How To Download Any Videos Using Google Chrome 2018 (New and Easiest Way)

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How To Download Videos From Any Site Using Google Chrome, In this video we are sharing with you how to download video using google chrome browser, How to use Google Chrome to download any videos from any web site.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Download Videos From Any Site Using Google Chrome:Open your google chrome browser, click 3 dot icon, click on the more tools option, than click on extensions.Scroll down, and click on Get more extensions flash video downloder, and click on add to chrome.Find your video, if you want to download, and click on flash video downloder extensions icon, you can see here download format, chose your download format then click download option.Chose download location.Google chrome flash video downloder extensions link:Thanks for watching, subscribe our channel for more helpful videos.

Google Chrome How To ... How To Download Videos From Any Site from any site how to download videos how to download videos from any site using google chrome

Aftab Qamar
owesome dude
Ajay Paikraw
hello barro video dounlod kaise karte hi
Aman yadav
Aman yadav
Amit Poswal
Amazing. its working. Thanks
Argie dan
I was about to install a downloader but it asked for too many details of me, asked some people from a tech radio program and they recommended me to use a website where to paste links, I still want something more practical like this, but not giving away personal info... :-/
BIG_J_ 34
What about phones
Doesn't work
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no longer works on youtube
Benjamin D
You lost me at the \
Blackjack Black
HI Techo, But will it download a Streaming movie from the URL ?? I can not make it work, Blackjack from australia...
Amazing! downloaded embedded videos from website in seconds!!
Bob Alex
osam sir ...i love it
Brij art tricks
not work.....fake
Chris Belotti
Will I be able to get the free videos is xHamster a good site
thanks ik that you can't use an extension to download yt videos but other sites can do it but anyway i needed 1 video from a website and it wouldn't let me download but once i got this i clicked play and it started to download after hitting the download button thanks works!
no such extensions exist within chrome anymore folks
it got me the video that no other method had so far, so thank you for that, and to the haters ... try refresshing the page containing the video and restart the playback before trying the extensions ... you will get slightly better results that way
Duncan Harmon
Can you download private vids? As in you can only view if member.
Thanks buddy, my IDM was expired and did not want to refresh windows to enable free download from IDM for another month. This flash downloader was easy and simple
Fernando Carignano
It doesn't work anymore
Gabriel Marro
Jesus, I didn't know people still used windows 7, though i can't blame you for using it.
General Blastoise
Where's that Daniels Text-to-speech function you have? I want it so badly, it's hilarious.\n\n\nBtw, thanks for the video. It really helps
George A Rieder Jr
Thankyou, it downloaded a show for me fine , but there is NO sound . \nWhy ? ? \nHow do i rectify that please ?
Javas Nkambule
Jon Wilson
Well, that doesn't work. No \
Kathy Amstutz
HELP!!! Your instructions were working great until I tried to download a video. This is what came up: \n Download from YouTube is disabled!\r\nThe Chrome Web Store (i.e. Google) does not allow extensions to download from YouTube.\r\nTherefore we removed this functionality for the Chrome Web Store.\r\n\nAny suggestions? thanks...........
Kim Cellon
Don't have a get more extensions optionon any website?
Thank u so much it worked in my YouTube..
Krzysiek Tannenberg
Don't work with youtube
thank you so much
not working
This did not work.. :|
Macklean Lionel
Doesn't work for me
Mc Eddy
Doesn't work.
Michel Cernev
Thank you TechVideos
Miguel Gutierrez
You sounded project zorgo
Mike Galiatsos
This video is old i can't fine more extentions
Mike Tolbert
NO Chrome extension will download YT videos, ...period!
Najwa Sound and Soul
Hello! I could download the video, which is awesome as it's a bulgarian website, but there's no sound. Could anybody help? Thank you very much!
Nico Bronkhorst
Download from YouTube is disabled!\nThe Chrome Web Store (i.e. Google) does not allow extensions to download from YouTube.\nTherefore we removed this functionality for the Chrome Web Store.\n\nWe hope for your understanding. Please do not rate us bad for this reason!
Night Jay
nah the browser extensions dont work for \
Niya's Bearz
Tube Mate isn't working anymore. Always says copyright.
Norman Mallar
I do not see why all of a sudden, Youtube has blocked downloading for all popular music videos. I love watching music videos offline when i do not have service on my phone. Someone recently accidently deleted almost 200 music videos that i had on an SD card for personal viewing. Now, it is impossible to replace those videos because Youtube has blocked downloading them. I want those videos back, but now it is impossible. All a music video is for promoting a song for CD sales. Never does anyone see a Vh1, or Mtv music video box set of 50 DVDs in a music and video store. So how is it hurting the artists that we are fans of, if we are just downloading their videos to enjoy for personal use?
Noui Rim
merci pour votre aide
Patricia Bryant
Profile Picture
Pedro Manuel
it doesn't function for downloading videos from You Tube! What a waste of time!
Pretty Fog
My Eset antivirus program , found a Troian virus in 'Download Any Video'.
Rupesh Sharma
Not working
Sahara Freight
does not work
Sairish Debbarma
It's works... thanks
I've tried them all,none work
Tauseef Bukhari
This method is been disabled by Google NOW , it wont work tell us new method and remove this video too. It waste time only. THANKS
Tech Next
stop copying at least
Google chrome is updated, May be Google has disabled this more extension option as of March 29, 2018.\nAfter clicking on the extension option, Click on the main menu icon at the top left corner. \nThen click on the open chrome web store.
Thatspooky Guy1199
thanks i cant believe this it really works
im trying to load video with flash video downloader but there is no sound. What should i do?
Tony and Jonathan Gaming
your voice sounds roboticbut i know your using a mic
Train Heartnet n 13
what about the quality of the video?
Ur_Mum_Gay No_You
Thank you, i needed this if my house doesn't have any Internet Thanks
Val Dolezal
The feature has been disabled apparently
Vince Jones
it dont work with crome
doesn't work on youtube
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Young Images
Doesn't exist anymore. Prolly removed.
ahmed khan
this extention not working has disable that.any other idea please tell
anisere musiliu ademola
Hello. Please may I get the text to speech app you use. Am really in need of one. A good one like yours.
not downloading
its not working as shown in above vedio
The flash downloader works!!! I have already downloaded 4 videos and counting. I cannot afford to buy any video editing software and I am so broke. I have videos up and it did not cost me a cent!!!
bnm Cloudy03
After download the video ...its no have virus?
Google removed this extension
david joseph
this is the song that love Cartoon - On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]
this is not downloadng live streams
education in hindi
will it work on youtube
f yourself
This does not work!!! Disabled from youtube!!!
gary mann
Its not showing up in my search .... NO downloaders are.
great youtuber
I thuoght he was going to do it on his phone how come he didn't
super ... or alternatively ... clipcrab ... Youtube-dl .... or ... Video download Helper
not found
iyah mojica
You sounded like the candy robot from fnaf on the hottest dog's videos
khalel khaled
I got lost too, there is no \
kounov B
no chrome youtube
manoj manoj
youtube disabled why
picasa picasa
parçalanmış video gönderilerini fvd indirmiyor.. hiç bir eklenti indirmiyor.. salak herif bir de \
Does not download from Youtube
ramesh kumar
sampad mishra
Thanks !worked for me.
Download from YouTube is disabled!\nThe Chrome Web Store (i.e. Google) does not allow extensions to download from YouTube.\nTherefore we removed this functionality for the Chrome Web Store.\n\nWe hope for your understanding. Please do not rate us bad for this reason!
unknown username
those who wants utube videos..use idm all the time
xXXMxmiit Tacion
U r the hacker from project zorgo
zebiba ebrahim
its nice but i have one question please it says download from you tube is disabled how can i enable it?
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Thank you, dear friend! You helped me a lot!