Zone 1 Tube Journey For Just £1.50

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So taking a short trip on the tube from Zone 1 to Zone 2, or Zone to Zone 2 THROUGH Zone 1 always costs you £2.40 (in the off-peak, it's £2.90 in the peak) for the adult fare, except ... not always!Here's an example where you can travel through Zone 1, and only pay £1.50, and it's a quicker journey too. Can you find any others? Check your idea by having a look at the TfL Single Fare Finder page ...... the 'Single Fare Finder' is a great page on the TfL website which lets you type in any two stations and you can see in advance how much it's going to cost: Edited by Will Head / Fixation Video

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Alexander Harkness
Not an overground journey, but taking the bakerloo line between Maida Vale (Z2) and Edgware Road (Z1) is charged as a zone 1 only fare, meaning it only costs £2.40 even at peak times.\n\nEDIT: It seems this applies to some of the other lines as well - perhaps short journeys are always charged as Z1 only. It's a shame TfL don't publish fare guides anymore, so we actually know why we pay what we do.
Alexandra Mielke
This Oyster looks so cool, baut why? 😅
Somebody must have noticed that, but couldn't be bothered to put in a pink card reader.
Allison Pell
Highbury to Clapham North(tho you may have to exit via clapham high st),\nCanada Water to West Hampstead,
Anastasia Egorova
Clapham Junction to H&I with overground. Go anti-clockwise and system charges zone 2 fare instead.
Andrew Lamb
over 10 years ago I used to got to Hammersmith from cannons park station - I bet you would be charged the cheaper price if you started on zone 2 jubilee line station (the alternative route would be Wembley Park met line to Rayners Lane and then the Piccadilly line to Hammersmith)
Andy Carter
What was does the journey planner send you out of interest?\n\nSomething involving Stratford to north of Willesden Junction destinations or Visa versa?
Annette Brighton
Is it Richmond to Hammersmith geoff because that rout is all in zone six
Anthony Price
You'd have to assume that any journey between two Overground/Tube interchange stations that don't have separate gatelines (like West Hampstead does), where there is no need to step on an Overground platform on your journey (Why you couldn't go further down the Victoria Line to Blackhorse Road in Geoff's example) would fit this case. I don't know enough Overground gatelines in detail, but I'd assume there are a few combinations to both H&L and Stratford, and I think Canada Water to Whitechapel, and Barking to Blackhorse Road would count, despite the circuitous route you'd need to take to go through Zone 1!
Ben Jeffery
I found two, one of which is the Overground via Shoreditch and the other on the Vic and Picadilly lines. I made videos about both which you can find on my Channel.
Brixton Eagle
Instead of doing the full Overground journey from Kew Gardens to Stratford for example you could go from Kew to Westminster on district and from there jump on the Jubilee line to Stratford and hopefully will cost £1.50
Cake man 99
If you start at West Brompton go on the district line to Edgware Road get off at Paddington go up to Williston junction you would probably jet charged £1.50
Cameron McInnes
Ik it was a long time, but Gunnersbury to West Hampstead
The overground circle; using the overground via Shoreditch High Street(Zone 1) it will cost £1.50 as it takes the same amount of time if only the driver controls the train efficiently, there are no train disruptions and both of the trains depart from the platform at the exact time. Edit: I just realised that no one posted this way and it is so obvious.
Christopher Beaumont
TFL wouldn't be able to instate a timing of journey to decide which route, as that would simply be illegal. Imagine if there was service disruption - that would add on time. Furthermore, if you are a disabled person, or someone who is perhaps \
Conor Matchett
West Brompton to Highbury and Islington too, surely?
David Feng
Euston is Zone 1 AFAIK... (although I hardly ever took the Overground there...)\nHoxton is the wildcard. Overground AND Zone 1 AND 2, too.\n\nI think I saw a public notice (to be read as an ADMONISHMENT rather) on the Overground that said that Shoreditch High Street is Zone 1 and they'll charge you by that...\n\nBTW... Take away all the letter Ss... and you'll probably end up with Wi Cottage... Biggest casualties of the Lost Ss...
If you have a railcard you can travel in zone one off peak for £1.60 anyway :p
Dominic Findlay
What about Gunnersbury/Kew to Stratford
But I thought they had the pink card readers to rectify such issues to prove you didn’t go via zone 1 or any other way.
Eoghan Winchcombe
Anyone know if this would work from Morden to, say, West Hampstead?
Fintan Noon
could you do West Brompton to West Hampstead. instead of overground. get district to Westminster then jubilee
But won't TFL watch this and change the rules? Love your videos, Geoff!
Gary Quan
Highbury and Islington to West Brompton
George Smith
Willesden Junction to Clapham High Street might work
Goran Newsum
Hyunho Henrique Kim
Stratford to Highbury & Islington via Bank and Moorgate also. Kensington (Olympia) to Stratford via Nottinghilll Gate might work too.
I Chaudhri
Why is there a card reader on the platform at Highbury and Islington?
Intercity 43
Willesden Junction to West Brompton via Paddington will only charge you £1.50.
J Bubb
Is that Londons Kew-test tube station?
J p b Dude
Probably you could’ve said the s after the n
Jack Jack Productions
Gospel oak to barking
Jackson B
Clapham Junction to Highbury and Islington bc one way goes through shoreditch
Jason Crobar
West Brompton to Stratford can be done on a single Overground train without using zone 1, or District and Central line via Notting Hill Gate or Monument/Bank or Mile End, or District and Jubilee line via Westminster or West Ham, all of which route through zone 1.
Jeremy Pick
What if you touched out on the Victoria line platform rather than the gateline I wonder?
Jezza M
Richmond Branch - Willesden/Highbury/Stratford\nWest Brompton - Willesden/Highbury/Stratford\nCanada Water - Whitechapel/Highbury (Although it would take much longer via Z1!)\n\nThat's all I can think of. Another really interesting video, well done Geoff!
Joe Edward-Few
Like the Emirates stadium in the background on the close of the video
Joe joe Eley
From barking to Gunnersbury because it doesn’t know if you’ve been on the overground in zone 2 and 3 or on the district through 1, 2 and 3
John 259
Excellent, even if I did have to stop and think was I watching a game of Mornington Crescent.
Jonathan Dereje
Willesden Junction to Stratford via Oxford Circus
Kanal Q
Clapham North to Willesden Junction? You can use the Overground from Clapham High Street to Willesden Junction, or you can go wıth the Northern line to Elephant&Castle, change to the Bakerloo line, and go to Willesden Junction.
Kittychops 681
I think you can do West Brompton to Whitechapel or Barking
Knownaschrissy 5
Richmond to stratford ~district line to mile end and central to stratford. (Has to assume you used london overground)
Would West Brompton-Stratford/H&I work? (Should work with other stations between Clapham Jcn and West Brompton)
Liam Kennedy
I think its because Sadiq Khan is just a nice guy... He says as TfL secretly plan a new GPS-enabled Oyster card to track which way you travelled...
London Bus Channel
Going Richmond-Gunnersbury to Stratford \nYou can either go via bank , west ham or Westminster and it will only charge you £1.50
LondonTrainEnthusiast UK
What about Kew Gardens to Barking via Gospel Oak. I might be wrong...
Marcelo Miguel Bazan
Hi Geoff:\n\nJust 2 things to say:\n1. I can't help you because I'm not in London &, when I was, I used a Travelcard, which doesn't take fares into account.\n2. I MISS LONDON!!! That is, BY FAR, MY place in the world. Listening to the woman saying the line's name or the last station makes me feel very nostalgic.\nWe're having serious economic troubles here, but I'm decided to save money to go back (Hopefully for the rest of my life) to England.\n\nThanks & greets from Argentina (Hope it is from England someday)\nMarcelo.
Martha Lauren
From any DLR station to Mile End or Bethnal Green – One can change from the DLR to the Central Line at either Bank or Stratford; the system will assume travel via Stratford and charge a zone 2 fare.
Martin Bridger
When you went past Highbury you could just see Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV
Martin Sander
What about:\n- Kew Gardens (or Richmond) to Stratford\n- West Brompton to Highbury (or Stratford)
Martin Seiffarth
I suspect the reason it doesn't charge you more for going 'too fast' is that in the evening peak, Overground trains will sometimes (around once or twice a day I reckon) run fast between Willesden and Highbury to make up for delays. Over-charging dozens of already annoyed commuters every day would not be a good look for TfL...
Martyn N
The missing 'S' could be TfL's latest money saving move. Soon we'll have Upminter, Cockfoter and Even Iter.
Matthew Bedgood
I think Stratford to Willesden Junction. On the overground it’s 1 direct train but on the underground you should take the central line to Oxford Circus and then onto the bakerloo line to Willesden Junction. I’ve not got a clue if it’s £1.50 or £2.40
Matthew Cheung
Tranport for London - Every journey matter. It i way cheaper f you ue an Oyster Card.
Canada Water to Highbury and Islington
West Brompton or Kensington Olympia to Stratford would be my pick :) \n\nI shall try it out myself soon...
Norbiton Flyer
There is nothing illegal about this - Oyster charges the correct single fare for the journey, which is the same regardless of route taken. Until you touch out, the system assumes a maximum fare, and if you were to touch out in Zone 1 it would charge appropriately. However, a non-Zone 1 Travelcard would NOT be valid on such a journey, and if an inspector found with one in Zone 1 (or rather found you with only that and no touched in Oyster) you would be excessed. The system can get it wrong: I once went from Moorgate to Tottenham Hale (via H&I) touched out of the Tube, touched in on GA, returned to Liverpool Street, then touch out and in for Tube to St Pauls. (To ride a then-new class 379, if you must know!) The system treated it as a single Zone 1 journey from Moorgate to St Pauls, despite the two OSIs, one of which was in Zone 3!
geoff the filming/editing of the underground is absolutely fantastic!! :)
Oceann Spiritt
Geoff Marshall try wilsten junction to clapham junction but do bakerloo to waterloo and change for an swr train or u could do wildsten to clapham high street
Oliver Gray
Clapham junction to Highbury & Islington could be one?
Epping to West Brompton
I think tfl may have corrected some of them charging zone 1 irrespective of route.
Reece Collison
Clapham Junction to Highbury and Islington is another one. You can get off at West Brompton for the District Line, change for Victoria Line at Victoria. It would have to assume you’ve taken the overground all the way there.
Rishi Pranav Ramakrishnan
Robert Lamacraft
To summarise all the discussion and ideas, you can go from the Richmond branch, West Brompton, or Olympia to Wilesdon Junction, Highbury and Islington, or Stratford. Or, of course, Canada Water to Whitechapel if you fancy either getting 3 trains or going via west London.
Rosie Fay
Gunnersbury branch to Stratford. (According to the Tube map you wouldn't even have had to change if you'd used the Overground.)\nGunnersbury branch to Barking. (Possible on the Overground if you change to the GOBLIN at Gospel Oak.)
Safwaan Muhsin
Stratford to Shepherd's Bush
Sejohn Daniel
Highbury and Islington to Canada Water, but going through zone one will probably take longer. Victoria line to kings Cross, Northern to London Bridge and Jubilee to Canada Water.
Shaun House
Is the first class seating on all Thameslink declassified?  I thought that was only on Sutton loop trains, as those have on the information screens something meaning \
I said over twitter that 'seriously? I have to see this' I watched and and couldn't believe that you can make a journey for £1.50 via Zone 1. Nice little loophole there Geoff, great video
Some Person
Canada Water to Whitechapel
No counting steps? For shame.
Stephen N
1) West Hampstead to Canada Water (Londonist video said you are charged lesser fare or something)\n2) Stratford to Shepherd's Bush \n3) Willesden Junction to Clapham High Street\n\n*Im not from London and don't know the connections but this is my best shot* \n\nKeep up the good work!\nFrom,\nNYC
Geoff being trolled by The Emirates sneaking into shot 😂😂
Steve Morton
You should work for TfL Geoff!
Taka George
Epping to Richmond. \nIt thinks you change at Stratford for the overground.\nThe overground journey is only 2 minutes longer and it's not as loud so I opt for that one anyway.
The Transport Guide
Clapham junction to Highbury and islington via Shoreditch high street. It will think the same as what happened there and assume Willesden route
Tim Robson
Highbury and Islington to clapham north?
Tobey Transport
I thought H&I didn't have oyster gates?
Tom Shorey
Stratford to Kensington Olympia? When the district line is running, Central Line to Mile End then District Line would be quicker.
Train News Finland
Clapham Junction to Highbury & Islington, Kew Gardens to Barking via Gospel Oak.
Tyresezone5 The Tubespotter
4:44 Ewwwwwwwwwww! Sorry gooners!
Geoff maybe can you do an explanation video of the different zones and costs in London for tourists?\nTo me the fares through London seem very complicated, why is that so? It's just one big interconnected system, why doesn't it have just one price? I can only take examples I know of and that would be all big german cities (one city, one price; if you want to go to a neighbor city you pay more; except maybe Berlin with zone C which is the very far outskirts which cost a bit more to travel to) and Paris, where it's also one ticket and you can go anywhere you want.
I used to be able to do this from Finsbury Park to Swiss Cottage when I worked there I would also only buy a zone 2 travelcard
kew gardens to west hampstead
dawn doherty
Gunnersbury to Stratford
doris the slug
Kew gardens station is really nice, i went there a few weeks ago.\nAnd the gardens themselves are also cool
As someone who takes this exact route a lot, this will prove very useful when that overground section has a planned closure, as you'd normally be forced to pay the zone 1 fare. Otherwise it takes about the same time.
I travelled from Liverpool Street to Harrow on the Hill for 80p
I have done Shepard's Bush to Turnham Green on the night tube via Holborn for £1.50. No District night tube.
Had many a pint in that pub at Kew Gardens station 🍻
robbie morrison
The overground does go to/ through zone 1 stations which are Euston, Shoredtich High Street, Hoxton and Liverpool Street.
stuart balchin
ive used london overground from highbury to richmond and cost me 2.90 and 1.50 on the way back
Richmond to Stratford via Westminster