Tech Deck Longboards

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They're here! Tech Deck is dropping a line of longboards in progressive shapes and styles for a new generation of rippers! Check out the crazy innovations like reverse kingpin trucks, dual-durometer wheels and realistic flex!!!

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that came my birth day 2012 jue 6
- KoreanJoker -
A whole other level of pointlessness, legit
- Static
Alejandra Nahuel
Amée Borrias
I would get these as collector items
For those who is Confused about him using his finger to *Ollie* He is doing an Early Grab --.-.- -- -a. -d.-sfadafs
Arti Biswas
I got one off of amazon today and these are sick and you should get them to mess around with if you are a fingerboarder👍
Why so much hate?\nIf you don't have legs, fingerboarding is a good option...
B33.Z _radi0
*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap* wooo I’m So Getting one
0.42 omg lol
Brian Smith
Aight, so im ganna buy a tiny longboard to play with while im skating?? Like what..
Bought a landyachtz one to go with my new real landyachtz switch 35
Caleb Panti
Sale tech deck Longboards Again \n(Germany ) \nMake them Again \n They are so Nice ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗
Please bring these back! Im begging tech deck please bring these back
Cheza J
that was legitness
Clean Hairy
nice vid!!!!\np.s. how Did you Do the final downhill scene?
the sector nine tech deck longboards are so sick I had one a while back and the trucks never came off like regular tech decks
whats the difference?
Draven Floyd
these things get a crap ton of pop
Drew Bonlender
I ordered one and I'm so excited :D I scooter, longboard, and skateboard
Fast n' Furious RC
Make mountain boards
These things suck I tried to go down a hill with it and after 5 rounds going down the hill the wheels literally ripped off
Fly eagles Fly
thats dope
Future Airmen
GOGO jurassic
I like the red longboard
Can u even do a Ollie on a longboard?
Guillermo Garcia
Do they still have them
Happy Animator
its only for collection.But looks cool
I only play yasuo
how to ollie\nhold the board
Icee tray
What’s the point of this
0:22 longboard kickflip ?\nGJ
Jo Bertheault
What's the longboard
Joseph Roldan
pretty cool
Hahahahah 46 secondes the slow mo killed me
Jullian Bacsal
I would get it for the trucks because I wanna try 32 mm trucks lol
Keno De Veta
Give me some longboards
Kevo 009
0:43 John Hill skated there once
King Kong12
hahahahaha fingerboarding is fun when you're bored but this is a joke
Latoyah Innerarity
How did you get the skateboard to move vevy fast 🤔🤔🌏🌎🌍
Liam Herschberger
Why tho. Still,cool
The downhill part killed me I'm dying of laughter
Matheus Clash
Matts fingerboards
Sicky sicky gnar gnar
Mikey Rawrr
Or you could just longboard in real life
Miles Barnes
I saw that thumb! CHEATER!!  0:40
Miles Fleming
My Dude
0:49 John hill skated that spot that’s cool
Nicole Cosare
ang daya hinahakan sa baba
Nolhywo od
We just want the trucks 😹
Ozz Mota
The only tricks that you did that are actually true are the slides,switch foot,dancing,hippie jump,curb jumps and verts. The rest you did are completely stupid to do with a longboard.
Paul Tabet
for people who dont know how to ride loangboards
Raenita Singleton
I was two when this came out it you'd be amazing if I could do that
Ray Garcia
Now what are they going to think of BMX bikes? Oh wait
ReKLess Matrix
0:43 TECH DECK sticker
Reece Morris
revive Tech Decks please please please
Robo Graal
Those of you saying tech deck is pointless, think of this, all toys are pointless, and don't try to argue with that, tech deck is a toy brand they make toy skateboards for people that like to play with toys.. It's not suppose to be the most useful think on earth, it's just entertainment when your are bored..
0:41 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
how does the guy bend down and run on the tech deck without moving his hand do much
RoyaL Skaterr
If you look closely you can tell that that's not 2 figures that's actually a mini dude
Sam Carrara
What wheels r those
Samuel Amsterdam
what's the point?
Send It
Kinda cool as a display item but otherwise pointless
Shadow Anims
They just look like penny board tech decks but with grip tape ( *THE BIGINING ONES DO* )
Shmall Blark
.... Really? \
Shu kurenai
I liked it
Sim laflamme
A bustin land yacht
Spike Boy
0:36 he fail pretty much
The six Of hearts
Please explain why you want a long board they are for cruising
TheGamer 935
Je kiff
TheGamingGhost _o
Tibor Fekete
i havent seen these in stores...
Toffe Kanjer
Wow... this is not even fingerboarding anymore
who the hell boardslides a longboard?
Whisky Puppy
the wheels dont look like techdeck wheels
That seems pretty hard to go down a hill with a fingerboard
Wat foc
Now this will protect some virginitys
axy WD
cool 😐😑
whats the poins of a tech deck longboard?
bestma katasp
Ο φιλε το πιο χαλια απολα που εχω δει!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
claudio bello abello
elom nusk
I'm dying of laughter right now !!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
ibrahim pere
What is the music?
id k
i had one before but it got stolen
pentatonix is life
I bought it for the trucks only :p
rosilene pires
sandra dewi tan
sean noonan
why doesnt tech deck just sell 32 mm trucks by themselves thats what we all buy these tech deck longboards for
imagine being this gay
I can't find them in any Walmart
toni Cartés Morales
what the point ?
yugioh monstershot
at 0:47 that is really awesome