Need for Speed Gameplay Demo – E3 2015 - HD

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The first taste of Need for Speed gameplay and introducing your first look at our new chase camera, just one of the many cameras you can choose from in the game.Learn more about Five Ways to Play Music: Chemical Brothers feat. Q-Tip – Go & Aero Chord – Surface

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2007excalibur2007 `
That seamless transition from live-action cutscene to in-game graphics though.\n\nThat better be in the game, and not just some E3 show-off gimmick.
A Gray
what song is this
AleX StarZ
Are the skyline towers only display ! If you follow the towers in the map actually they are only scenery and not any street leads to them.. i was hoping that this towers are the downtown area, This is rude !
Alin Gheaja
interesting,im not sure im going to like the camera angle when drifting !
Awais Khan
The graphics in the actual game are nothing like this. This is 60 fps, and the actual game obviously runs at 30 and drops all the time. Almost none of the customization options in the demo are in the actual game, and the UI in the real game was way downgraded. EA is becoming Ubisoft.
Chemical Brothers!!!!
Blazebeat Racing
Wow it looks horrible. I'll stick to my racing simulator thank you. Whoever was playing that game wouldn't even be able to finish a lap on a simulator without crashing! lol
Bruce Wayne
Could someone say what the music on 3:16. please ? Will appreciate that
Callum Head
the game never looked like this in the final game
Carlos Holguin
NFS 2012 has the best controllers and camera, please bring it back but with original story and cars customization
Celal Yusifov
it is very beautiful play
Cesar Pasteu
The underground 2 is the best one.
Every racing games start with subaru or toyota 86...dafug?
Daniel B
if there really was that much traffic that would be awesome
Derick Avelino
o bagulho tem um gráfico surreal
Diving Husky
I actually kinda like that camera
Donte DiVincenzo
why is it always rainy and night?
Final game is not downgraded, it's upgraded ;)
The chase camera is a bit too dramatic, soften some of its tilt during cornering and it should be okay to play with. Like the chase camera for NFS Rivals and Run was good that the player felt the weight of the vehicle at the same time was fully engaged with atmosphere. And majority of atmosphere is not about lighting or graphics, its about the sound. \n\n...but so far, my hopes are high with this one.
Emmanuel Joshua
i like the SFX when the change the wheels nd the body kits. Its awesome
Erick Chanderballi
the old Need For Speed Games like \nUnderground 1 & 2\nMost Wanted 2005 \nCarbon \nProStreet
the \
I think this is the only game that hasn't been downgraded from the actual E3 footage XD
Welcome to the comments section! Let me summarize everything for you.\n\
Gabrielle Umali
where the heck is the \
Galera da quebra de asa Marcelo Henrique
nossa esse need for speed 2015 esta bom demais a jogabilidade graficos resolucao \ne uma a data de lancamento desse need for speed 2015 e em novenbro no dia 3 desde ano a meu aniversario e no dia 2 intao eu quero que lance muito nessa data por que vai ser um grande presente para min vlw pelo jogo ;)
DAMN is this real life?\nThe drift camera sucks a little tho...
Guardians Six
im still hyped haha :)
turning into a 90 degree turn i 150 mph(241 km/h)... NFS logic
I'm an adult Virgin
can you play this offline?
If you adjust the video to 0.5 speed, the guy at the end will sound like Walter Jr. from Breaking Bad. XD
Ista the great
OK!!! this game is KILLER!!! with this feature in it there has to be and offline mode in it like there is no question about it everyone should play this game please EA don't deprive those with no wifi from a game this epic please i love need for speed i own every game that has been out in stores,like the whole collection and i must add this one to my collection please make an offline story mode and free cruising mode please!!!!.
Iulian Schiau
El juego esta muy bien pero no merece nisiquiera 20€... Tiene muchos fallos con el servidor y te tiras dias sin poder jugar. Un mensaje educaoa para EA\
Gameplay was staged.
Looks like the cars behave like forklifts.\nAnother year and another pass. Sorry NFS, hopefully one day you'll get as good as underground 2 was.
Jamie Son
Those terrible driving mechanics though, that doesnt look natural, fun, or easy. Wasted graphics on a badly made game.
Jeffrey Anonymous
Can you change the camera angle??
Jesus Ramirez
Thumbs up if you liked the previous nfs undergrounds
Jordi Labarta
Man I love the Subaru BRZ 2014.
Jose Daniel Gonzalez Montoya
In my opinion it should've stayed like this, talking during races, better social media presentation (in my eyes), even the cops looked more relentless...
I don't get motion sick from the drift camera. Does that mean I'm immune to motion sickness?
That game looks better than NFS PAYBACK customization
Kartik Rocketbunny66666
Damn!!!!!! Aero chord surface at background..!!!
Last Dementius
If they have the GT-R, That's going to be my dream car..
That drifting looks like \
Laura Barros
that was a concept of the real game
Just noticed re-watching this that there are multiple 'home' icons on the map, does this mean multiple garages were planned/will be available in DLC?
Metehan şahin
The Chemical Brothers made me Go and buy this game.\nGet it?
Nihal vivid
Thanks NeedForSpeed for bringing me into Monstercat with AERO CHORD - SURFACE
Niklas Silen
The actual driving dynamics look horrible. Absolutely horrible.
Niko Ash
Looking at the comments after the game release is so painful.
Paulø Daßest
this game is amazing still 2018 !
Putra Archibald
After playing this for a while, I think it needs a replay feature after a race, especially with graphics that good. Or at least director's mode or video editor mode. That would be epic.
Dat midnight club L.A. action cam doe!
Robbie AJ
Has NFS finally gone back to it's roots? Customization, open world, and an actual story? I really hope so, otherwise we are getting another useless NFS game. NFS Most Wanted and NFS Underground 2 were the two of the best ones in my opinion, so if we get something like that again, it will be awesome! Not gonna lie though, the graphics look beautiful in this game.
Robert Rowlands
Honestly, once NFS became more a burnout game just with cops and free-realm it ruined the game. It took away the feeling of actually driving the car, and actually having to be smart enough to make a turn, yet keeping that urban feeling that underground had. Even hot persuit, most wanted, carbon, and even undercover for ps3 were all great games, I enjoyed playing them. The problem is that once they hit the recent Most Wanted it started going downhill from there. Starting with drifting corners and becoming a burnout game, totaly ruined everything. Sure this new game has some of the old underground and underground 2 feeling to it... but the way you drive is still a burnout game covering up all the stuff that made NFS what is originally was.
Rogue Warrior
after so many terrible NFS games released over the past few years....i'm still taking all this with a grain of salt despite how promising it looks
RooeeZe Tv
I love how the release version is nothing like this, seamless time drift run? Tons of traffic no stuttering and more than 1 cop every 20 miles. Talk about false advertising...
Sergio Dumbrava
I can smell the downgrade...there's no way those graphics are gonna make it till the release.
Sergio Oliveira
0:53 shows another options for tires and rims but in the final version game dont have. I'm desapointed with game for this point:\n\n*where is that rich customization ? Lot of cars have a number of limited parts and others (Huracan For example) body kits only? Where is the amount of front bumpers, rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, hood, roof scoop like NFS underground? EA PLEEEEEEEASSEEEEEEEEEEEE ITS NO TIME FOR MISTAKES LIKE THIS, bring back for us the true essence of underground customization and see how the people will be grateful!
Shaun Helmick
Looks like most wanted 2005 with all the U2 customization on steroids. If they get the camera right and the physics engine fixed from the last couple of games we may have a winner again. 2005 was the last one I really enjoyed.
Compared to the Original the Demo camera is more Shaky! i like it!
Steve Dawson
How come the graphics looked good on the gameplay trailer
Suraj Laskar
what is the name of the song in ds video
The Lockenbubi
Remember the Hype? :D
The One Above All
Dem graphics do
Need for speed destroyed all the fun in their games, I would prefer the most want and the carbon, it's way more fun then the last need for speed games, I wish you could built a game with the same graphics like the carbon or the most wanted(2005)*
i remember watching this while i was at college. Cant believe it has happened 2 years already.
Thomas Huayra
Hi, I\
Tim Suetens
Horrific camera. I don't think I can drive like that.
Valentin k.
is there a download Demo for Xbox one?
That camera is so uncomfortable. The rest seems nice.
Increible que uno pague y no hay two players split screen ...
Wilfredo de Leon
I think I can't drive if the camera moves like that when you drift, is there a way to fix it in the game ?
Yui-Shiki Valitino
the demo looks better then the actual game
How to put this rocket bunny vinyl on this spoiler?
NFS 2015. \nA game that i didn't expect a lot and i was a Very Good Suprise. \nThanks Ghosts! \nkeep it up for 2017! :D
Soo.. Ash and Misty have a Garage now? Niiice
There's never nearly that many cops in the full game. :(
hoàng huy ngô
Better than nfs payback
Sweet lord, these graphics + VR = certain heart attack :O
nikita kononov
the UI looked so much better in the demo version..
Aw I feel so awkward when these actors are talking into the camera.
riders on the storm.......
the killer
Graphic the amazing 😍😍😍
thumbs up gamer
the demo looks better than the game
Ítalo Gabriel
Bring the old systems back
► MrDydy2218
Is funny in this gameplay the civil car don't move... but for real... you always crash in civil cars xD