The Huntsman: Winters War - Movie Review

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FACEBOOK: Chris Stuckmann P.O. Box 1028 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223Chris Stuckmann reviews The Huntsman: Winter's War, starring Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Nick Frost, Sam Claflin, Rob Brydon, Jessica Chastain. Directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.

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AJ Chronos
Adam P. Murray
Kirsten Stuwart: No, Im not gonna do this movie.\nThe world: HIP-HIP HERAY!
Adrian IDK
I know what rating you give the film just by looking at your face on the thumbnail
Ahmed Abdulhameed
Every fantastic character is played by...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nChris hamsworth
Airdon Games
Just call this real life version of Frozen
Andre Cristofi
Please review BIRDMIC
Andrew Kuder
If you heard the title \
Hey Chris, any chance you could review the movie \
I'm gay for Chris.
Blaze The Movie Fan
Well, my opinion that the movie is good is apparently an unpopular one, which is fine. As always you did bring up good points, and even though I don't agree I can see where you're coming from.
Blu-Ray Connoisseur
I was hoping this would be good, three of the hottest actresses working today. Such a waste.
Aside from a typically poor performance from Blunt this film suffered quite badly from appalling Scottish accents attempted by Chastaine and Hemsworth.
Will we get The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review soon? As a Hiloriacity perhaps? :)
Candy Chan
So Emily Blunt is the equivalent of Zod from Man of Steel in this film.... Oh man....
Catey Phiel
I liked Snow White and the Huntsman a lot but I walked out of this one. It was so borrrrring. And I'm surprised you didn't mention Jessica Chastain's horrendous Scottish accent.
Christopher Aaron
I only commented to suggest you watch Green Room Chris. I saw a pre-screening here in the UK and I thought it was excellent. Especially if anyone has seen his previous film Blue Ruin, this is a must.
Cinematic Galaxy
The only Snow White movie anyone needs to see is the one sitting behind you.
Connor C
I love Snow White based fairy tales but I think that's why I didn't like winters war, rather than build on Snow White in anyway it just ditched her, assembled a trio of amazing actresses in meh roles, copied Brave and Frozen then remixed it with game of thrones and the hunger games (a Scottish redhead who never misses her target, tragic sisters one of whom has ice powers, the whole aesthetic of GOT and children used purely for battle). And while individually all of those ideas are brilliant successes ripping the bare bones of them and Frankensteining them together just fails, even if Theron and Blunt's combined visuals are a fairy tale onto themselves.\n I think if it were just an origin story of the huntsman, the two sisters and you're left knowing the evil queen went on to be defeated by Snow White and Hemsworth lost Hersworth that would have been cool. I think a story about the mirror itself being poison to Snow White's mind and corrupting her to become some kind of White Queen, possessed by Ravenna in the mirror, who freezes over the kingdom until the Huntsman saves her would have been awesome. Literally just having Emily Blunt ride a polar bear in armour would have been cooler than the weird mismatched result they turned out. And that also comes from someone who kind of enjoys looking at the first movie because I would have liked a coherent series here and I think this movie freezes all chances of that even if that Halsey song goes AWF!
Cristian Villavicencio
So, this is not a good movie. No surprise here, really.\n\n Let's be honest here. The only reason this movie was made is because Frozen was so successful.
D gtz
The comments about Zod's neck and the world's greatest detective lol.
Props to Kristen Stewart for having more integrity than Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain.
Daniel Kazmer
C. Hemsworth movies are generally boring. There's just nothing interesting about him. Blunt was great in Sicario
Can't wait for Snow White: Origins.
Drake Santiago
You could have stopped after you said that this is the directorial debut of the visual effects supervisor of the last film, and you would have told me all that I need to know. Whenever someone, who was previously a cinematographer or visual effects supervisor ,makes their first outing as a director, you can almost guarantee that the film will be style over substance - case in point, look at Wally Pfister's (Christopher Nolan's cinematographer) directorial debut in Transcendence.
Dylan Dumais
Kristen Stewart shall not be missed.
Easa Misleh
Edgar Tuaty
RIP comment section of Chris's videos before all the BvS rewrite scene.
Farha Hussain
can you please please watch the game of thrones series!
George Lucas
Chris come around here to skywalker ranch I need your help in writing \nthe script for Star Wars episode VII. After that hack J.J Abrams forgot \nto include Jar Jar in The Force Awakens. He was the key to all this!
Guy Awesome
Hi Chris. Review 'Room'. Love, James
Seriously Chris where did you get your punisher t-shirt?
I went outside today and was disappointed to see the rain assaulting the ground, hate when that happens.
Hell No
Attempts to have a nice day. \n\nGoes outside.\n\nUltimate thunderstorm.
It didn't take the world's greatest detective to figure out this movie was gonna suck.
James Vasquez
Notification squaaaaaaad!!!!
Jarod Stark
When is the Amazing Spiderman 2 review coming?
Joe England
Dude. Nice shirt.
Joel D
Why is it that prequels to sequels based on films derived from prequels seem to fail?
If I had enough money is produce a movie and get Chris to Direct it just to see how he would do and what he would do with it
Julian Webb
You thought you could fool the worlds greatest detective??
Justin Hoskins
Kevin H. Pilgrim
Will you say that to Zod's snapped neck? \nSorry, Chris...had to say it.
King King
When is your hilariocity review coming out?I've been waiting for 3 weeks
Hey Stuckmann, what are you looking at in the thumbnail?
Kyle Patton Productions
Dear Chris, my name is Kyle and I'm an aspiring film maker. Lots of my inspiration comes from you and your videos. I recently made a short film for a film contest. The judges at the fest gave feedback but no a ton of it. I was wondering if somehow you could watch the film and tell me what you think. (Please everyone else like this so that he'll see it)
Leonard Rockstein
I just wanted my turn telling Zods snapped neck about stuff\n\nI didnt watch the review I just wanted my turn\n\nCarry on
Lew Archer 1949
Actually, the absence of Li'l Miss Twitch 'n' Mumbles in this is probably the biggest selling point to me.
Matthew Leach
Kristen Stewart wasn't in the sequel because she didn't want to come back, the studio didn't want her back
Maxime Brunet-Duval
There is going to be so much comment about a certain villains neck in this section
As if Kristen Stewart chose not to come back, lmao
It's a beautiful day outside.\nCritics are ranting, films are releasing.\nOn days like these, movies like you...\n\n\ns h o u l d b e r e v i e w e d i n h e l l
Mitchell Bulfin
Notification Squad
I honestly didn't mind the movie. I could've done without the dwarves, the out-of-place narration, and the gorilla-like goblins. But overall I found it entertaining. Plus I think the fact that critics shat alllll over this movie lowered my expectations to the point that I expected it to be completely awful. But I walked out satisfied. And I thought Emily Blunt managed to make some decent lemonade with the overdue lemons she was given. just my opinion. 6.5/10
MovieJunkie ForLife
Trying to be a fun fantasy film . They should've modeled it after Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. A movie I felt was a lot of fun, with likable actors. It's no LOTR but it's an adventurous movie that I re-watched and still find enjoyable.
Haha my niece said it looks like a cheap version of frozen ha.
N Slater
Hey Chris, you seem to be used to the braces. That's good!
Nate King
Trying to make it seem like Kristen Stewart had a choice. Didn't she bang the director last time?
No hilariocity? That's low man :(
Rajdeep Maan
That awkward moment when your pair of glasses can't fool the world's greatest detective
Ralph Linardic
I'm just here to snap Zod's neck
hello chris I love your videos and charisma!!!! Plz keep it up!!! You are one of the best critics out there!!!
Zods snapped neck sent me here
lol I forgot about this movie
Ruby Night
Tell that to......Zod's.........snapped....................collum
Snow White And The Huntsman:C+\nThe Huntsman Winter's War:C-
Sean Binkley
If Disney does a LA remake of Snow White, they should just fill all the roles with actors from Game of Thrones. I want to see Dinklage play all seven dwarfs.
Shashwat Rathour
Chris, please do a rewrite for this script?
Speedy Gunz
Isn't this movie a prequel... supposedly? Why were there flashbacks of Snow White? How would The Huntsman's character progress from the previous film? Kind of paradoxical. I'm listening to your review and I'm thinking wait a minute maybe I got this movie all wrong. I thought it was before Snow White and The Huntsman. I need to read IMDB before I comment on a movie.
The KillaKlown
Bro this video is 6 seconds too long.
The Time Wanderer
Just to clear up a fact. Kristen Stewart did not refuse to do this movie. She was fired from it due to her affair with the director of the first.
There was a movie called Snow White and the Huntsman?
Thomas Wiseau
You didn't think a body double would fool the world's greatest detective did you?
Thurgor Supreme
3 of my favorite actresses attempting to ruin their career in the same movie. What the heck is going on?
Am I the only one who thought Emily Blunt did kinda fine in this movie? I have seen worse acting from other established actors or actresses (Uma Thurman in Batman and Robin, for instance). That said, I agree with all the points in this review.
Tom Visser
I don't know why and it probably doesn't make sense to a lot of people, but I think Kristen Stewart is the most beautiful woman on this planet.
Unfound Films
I swear Chris Hemsworth in this movie answer EVERYTHING with \
Vincent Knight
Chris I know you hear this all the time, but each one of your videos just makes my day.
Where is the hilariosity review, we've been waiting for 3 weeks
Wise Albatross
I wonder if they think this movie has a Fan base
YoureallythinkImgonna TellyoumyName?
This is by far your lousiest review, I can't believe you don't appreciate a great film when there is one. The performances of the three ladies are incredible, it's visually stunning and Freya is a incredibly well built character. That being said, Ravenna has become a one- dimensional villain and there's no symphaty left for her in me. Sara the huntress is by far my favourite character and I felt really sorry for Freya in the end. But then again, you consider Star Wars great movies, what did I expect? ¬¬
adi pramana
Tell that to Zod's snapped neck
So, Kristen Stewart was in the better one? Let that sink in.
I just watched the movie and liked it more than I thought I would
daniel henderson
Hey Chris, when are u gonna review Captain America: Civil War? A lot of other youtubers have seen it already..
That's a lot of C- reviews. What kind of movie warrants a D or worse?
You didn't think that braces would fool the world's greatest detective?
Tell that to.... ah forget it.
hannah hable
This movie was just bad...... Really unnecessary it is sad.
iluvsnickers 155
You should do a hilariousity review of Cool Cat Saves The Kids.
Do a retro rewind of the princess bride!
I was literally about to go watch this movie today out of sheer boredom, but now I'm just gonna have a nice day instead.
sean hughes
Nice review brace face lol
Now that you mentioned the braces, I can't stop looking at them.
Ah, sequel-itis! \
The thing I like about Chris' reviews is how they're not vitriolic or sensationalist, he points out the good and the bad, and gives props where props are due. It feels like Chris is a voice of reason amongst a sea of rabid, \