Top 10 Upcoming Bikes Under 1.50lakh in india 2018-2019| Upcoming bikes in india 2018-2019 |

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2018 top upcoming bikes in india under 1.50 lakh top 10 upcoming bikes in india 2018 under 1.50 lakh top 10 upcoming bikes under 1.50 lakh in india in 2018...

Ali Chemperi
TVS zeppelin launch date?????
Aniruddha Raje
I don't know... Why Hero launches bike... They should launch UFOs
Dinesh Pai
Any news HERO DAWN 150 launches
Farman Ali Khan
bahut acchi bike hai \nbaik hai maine book krdi hai\nlucknow price 1.46 \nhai
Indu Prabha
hero xpulse is so overpriced
Karizma ZMR discontinued forever
Kunal Majumdar
Not even a single cruiser bike n you guys are showcasing scooters... Naaahhh!! Poor choice of selection!!
Video content is good .... but background music is worst !
Md Ziaul Haque
Unbearable sound
Nitesh Kulkarni
Prasanth S
This is more like *BIKES UNDER 2 LAKH*
R.K.official 0421 RANJEETSINH
Launching date conform he bhai
Rajput Suresh
Kab a raha h book kar du
Ritesh Gore
Honda cb150r
Robin Gautam
in sabhi ki bap hai apache ...160 .180 .200.310...samjhe aap
Sabari Vijay
Sachin S
Santosh Sahani
Yamaha xabre when was lunching
Shaikh Azher
Hero zir look is fab
Siring Boro
Wtf the music
ThE KinG SamEEr
Hero company is very worst... But cost also too high....
The Codex Cultus Concept
2018 zontes X310 / S310\n
Honda grom is like Honda navi.
abuzar shaikh
total fail
amit kurdekar
Your wrong about tork, it’s a electric bike not a petrol engine bike
ankit gupta
Waiting for Nozza Grande... When it launch in India
babu baabu
Buddy if u are not changed. We are changed . Stop f, king single cylender,
dibyansu choudhury
e byke kit at low price surjo
Wait for dominor 200
gourav gill
I like this dominar his budget bike for 200 lovers pulsar like a first love for my life ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😉😉😉😉
jayanthan subramanian
Is it your mobile ringtone? It makes irritating to watch..
mak gurung
world's most worst design bike is HERO......................
mode AR
Hero is coming back in track
mohan sai
When pulsar ss400 launch in India please tell y
piyush verma
Hx250r is cancelled
pratik astro saha
Hx250r aint coming to india
rudra thakkar
Dominar 200 is going to be releases in april 2018
ruk thapa
Love the bikes
sr Mohanty
I'm waiting for tork
vijay kumar