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Subscribe for Daily Videos!Get ReVive & Skateboard Gear at Instagram & Twitter - @AndySchrockIt's fingerboarding time again! I picked up this new halfpipe! Ryden and had fun making this as always. Either way we had some quality father son time of course. Videos here all the time so stay tuned and subscribe!

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- j4cube -
finaly jezz can fingerboard time be more often
In b4 notifications
Do more fingerboarding videos
Action Jackson 4236
Ryder’s better than me
Ahnya Christieson
The last digit of likes is who you are. \n0.Map.\n1.GrumpyOldTroll or GOT for short.\n2.Amber.\n3.Bethany.\n4.Rubin.\n5.Holly.\n6.Bruce.\n7.Rick.\n8.Sky.\n9.Hanrich.\nPlease leave a reply telling me what you got.\nI WANT THAT HALFPIPE SO BAD!!!
Akela Quikert
Pls keep making more fingerboard videos
Aliya St. Louis
Ryden that 3 shove at the beginning was really good
Angel Cordova
It so cool
Austin Jerrett 41 (STUDENT)
Andy You're Amazing
Aviva Zion
BTG tube
Nice vid
Brooke. 04
Callen Plays
Can you make more fingerboarding videos? By the way, I was the one who gave you the carpet board in your sticky griptape video.
Chase Assif
Sick guys!!
Chlo !
5:08 Tap on the video, put your finger on the 3 dots on top corner on the right and press on the speed to 0,25x \n\n\nYour Welcome
Dan Van
Feet bird
Darjas Jackor
Can you do a video how you make youre revive boards? :)
Domorules 566
I HAVE THE SAME ONE, NO WAY. I got yesterday
Eli 101
my friend just bought me a halfpipe
Elizabeth Lazarov
Esteban castro
Anybody else clicked SOOO FASTTT when you saw it’s said “fingerboard”
Falon Kessinger
Do more fingerboarding videos
Fortnite Gamer108
Finally I was waiting this long when I saw this video I clicked on it straight away you guys are the best
Frank Kolondra
killed it! haha
Freddie Peters
I like handboarding and fingerboarding
Gemma Nelson
Can I have it
Glenalexislafferty Ha75371le
you guys are my faverit peaple ever
Greek mythology Infographics
I did half of these tricks 3 months after I started to finger board
Favorite fingerboards are Ryden and Andy
Iris Macer
Do more
I have that ramp its awesome
Jen Borton
You should make more videos of finger Deck boards
Joey Merisno
I love you
Josh Winkler
I have the same halfpipe as you guys I bought it from Target and my mom bought it because I just got my flu shot and it really hurt but I have this peanut City and I have that same thing I even have the same thing it has the little it has the little like little red on it on the side and I don't know what it says I love that fingerboards that's my favorite fingerboard I have the ramp I have everything it's the same exact package same exact ramp
Joshua Roseman
That was the best trik ryden has ever done.
Justsomerandomvideowatcher XD
Who else was like omg it was made yesterday yay I ain't that late
do some more tech deck videos and unboxings pls
Kaden flip Day
I love your vids
Hello I have seen other videos like tis
Killjoy0620fnp Gaming
I love you Andy and Ryden
KoolKea Studios
Lachlan Skaternoob
Omg Is love ur Videos like if u agree
Landon Wapnarski
Please do another fingerboard video
Levi Gold
Gonna read yesterday erased today before i go to sleep
Lindsey Knowles
I love what you guys are doing, keep it cool
Magnar Ragnar
Happy birthday
Marvelous Mira
Yes top 100
Max Laraway
Great job
MeMe_MaChiNe the young normie
Anyone notice the Infinity Gauntlet on the Trampoline?
Michael Kuhlmorgen
Do a game of skate but with fingerboards if you haven't. Like if you agree.😀😀😀
NJ Studios
Leave a like if you agree\nAndy and ryden are good at fingerboarding cause I think they are good
Nacona Payne
Nastia Zipse
I love your finger skate board videos please make more of them ok
Natalie Weiss
Good three shove Ryden love the vid
Oliver Stowe
It’s my birthday day today xx
PewDie Pie
5:08 he does not believe it
Ricky Stone
first comment awesome dudes
Rohan Shamloll
Am the first person
Ron Cohen
יבן זונה
Sergio Méndez Tops
Y luego se queja de las Tech Deck
Simon kowalewski
19 comment yay
Sneaky Miggy
Thanks Andrew, you posted on my b-day!
Spivey Vocal Consulting
I play Fortnite
Stevenson Alderworst MD
i like how tech deck isnt paying u anything to exaggerate the size
SuperJaycee Fun
Hey that was nice good vid
Supreme Finger Skater
Awesome 😊😍😍
4:33 lol he said that so fast and weird 😂
TSM_Galaxy Duck3r
Talan Finger boards
I got the same set amazing
Tasha Meeks
Where do get teck deck from I never had one.
Tech deck Gamer
I got that for my birthday it’s really fun also the board is awesome
Terranda Roberts
Where do you get that fingerboard
The amazing boy2005
Where u get it
TheScorpion is Bro
Пиздец у малого бело
Trick Shot Time
Nice! I want to get that halfpipe!
Weng David
We have the same board the doug desautels
You should make a series called Fingerboard Friday every Friday
cat boy rat
Love best to good keep it omg so pefect
eric robinson
Awesome video guy's
five's fire gameplay
Wow im the 80th comment i kust found this channel and i really really love it and i have the same set!
fortnite clan leader
franklin garcia
I like your video
Bring a replica of shred quarters make ride and do a trick on it and whatever tricky does he like to do it
Sick dude hyped for the new revive series 9 tech deck
j'ai commandé l'eau
2:00 that’s what she said.
jo.stone Watch it
juca 101
I have thier first halfpipe and its even bigger
kanna kamui
Hey dont use tech deck
ratchet master
that has been out for 2 months in palm coast fl
I got the Doug des autels tech deck
the bike man Thomas
I are the best I am from England and got a scatebord today
You should play fortnight you should take change playing fortnight