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My weight loss experience including before and after pics. I also give you guys some tips and tricks for losing weight. I hope this helps someone out there. Thank you everyone for all the support. Like comment and DON’T forget to subscribe!DISCLAIMER: I am not a Doctor or a health specialist, this is just what worked for me :)

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Abigail Then
Your personality 💯 new and subscribed immediately
tip number 3 and i just picked up some water,lol
Amanda Garfield-Lott
So authentic. Great job, girl. Just subscribed.
Amor Danni
I’m not Hispanic but my grandma 👵🏾 still feeds me good
Ana A
Loooovvvee this video!!! You’re so gorgeous 💖
Ana Garcia
jaja yes thats how our grandma's are!
Angelia Jones
I relate to your experience so much. At my heaviest I was 192 pounds. I refused to reach 200 and none of my clothes would fit. I'm also only 2 inches taller than you so weight just doesn't suite me due to my height. I'm currently down 11 pounds and still have a lot more to go. Thanks for sharing your story.
Anjelica Bonilla
Congratulations beautiful!!!
I love videos like this, your so relatable... I'm realizing that I'm not patient and that's my problem.
Arturo Chacon
congratulations on your weight loss keep the good job you look great. I myself am Latino(Mexican) and I understand about the grand parents or mother always cooks good and overfeeds you or to much fast food for me. I went from 290 pounds to 225 pounds it took me about 5 years or so. But I gained weight again I went to 278 pounds but now weigh 271 now goal is to 230 to 240 pounds. I am about 5'10 large frame.
Zayum 🔥
Brenda Cortes
When you try to make tu dieta tu mom cosina lo más rico y pierdes tu dieta🤣😅😅😅
Briana Nicole
so pretty! and yesss!!! GOALS
Brittany B
So glad I stumbled upon this video. I am 5'10 and now weigh a whopping 245!! I hate it so much and I am so so depressed and negative all the time. I've got two boys: ages 6 years and 9 months. After having two babies I just very quickly gained that pregnancy/mom weight and it's like a foreign body to me. I was always in sports, a dancer, etc. and I had zero fat on my body. After my recent pregnancy, my lower stomach \
Like this girl \nGood vibes
Chelly Ryan
My Abuelita is the same, she will feed ANYONE. And I was always la gordita too
China Cruz
Subbed love it 💕💕
Chris Solis
Lol 😂 new sub here
Corine Smith
Lmao you’re funny! Loved the video and I hope you keep uploading ❤️ I’m on my own journey as well and this is inspiring 😁
Cyane Joseph
Aye rhody gang 🤙🏾
Danielle Hutson
Sameeee omg. I remember I went home from college not even realizing that I gained so much weight and everyone kept commenting on it. So i decided to weigh myself and to my surprise when I was fully 203 pounds. I've lost about 40 so far but i've been getting lazy lately and this is JUST what I needed to hear. Thanks so much.
Denisse Ramos
Subbed to you for sure 🙌🏽☺️
Desha B
I didn't go to prom because of my size. I was so embarrassed to even wear a dress because of my shape and big meaty arms. Since then I've lost about 30 pounds and still have a loooong way to go, but I have a bit more confidence now and regret not going to prom.
Diandra Beer
Needed to hear this!!! ❤️
Erica Northington
Her mini rant was so true but so funny at the same time 🤣💯👍💜
Falicity Amber
You're beautiful
Frank Strange
Your 👁 doughhhhhhh
Gold Blooded
Scared the shiiiiiit outta me lmaoooooo!
Heather Kruppa
Ahahaha! You are hilarious! I'm 5'2 sitting at around 180lb so I see what you mean when you said that the fat has nowhere to go but out lol. You should do more videos like this or maybe a \
Hillary lalys
I got a gma like that lmaoo!!!
Iran Rosas
Love this video ❤️
It's Melissa
Lmao Hispanic families stare at you like you're disrespecting them if you tell them you're on a diet and then still proceed to make you a plate of food 😂😓 it's a struggle lmao.
Jaileen Aza
Lmao \
Jalissa Molina
Yes Hispanic grandparents make u fat \n😭😭
Jazmine Hernandez
Omg..I'm a foodie too...100% Mexican✌
Jazmine Kariss
Lmao I can definetly relate to having the nickname gordita from my grandma 😂
Just Jailyn
Had to subscribe to get you to that 1,000 ❤️
Kayani Bailey
My phone is gunna die and I wanna finish watching this video😭
Kiaa The Diva
I am like totally at that point. I have looked at the scale but like laziness plays a huge part in me not working towards my goal weight. I want to make a change because I am closer to 250 that I would've ever imagined. This is scary and the biggest that I have ever been in my life..... The only thing is I don't know where to start.
I failed gym too! 😂 your not the only one. Years later my family still talks about it . I refuse to do anything I don’t want to do
Kimberly Matherly
U make me feel like u are so down to earth and not afraid to show your lowest points like most people are they want to show you a cropped picture of their so called lowest point when they were there supposedly biggest but it's been Photoshopped like crazy to remove all their stretch marks or their cellulite and then they want to show a supposedly recent picture that makes them look like they have a six pack of abs and they again Photoshopped the crap out of it to take away any of the cellulite or stretch marks they may have or loose skin to make it look like an unbelievable transformation at is absolutely unobtainable & absolutely unachievable and I'm so glad that you're so brutally honest about urself and keep it 💯 bc that makes ur channel easy to watch & makes you very likeable & easily relatable off jump street!!
King Kylie
My grandpa was Hispanic but my grandma wasn’t but she picked up the Hispanic trait and would always make good Spanish/Mexican food.
King V
Bish fine
Kristina D'Onofrio
I'm from NY and go to school in prov, good video!
Lethh Lethh
Girl yessss I just subbed!! You should do an at home workout vid! I just got a gym membership but I’m so intimidated about working out in front of others so I’ve only gone like twice.
Leticia Lua
Please lower the music next time I could barely watch it lol
Hahaha I’m Portuguese it’s the sameee thing my avo just feeds me no matter what 😂. Even my mother... Ill be almost done eating and my mom just fills my plate lol.... I failed gym too lollll
Mackenzie OA Mauro
When i was 12 i was 130
MadeUp Maddy
It actually really encouraged me to see your stretch marks 😭🙌🏼 I’m 20 pounds from my goal weight and my stretch marks are definitely getting lighter than before they were like purple 😂 but I still feel like they’re never going to fully fade like that bc I’ve had them for as long as I can remember
Magda Civil
Good job beautiful. Motivational talk
Manji Dandam
sis, you didnt even need to go too far, a 190lbs 5,9 person can look way different and even healthier than a 190lb 5'3\
Marcie Y
Upstate ny👐 lol except where I'm at there is alot of fast food around me lol I'm trying my hardest to loose 51 pounds(from where im at now)And ur no joke lol 1 hour on treadmill is hell lol but I've been getting on it too. 30 to 50mins a day 😊 I'm hoping to start seeing some weight coming off thanks for this video it makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing(not seeing resultts for me is hard but I know it takes time) dec 2016 to june 2017 I lost 27 pounds gained some back and now I'm starting again...I'm down 19 pounds total now need to get back to my 27 pound loss mark lol but I have to loose like 51 pounds from where I am now from my actual start weight it will be 70 pounds if and when I reach my goal🙈
Maria Weinstein
Thank you for the motivation!!!
MommyONthe GO
New to your channel
Nat Jimenez
I used to fail gym!
Natalie Ulloaa
Thanks girl for the tips !!!
Nia Grey
This Actually really motivates me, love your energy, personality, just basically everything, new subscriber ❤️❤️
Nisha Nisha
I failed gym too lmaoo
Obi O
Awww subbed, love your energy. Great tips
P LuvsLife
Im from Providence RI too, but now in Texas
Paddy O Paddy
Chicharrón is my weakness 🤤 \nYou look phenomenal 💚 all that hard work was totally worth it!
Paola C
I eat healthy everyday. I eat like once or twice a day. I only drink water, but I'm actually gaining more and more weight. It's frustrating
Rivera La Maty
Loved watching your video!
Rosa Maria
I'm so glad I came across this video! You're story is very similar to mine so I can relate! My highest weight was 195 and I remember stepping on the scale and taking a picture of my weight and thinking the same thing \
Rosa Neely
At age 12 I weighed 150lbs now I’m 17 and weigh 205lbs. Trying to start a healthy life styles and start exercising. I wanna feel comfortable and confident in my body when I turn 18( in 5 months) and for my graduation. Thank you for making this videos, which was helpful.
Rosalinda Martinez
Heck yea true 😂
Rosanna Michelle
Roxy Rose
woot woot. u go girl.
Sachie Springwater
Lmfaooo I remember gym class with you 🙊🙊🙊😱😂😂 we used to get in trouble all the time with Mr. Green.
Girlll you bad as hell 😍fine asf! You gon make it big on YouTube! I subbed !
Sayra Torres
Ayye! You got a new subbie! I love your vibe! 💁🏻\u200d♀️
Shelly Reasat
Thank you
Somethin Else
You are so gorgeous and i want to tell you that watching this was very inspiring. I subbed! 💖
Sung Mook
Jessica Alba's twin!
Swaggy Vibes
First and foremost I want to congratulate you on your weight loss journey you go girl! :-)))))) I definitely could relate and am going through a bit of a struggle right now trying to motivate myself but I'm trying day by day. But I just want to point out something that I really related too, which was how some people could say negative things when they see you not doing enough or think that they could do it better or faster or whatnot. I am doing this for myself and myself only F the haters!!! So with that being said, thank you for this mini inspiration (video) because it motivates me even more and thank you for inspiring to making a difference in other peoples lives \u003c3
You are amazing lol In funny love this video
Tavares Family
Love this video thank you
Taylor Brown
Commitment!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tenille Tollison
You are beautiful!!! :) I couldn’t help tho but laugh when u said eating light dinners like grilled chicken, which is good, but then mashed potatoes lol 😂 i wish they were good!!! Could you please do a video of healthy snacks to get
Thats Chaii
It’s 6:20am here in NYC and I’m up watching this inspirational video. I’m glad I found your channel. You have such a dope personality ! ♥️
The Sexeguru
Gracias chica!! You did it !!!!
V. Kelly
Gorgeous! I had to watch this video 😁 glad I did.
Valeria Cuevas
Lmfao I needed THAT last part. I do need commitment! On my 3rd week!
Zangie Does
Girl subbed just because ur mad cute!!!!! ❣️
adelemercedez tv
Omg that was me growing up literally. I went through every single thing you talked about. I was in plus sizes in elementary and I was so insecure it was awful. When I turned 16 & had my own money I started my healthy life journey!! It's been up and down with having that type of culture with my family too where food rules EVERYTHING!!!
Loved this! I gained literally so much weight from drinking alcohol 5-6 times a week. I’m 20 and weigh 230 & am 5’7. It got so ridiculous all I did was drink and eat bad foods and gained sooo much weight. I went from a size 8/9 to a 14/15! Disgusting but I stopped drinking and have been working out, drink acv & green tea! Feeling much better & I know the results will be great. Just have to stay motivated and you’ll have what you wish for.
fff fff
girl no hate but theres no need for the music honestly, you just talking would suffice without the annoying music in the background its kinda distracting
GLOW up!👏👏👏👏 my turn!
Love this video! You are SO right about the relationship weight 😩 I've gained about 20 pounds since I started dating my boyfriend almost a year ago but your video is very real and motivating💪
haze Guff
You are so beautiful!!
koudie luv
You’re amazingggg !! Loving it ❤️
Laughing so hard right now!! I am black but yes \
nepe NEPE
Yes! That is the first thing grandma says you hungry? Have you ate? 😂 I remember the same age twelve and I couldn’t fit what my friends could fit at stores like Marianne’s and such. I think all the friends were like in sizes 3, 5,7 and I couldn’t fit those sizes I was like 38-28-38 it wasn’t bad but at age 9-13 that ain’t fun. You had me rollin’ 😂 people do be like “oh a mile, I do five miles”, yes congrats 👏🏾 people kill me. Movement is movement. Stop hatin’. I’m doing a #gloupchallenge right now just hit the restart button. Green smoothie challenge this month weekly goals. Just subbed. Great video. Thanks.
I'm black and Mexican/Puerto Rican and it seems like Mexican and black cultures honey WE EAT lol
LOVED THIS MOTIVATION TALK!!! Can you go more into detail about how you maintain your weight now? Can you tell us your workout routine?