5 приложений, которые нужно удалить с Android прямо сейчас

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5 applications, which must be removed from the Android now!Usually, all we are looking for the newest and best applications, we recommend the installation. This review is for a completely opposite way. Here you'll find the most famous and old programs that need to be removed immediately from Android.══════════════════════════════­═════If you're wondering how ordinary people react to your favorite actors, musicians and bloggers? Learn something new. Play games, assess significant events, movies, or music videos? Then the channel for you, join !!!══════════════════════════════­═════New releases 3 times a week !!!══════════════════════════════­═════Channel Reaction / Reaction✔ Subscribe - ══════════════════════════════­═════Watch the channel! Thank you!

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