Adele Wins Album Of The Year | Acceptance Speech | 59th GRAMMYs

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AJ Leary
When you realize how fucked the Grammy's are. This artist gave her award to someone else. She was so humble.❤️❤️❤️
Jay Z closing his eyes when Adele mentions Beyonce, like, \
Ace Spa
Beyoncé is just perfect but Adele is obviously higher up there
Addie Graham
The people who come into these comments to hate honestly have nothing better to do. This is a woman who won the award of a lifetime and then recognized that this other queen deserved it just as much as she did on national television, and ALSO recognized how hard it is to be a mother and do what she loves. There is nothing wrong with any of this.
Adesh Bhullar
Beyonce deserved the award, but honest props to adele for actually acknowledging that there was another artist more deserving, takes real courage to say someone did better than you
Agust Kookie
Some say Adele or some say Beyonce but deep down we all knew Justin Bieber deserved that.
Alain Bruno
Beyonce's reaction is priceless ❤ LOVE them both !!
You didn't show the part where she breaks it though
Annita Katee
This was the best speech in history!
Antonio Jjohnson
Beyonce got these girls dedicating their speeches to her. We know who the queen is lol
Ascot Wach
I now understand what it means when black women has to work twice as hard to get half as much
Ashley Montana
She only did it because she was afraid Kanye West would come on the stage and beat her up or something.
Ashley Stotesbery
25 is one of the biggest albums of all time.
Avi Flomin
ryan tedder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baek yhn
But 25 is better than Lemonade I think Adele is the Best singer in 21century.
Base Bentham
You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have - Rowan Pope 2014
Beyo God Child
This is why I love Adele. She completely deserved that Award, but still acknowledged Beyoncé. I love seeing a Queen supporting a Queen.
Black Girl Magic
Adele “Kanye interrupted me” herself and I love it 😭
Bop Star
Beyonce shaking her head like gurl don't do it, don't say it lol
Bre Love
This was such a beautiful moment, women uplifting one another and genuinely expressing love for each other's talents and wins. Sadly, that's not common among many women in the industry nowadays 😔
Bryant Roberts
People have no idea what Beyonce goes through for her albums. I think that is why she is respected by HER PEERS. So much because they see how she works and knows she is the best at what she does they know these things that's why you have artist like Adele who decided to speak up about it! Beyonce is a cultural phenomenon and has pushed so many boundaries and has broken so many records as a BLACK WOMEN. I'm a industry that is driven by WHITE MEN! She is still considered a force to be reckoned with 20 years later in the game so please do not discredit Beyonce! And for the life of me please stop saying Beyonce is overrated! There is nothing overrated about her she SINGS her face off and consistently delivers in every singe performance since she has been performing there is nothing easy about that.
Cade Del Rey
I stan a legend that stans a legend 😩❤
Cynthia Rodriguez
everyone knows Bey deserved this album the work she put into alone who ever doesnt agree is just racist
D. bigelow
What a talented woman. That voice is awesome
There's no picking sides here, both women deserved it. Lemonade was the album of a lifetime, while 25 served quality and single-handedly revived music sales that year. The most important thing is that two strong women are celebrating their success in the industry together and support eachother, which is needed desperately if you look at all the men behind Adele or Taylor in 2017. We need more of this female unity in an industry still dominated by men!
Dilan Khangebam
I would have done the same if I were adele
Ema Ema
oh my gosh, this woman is just so REAL. the way she so openly talks about losing herself in becoming a mother- that's such a taboo. Society always kinda tells women that when they have children, they shouldn't put themselves first anymore and they shouldn't have dreams and ambitions. I admire her so much for talking about it, even if very briefly.
Eric Gonzalez
Adele has a kid???? When did this happen lol 😂 I'm late.
Fluffy 99
I am waiting for a collab of These two...Beydele
Generation Dance
Jay Z at 1:50 was like \
Gotcha Bitch
1:50 jay’s face when Adele was talking about Lemonade 🤣🤣🤣
Adele is way better than Beyonce.\n\nBeyonce has like 200 ppl on her Album
i just want Taylor to compete for grammys in the same year as Adele'. That would be the best thing ever seeing Taylor loose out each award to her lol
Holy Gaga kinney
Beyonce fans dislike this , sweetie beyonce can't write her own music unlike adele.
Homer Thompson
None of them deserved a nomination. Bowie should've won.
HonkHonkHonoka {Hiatus}
Taylor(2016):I'm the first woman to win AOTY 2 years in a row! Suck it Taylor!\nAdele(2017):Beyoncé deserved to win *breaks Grammy*
It's Kells
Thank you Adele for saying what we all feel in our soul. The English have a way of acknowledging others the way Americans very rarely do.
JC Nguyen
i love both of them but beyonce deserved that award so much. one of the biggest grammy snubs ever.
JU 2024Lee
Adele kind hearted!❤️
Jamerican Queen
Jayz's expression tho😢 PRICELESS!
Jared Lowey
She's won more Grammys than Michael Jackson!
Jason Pennington
Interesting seeing all the men in the background congratulating themselves just before she's like \
Jay inri
i neever, eever care about this but.. god damn this was beyonces year, before this i never heard even half of one bey album but sat thru the whooole lemonade album, and felt EVERYTHING what she was expressing, never been a fan but, it was eclectic, passionate, popular, deep, versitile, musically artistic, had even messages about our time, trending for a good reason.. a damn good album that shouldve earned the right to be on that stage holding that trophy.. shame on u grammys
Jenna Williams
People keep saying this was a white guilt thing. I think this is beautiful. To me it's one woman that sees this other powerful, beautiful woman and has so much freaking respect because she's in that same place. They're both moms and amazing artists and I think that's why Adele connects with Beyoncé so much. Stop making every thing so freaking negative and accept the fact that some people are just genuinely good inside.
wow! i didn't know amy schumer could sing so good.
Kim J Porio Sanglay
love you Adele ♥
Kira M
I can see Adele and Kanye making an album together called \
Lava Cakes
Still to this day I disagree very strongly on this vote. Love Beyonce ❤.
Leonie Louis
does anyone notice that all the winners would already be backstage to accept their award? It's all staged
Lyndon Sakakeep
After this video i full in love with Adele
Manish Real
Guys just chill...Adele is just speaking her heart out...and She has done no other artists possibly could have done
Mark John Ejurcadas
Adele is such an amazing person not just an artist. 😍
Martin Muthama
to be female artist will ever top honest opinion
I love how Adele aknowledge Beyoncé for her album and how she believes that the award doesn't belong to her, it belongs to Beyoncé...Adele really loves Beyoncé
Michelle Gibson
Y'all chill out. Both Bey and Adele are queens
2:09 hey beautiful yellow-hair man.
And.... I'm crying. Again.\n ❤️💖
Omkar #4
This is power of music\nLove u both queen bey and adele
The most beautiful part of this is that Beyoncé looked genuinely happy for Adele when they announced
PauTuang Officials
Rhiro Yonve
Notice how they took all the \
Rihanna Stan
This is painful for Beyoncé. She worked very hard to put Lemonade together. She made a masterpiece but what she gets is Adele telling people that she should win it. Beyoncé deserved more. I know she don't focus on singles that much but still
Rosalie Tran
Everyone dedicates their award to Beyonce but does Beyonce dedicate her award to anyone but herself and her stolen ideas?
Ryan Woodard
Women uplifting other women ❤
Scoop Lo
People mad at Adele for making her own decision and acknowledging Beyonce People have too much entitlement to other peoples lives. She felt that way who are you to tell her she's wrong if she genuinely felt Beyonce had a better album.
Shahzaib Khan
Ryan Tedder is on every record
Shister Shnapped
Y’all talking about Beyonce and Adele(I love them btw) but we’re just gonna ignore the fact that we saw a camera shot of FREAKING 21 PILOTS?!!?!!!...........\n\n\n\n\nI’ll leave now
Shooketh Shane
Adele had a hole room to herself yasssss queen 👑
Swagger Lishes
Kanye, where you at?
Taryn Possible
It's not white guilt, Adele acknowledged the truth and can clearly see that and that was a moment woman to woman that doesn't happen often. Its not even about color.
To all of you rude individuals from the BeyHive attacking Adele and her this video and and stop talking. Why is Adele V Beyoncé even a thing? Both are queens, both are legends, both will stand the test of time...
Tristan Dean
Adele is truly a good person
Wevertton Vieira
final scene of \
Love Adele, not a fan of Beyonce, but I still do think Beyonce should have won. We need creative music not soulful, we can make soulful music again and again but a creative one is near impossible.
black puta
Lol she talked about beyoncé the whole time, who cares.
donttouchmeim steril
The academy realizes their mistake. Lemonade DESERVED this Grammy, even though 25 was in many ways monumental, Adele did launch one of the most successful comebacks in music history and the academy is highlighting her success, however lemonade was and always will be one of the most monumental albums in history. We applaud you Adele.
From what I heard about this, I was expecting something more cringey, but it was actually sweet. Just leave a nice moment alone, people.
jboy ox
The way she doesn't let pride get in the way of praising another artist and saying that someone else deserved to win is admirable.
joohyun my bae
Adele rocks. She’d literally ruin her own things for someone else love her wudda when’s she gonna break it
This was so heartwarming it's so amazing to see how these women respect each other.
she pulled a kanye on herself
marcus ford
i could see the disappointment in Beyonce's face she really thought she had it but its Adele she up against , did she think she would get it
naomi obi
Yes Adele, kiss that ass! 😂
praveen reddy
This is why we love Adele
shweta k
Adele ur the queen❤muahhh😘
siddharth nagar
it looks so great to see a woman leading this huge bunch of men 👍👍
So what if she wore a Shrek dress. She's Adele! She can do whatever she wants. Blame Givenchy for coming up with that horrible creation.
I cried... who else?
v sat
Her team looked almost identical to Taylor's last year
whatcha howsya
People are so bitter. The way you're fawning over Adele is just the same as Adele fawning over Beyonce. Beyonce adores Adele. Here are two beautiful and powerful female artists pouring love to one another, yet all people can do is fight. Though I personally love Lemonade and felt it was the stronger album, that doesn't denote the hard work Adele put into her's.
you tube
prince never won album of the year. Michael Jackson won it once. Grammy Awards don't determine your success tallent and impact on people's live. Although congratulations adele