Terror Squad - Lean Back ft. Fat Joe, Remy Ma

Music video by Terror Squad performing Lean Back. (C) 2004 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Hip Hop Records Records/Universal SRC Squad Terror

Back when dj khaled is not shouting \
Abi p
Scott storch the goat
Ai Ai
his whole crew look like dj envy
Aldo Raine
Shroud \u003c3
Alejo Londono
Why does Kevin Hart still looks exactly the same?
Alex K
*10+ years ago while listening to this*\nDamn, it sure is hard picking a set of rims for my Supra...
Alex Rivera
Who still blast this song in 2018?
Alex's Collection
Need For Speed as a whole series has a legendary playlist
Alison Franco
AmazingAutumn 12
Remy ma is awesome
no WAY is this nearly 15 years old
Antônio Carlos Borges Da Silva Sobrenome Silva
Som monstro
Remy Ma made this
Canal de Vocês
Need For Speed Underground 2 \u003c3
Daddy Yo
Miss that time 😁
Danny B.
The chick with Fat Joe in the scenes behind the wooden door is so hot that it's straight up ridiculous!
Dark Knight Craft [ MCPE Tutorial ]
Crack? Def Jam Fight for NY?
David Cresencio
We can still bring it back, pick it up where we left off, Bet..#24 #theoriginalone
Doubel R
Doyko Doykov
I love this!Still listening it!
Dynamic Dark
the young Kevin hart
Poor Nicki. I have to admit I came here after the Remy Ma diss.
Etta Dee
Remy Ma is so lit 🤩
Ezra Alldredge
Lmao this is such a New York song. Beat still goes hard af too
Green Lion
Back when girls were all natural. Now they look like aliens
I just realized that Khaleed or DJ Khaleed was actually there, so this is where he's came from. Now I understand why he act like that. And there's Kevin hart to, dayum.
Habib Habibo
In 2004, the world was a better place..
had no idea who kevin hart and dj khaled back then. lmao
Hans Dampf84
Yeah yeah yeah;)
Hold my beer
Almost 2019 and still the hardest beat ever made.
Laughing so hard at Lil Jon's constant WHATs though
Who's still leaning back in 2018? 🔥
J Si
Les Twins
Jennifer Leann
Still underrated🔥🔥
Josh Hill
Need for speed
Juiz RX7
Need for speed \u003c3
Kae Mendes Paim
2018 Brazil
0:37 Lol DJ Khaled
Kennst du nicht
Someone still watching 2018?
Kenzie Nobrega
who in the comments after Remy ma ended Nicki's whole existence
Kill Zone
I used to hate fat joe in def jam 2 he was the cheating character in the game instant pedigree 😂😂
0:15 %%%%\n%\n%%%%%%%\n%\n0:16%%%%
Kutay Ülger
I replayed 2:37 100 times. Lil John saying what for 3 times is killing me. Im addicted now.
Classica 2075 year
2:38 - Lil’ Jon’s reaction to Kevin Hart is my reaction when the bartender calls last call.
Le Pooper Man
I ain't lying.
Luke Skywalker
M7md Omer
Who is still listening in 2018?
Marco Mark Productions
I only realized now he actually gave a shout out to Khaled\nEDIT: Wtf Kevin Hart 2:16
Maurilio andrade
Michael Barrow
Milton Sanchezjr.
He is number one\nLove this song
Mohamed Maxamed
2018? Yoo this takees me backk XD
Mohammed Ali
November/December 2018?? I was 7 when this came out now I’m 21! Wow! Time does really fly fast!
Mr Persevere
What's the name of the girl at 1.24?
Mr. Cabo
That boy kevin hart came a long way then just some rando in a fat Joe vid
MrStealYour Mum
Bruh Kevin Hart? For real! Didn't know😂
Mustafa Büyükkılıç
2018 türkiye
Still leaning back to this day
Night Striker
Rappers today can't touch this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾
No1needs2know period
Purple Capricorn
So many people in this video! Terror Squad of course, Joe, Remy, Dj Khaled, Lil Jon, Kevin Hart Cool and Dre, Nore, DJ K Slay, Erica Mena...
R Valvi
DJ Khaled?? Did he produce it or wat??
Random Guy
How shroud really plays CSGO🔴🔵
Rare Calibre
Name of model on the car? 1:40 someone pls
Rebecca Hermes
Go get it Buddy lol
Remy Mafia
Before DJ Khaled and Kevin Hart were mainstream famous.
Rhuam barbosa Santos
2018. ?
Sammy B. Randall
You can tell , Fat Joe , big pun , biggie smalls , was close friends , they represented Newyork city to the fullest back then before biggie smalls got killed , S.I.P. Biggie smalls and Big Pun , Fromthe Bronx NY to Brooklyn NY . we represent All-the way .
Samp Drifting
10 Rappers that became popular because of a game.
Sumit Kohli
Notie 2:50 kevin hart act as bouncer
Sun The Video Bro
Anyone listening to this in 2018?
Sunduk Mrko
SuperstituM anyone?
Sylk Starks
Why Remy Ma so gotdamn sexy
Tiago Ferreira
Essa musica e loka demais 😎 ! Salve brazukas ✌
Two Players
Need for speed underground💜
When Fat Joe was actually fat.
Walking Motion
This shit never gets old. 🔥🔥
Yayy Areaa
That beat go super hard
VladTV brought me back lmaooo
basit dogar
School dys. Time flyin.
coder damn
Why DJ Khaled didn't say \
maxy will
Jennifer Lopez's performance of lean back with Fat Joe was FIRE!!
rafael vieira
rap da periferia ok mano
sad dark
song never gets old \u003e\u003e2018\u003e\u003e???
slogamer geek
rip need for speed underground
That beat tho🔥🔥
Ya'll just now noticing Kevin Hart and Erica Mena 10 years later hahaha smh
willian porfirio
2009 pra tras era so musica top, eramos felizes e nao sabiamos
Лайф Деар
Underground 2018 October ?))))
wait... is that kid Eddie Huang in the beginning?