Sarah O'Brien
I need you JESUS ❤ sweep me away with You~
Sharron Thyden
I shared this beautiful song with my fiance who is 5 thousand miles away from me ......... We've share Christian music across the miles for over a year now. He's in the UK and Im in the states 😢
Shosi Thong
Thank you for the beautiful song.
Simply Chara
Hunger for more of the Lord and He will fill you cup. Let it be our hearts genuine desire, not just an utterance of the mouth but a soul that crieth for God's presence. Amen.
Sincerely, Haylen
I Love this!
Sui Nai
I need you Lord forever beautiful song , a men
Very Beautiful....\nGratitude for this... :-)
Tamika Johnson
The Cause of Christ-Children Of God
Tri Elis Uli Loni
Please !!! upload song with this translated .. Thank you.. LORD JESUS bless all 😇😘
Vanessa Hernandez
So beautiful!!💖💖🙌🙌
Vanessamae Suan
I need you Lord, I'm coming back to your presence 😭 I just need you everyday of my life what can I do without you😭
carissa Neal
ending heartfelt
the last 60 seconds are my favorite \u003c3
enelrah Azenraib
Hunger and desperate with your love ohh good God!!!ohh I'm so desperate please heal me😂
jeselle baptiste
No matter how deep you go in Jesus, there is still more! \n\
mirella ramasawmy
thk you bebe
sambulo ndzinisa
too wonderful Jesus
god bless you
toshiyuki suzuki
A hunger and longing only the One True Living God can satisfy..... and it is given freely by grace, through faith, through Jesus, and not by our works. Truly, yesterday, today and forever, He is the God of love, mercy and wisdom.
The thought is good.  I'm more into music that is less distorted and much quieter.
wendy timmins
Beautiful! The Lord is the only one that can quench that thirst/hunger.
Елена Ходас
хоть бы кто-нибудь перевод сделал