Of Monsters and Men - Hunger (Official Lyric Video)

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(Official Alternative Hunger Lyric Men Monsters Of Records Republic Video) and

the more i listen to this song, the more it grows on me :)
Aggie Verga
There is a food commercial right before this video. Very ironic.
Alba Hernández
Alejandro Bravo
The album will be released three days before my birthday. Life.
Alessandra Monica
of monster and men's songs are the definition of beauty.
Andrea Garibay
Thank you for this amazing music! It makes everythig better \u003c3
Anonymous Girl
I know that if I die listening to Of Monsters And Men, I will die happy.
Arky SP
Until now, this album is very emotional... but i miss songs like Mountain Sound and Little Talks. Fast musics. Musics what made me love OMAM.
Bill Brockington
Arnar is without question one of best percussionist today . Each song has something different: from syncopation to heavy tom-tom to the incredible Crystal. I listen to heavy bass just to hear what new he is doing with a song. I would love to sit right behind him and just watch and listen (and video record so I could watch his amazing miix.. Arnar when you return to Atlanta or anywhere in the southeastern U.S., please, please contact me so I can just sit and watch. BTW, I am 73 and have seen John Bonham, Nick Mason, Joe Morello and others. You are the best.
Especially love Crystals and Empire but still waiting for that 'Little Talks' or 'From Finner' that I'm just going to listen to for hours. These four songs are so beautiful but are all at the same pace. I need some shouting! HEY!
I love the comment section in every OMAM Video. You never come across so many beautiful, deep and nice comments. Share the love \u003c3
Casey Edmonds-Estes
One of my favorite things about OMAN is that the comment sections are always so nice. It's a relief to see people actually agreeing about stuff on the internet :P
Catherine De Mesa
Is it just me, or whenever an OMoM song plays, you feel like you're breathing in fresh air?
I just realized that in these music videos they take people who look like people you see everyday and have them sing these songs, and what I guess they are trying to say is that everyday people go through these things. We all have our problems and sometimes we can't find the solutions and sometimes we do. This band does a great job of explaining the everyday hardships in these videos. Good job.
Just have a black wolf and a white wolf running through a frosted paradise to this song 😌
Christopher Tong
Is it June 9th yet? My Google Play account is waiting.
Cily hair stylist
this song is amazing! Italy love you guys 😍
My only friend now just ignores me, and oh god, i need songs like this to stop the pain... it doesn't stops !!!
Crystal Bagel
Am I the only one that gets goosebumps when they listen to these guys?
Cynthia Zhou
Holy crud, I love the lyrics. And that's really pretty hair.
couldn't relate more to this song than right now... fml
Darrius Romulus
How can one song be so perfect?
Darth Zaida
She is seriously beautiful
Denn Prince
I'm drowning, I'm drowning\nI'm drowning, I'm drowning\n\nPERFECT \u003c333333
Eiko Carol
Love this album it's truly amazing remind me of Tracy chapman. I'm about to go on a long road trip from Vegas to Montana and now I truly have the perfect music to go endure this horrible 14hr drive that's ahead of me.
Its gonna be a good album no doubt, OMAM is most certainly my favorite band. Truth be told, I don't think this album will have as much momentum as their first album, their style in this album seems more bland and monotone. They will always be my favorite though.
Elliot McQueen
This album is darker than previous
Emi Dots
Of Monsters and Men fans and songs are so pure and nice and it's a real nice thing overall.
Emma Swan
If anyone ever wants to die then remember that you'll never hear OMAM again if you do die. I think we all know that would suck. 🙍🏼
Fabrice Onno
I still can't get enough of this track !
Have you guys noticed every OMAM song, there's always a \
Gabriel Armstrong
How is it even legal to be this good
Harrison Collins
ive never seen a video with this much positive feedback. OMAM r truly amazing for being able to do this. Its beautiful. Everything about it. the music the people the feel
Heather Fewell
At school I put my ear buds through my shirt so that they are hidden and listen to of monsters and men to get me through the day
Hussein Berjaoui
Iago Haziel
Pau no cu do first! Aheuaheu
IcedVenom Nightcore
*Sees the video\nI haven't seen a black person yet. Maybe it's a black person?\n\
Sorry to be the one critical guy, but I find alot of the songs released from this album to feel all very similar and at the same speed. However, I'm sure the entirety of the album will sound great together, and any similar sounding songs will sound great when mixed in with all the great songs from the first album. Looking forward to its release!
Ina Bozic
A Song for Remus Lupin ...ha
Isaac Friesen
this album seems to mention wolves a lot...
JD Diggy
JT Late
I'm loving the dark sound and way more personal lyrics in this album! Bring it on!
Jagoda Ałdaś
All songs of this album are very similar..
James Elliott-Hughes
Been refreshing my youtube subscriptions every 2 hours for the last 2 weeks just waiting for the next upload. It's literally impossible for them to make a song I don't absolutely love.
Joaquin Ramirez
What if 'My head is an animal' is the monster part and 'Beneath the skin' is the men part, you know, Of Monsters And Men...
Juan M. Quiroga
Damn, this album is so promising!
I want the album now. This album seems like it'll take me back to that awesome place, where I once was listening to From Finner and Mountain Sound years ago...man I miss that place. Can't wait to hear the other songs.
Juliana Cavalcante
Aí Meu Deus! Música Nova!!!! \u003csurtando\u003e AMO VOCÊS♥♥
Kacy Tam
I love all of your songs so much, none of them are just \
I think it's amazing how I can find myself in like every of the new songs, especially into \
Kevin William
I'm loving the new album so far! But we need the Little Talks of this album!!
Laurel Harris
The end of this song sometimes sounds to me like she's singing \
Little Jade
It's so funny because this song describes exactly how I feel at the moment. I couldn't find words to describe it, but this song describes it for me perfectly. \u003c3
This makes me think of a werewolf who is trying to feel love like the humans they're surrounded by, but still battling their wolf nature.
Marie sans nom
J'espère qu'ils passeront bientôt en France ♥
This is shaping up to be the best album of the year. Really liked every single track so far!
Dang, I just started crying because of this song. First song I voluntarily listened to by Of Monsters and Men (Meaning not on the radio) and that was when Hunger was first released. It gave me so many memories, and the nostalgia. Music is powerful stuff, man.
Michael King
I really appreciate Real Music.\nAnd this...this is Real Music.
Molly McD
To those of you already dissing the new album: whatever.\n\nCrystals has a solid melody with trademark OMAM amazing lyrics.\nEmpire is just as epic as Dirty Paws and with just as much magic.\nI Of The Storm bears personal reflection the band has never given yet.\nAnd this song is just the icing on the already delicious cake. Which is not a lie.\n\nI can't wait.
I'm hungry for this new album, June 8th is too far
Natalia Freeze
Nogah Lerman
I won't talk to anyone, I'll just listen to this song all day.
Olivia Walton
Thank you for making my birthday perfect by releasing this song today! Love it!
yo you ever headbutt a guy so hard you both die of a cerebral hemorrhage
Paola Toro
I discovered this song a year ago and I´m still in love. \nNow I love Of Monsters and Men.
Patrick Hufnagle
They r underrated. They about the music not stupid glamour videos
Paulina Dzwonkowska
It's so powerful.
Ray Cornell
I am still astounded by the fact that this non-English speaking group is more capable of writing music that can be understood better than \nAmerican bands, even without the lyrics on the screen.
Robert Reno
she brings the song to life with her show of emotion
Rodrigo Santos
Já quero o álbum completo \u003c3
Reminds me so much of Hannibal
Sam Batz
I feel so bad for all at those people who don't know about OMAM.
Samuel Leonardo Nieto Matamoros
Awesome song! But, the voice dosen't sound like Nanna's.
Seth M
Beneath the Skin has a much more grounded feel to it (so far) than My Head Is An Animal. While their first album had this grand sense of adventure and mystical quality to it with all the Nordic mythology and imagery, this seems more secular. More about people, relationships, etc. Anyone else agree?
I don't know why, but the lyrics here really comfort and connect with me.
Sonja Seyffert
These lyric videos are some of the purest art I've seen in a long time. The emotions, the words, the music... it rattles your soul.
Sydney Lynn St. John
i have been listening for half a-month now. and i have already memorized all the words in every song! and i have 2 favorite songs in OMAM- of monsters and men# the first one is, Hunger and Black water. i just ADORE their music!!!!
To anyone who might read this,\n\nSo my name's Thien, and while we might not know each other, that doesn't exactly matter because I just wanted to let you know you're truly beautiful, amazing and incredibly loved! If you're going through a rough patch in life, please keep your head up and keep going because you're gonna be alright!! Have a lovely day and don't forget to sm:)e!
This album will be on repeat all summer
Undermining Duck
Unlawful Potato
This is why OMAM is my favorite. There isn't a single song they have that I don't like. All of them are amazing. They all have good meaning behind the lyrics, unlike a lot of music these days which either don't have any clear meaning, or the meaning is sex or drugs or something like that. Still, if OMAM made a song with a meaning like that, they would do it Right and I would still enjoy it.
I can't tell if the goosebumps are from this song or the freezing classroom. Probably the song
*Your songs are always so unbelievably good!*
Xiomara Bernard
LOVING YOUR SONGS AND MUSIC VIDEOS (The Originals brought me here).
Yvonne Pan
she reminds me of LP and why are all their music videos so powerful
Zetharian gaming
for me this song is about some one you loved breaking up with you and the feeling of lose and sadness in the beginning then your pride taking over saying you don't need him/her you're better than that any ways, then realized in the end how much you loved and miss them and that you want them back
dandry dulay
Gosh I really want to learn to play this song with a guitar and it will be the only song i know how to play.
Who actually votes down on videos though I don't get it lol
keshav kumar
i love to see that girl. i don't know that it is my eye or else ..... but she looks so stunning to me that i have seen this song for 17 time till know and forced me to comment. HUNGRY FOR THE KILL, BUT THIS HUNGER ISN'T YOU and her expression .... i like it.
lone giraffe
of monsters and men you guys are awesome :) keep it up you inspire me!!!
o nome não pode ficar em branco
\u003c3 que amor
pjge0n -
their lyric videos are always so much more than just lyric videos
Your forthcoming album sounds AH-MAZING!!!!!!! I need it NOW!!!!!!! \u003c3
I'm hungry for their album!!
I need this album....like NOW!!!!
Is it me or does this new album seem to be sticking to some kind of a formula?
2:10...... I felt so punched in the stomach! Just... Wow! Will this album ever get here?! We're waiting!!! 😂\nI honestly didn't think it was Nanna at the beginning of the song!\n\