궁 - Princess Hours, 24회, EP24, #08

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Click "CC" for subtitles공식홈페이지 Princess Hours(궁) 24회 EP24 2006/03/30 MBC TV Republic of Korea 신과 채경의 가슴아픈 이별

24회 Drama Ju Ji-goon Kim Jeong-hoon MBC Princess Hours Song Ji-hyo Yoon Eun-hye 김정훈 드라마 송지효 윤은혜 주지훈

Aiza Belarmino Grengia
They should've their last nyt at the same room just having fun b4 princess leave d country..
All Things Molly
After 10 years, still crying like a baby on this scene. Peste oi hahah
Angel Rabago
Sad sad I am crying here. I hope they will do the sequel:)) Please DO MBC
Angela De Guzman
Who's watching 2018?!!😭😭😭\n\n#Philippines
Anna Liu
2018 still watching..❤❤❤
Anne 2017
ohhh yoon yhe,dnt cry pleass my hearth isbreaking if you cry,ur the only one my fav,korean actress,😍😍😍
Aprilia Pepi
This is 2018 and i still watching and love this drama
오랜만에 보니까 재미있다,,, 2018,,,9,,,2,, 1년후 다시 보러 와야겠네
Benigate tv [슈퍼울트라짱v]
암세포 생성된것 눈믈흘리면서 제거 중.....신군 멋짐😍 율군 안녕~~
Biankie Barba
This heart of mine is breaking :(
Bly Kid
9:40 i was crying : (
Cathe Paguntalan
most memorable touching scene wen shingun is already leaving then chae kyeong run n' calling his name wen finally it stoped shin weny out of the car for her n' ck run towaeds him n' they hug tightly..It never failed to make me cry after all these years... ;((
Cleide Montheyro
Vou terminar de asisti sem entende esta em outra língua
David Jabez
SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Desserie Jeon
May 25, 2018 i never forget this tearful goodbye scene.....
Glenn Olivia
Grace Kim
마지막에 윤은혜울명서뛰어가는장면 갠적으로 되게좋아하는데..연기도찰지고..무엇보다 저 뛸때 구두소리가 넘ㅋㅋ잘어울림 울면서 소리치는소리랑
Grace Roberto
I'm crying right now...this ks soooo sad
Rewatching in 2018.love it so much
Itzel Gutiérrez
hoja la pudiera ber en esne español
heartbreaking \u003c/3 T.T
Janice Yun
Such a lengendary drama.... i m still watching this in 2018
Just Somebody
aaaaaaaaaaaah, shin's cry is really heart breaking. :'( *IM REALLY CRYING HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU*
12년후에 봐도 영상미나색감 .. 지금 드라마랑 비교해도 전혀 촌스럽지 않음 좀 빛바랜 추억이 담긴 사진 같은 느낌 ? 그래서 더 아련한 드라마같당 ㅠㅠ나왜케 눈물이나지
Kazumi Ren Santos
2018 but still 😭
Layca Santos
Its 2017 and Im still watching this.Actually i lost count already but still gives the same feeling when I first watched it..Its my all time fave
Lenie Reyes
2018 still watching this
Lioba Javier
Love the hug❤️Jihoon is so hot😍😘
Loudette Concepcion
Ohhhh huhuhu it makes me cry my favorite scene.....
😪😭😭This is heartbreaking...I feel the pain
Mama Melceysa
still watching this epsd on youtube loves princess hour to much
Maria Debalocus
Yool saranghae
Mariecris Aranjuez
2018 iam still watching ..missing the two coupes I hope for there re uniting drama again...please please
Minho ONEW Taemin Key oppaᅡᅣᅳ ᅥᅢᅮᄒ ᅩᅭᅧᅮᄒ
I am crying for you Chur Kyung T_T
Mylen Dawang
really addicting korean novela ever..
Nikky Pfc
miss you
Nnaa Cc
인형이랑 똑같은 자세로 앉은거 귀엽다ㅋㅋㅋ오슷 진짜 쩌네 상황에 딱 맞는거 보소
Nurul Azizah
this hug is so epic, so legendary ! I still can't forget about it after so many years and it still manages to make me tear up. it's so beautiful. amazing chemistry like a real couple ♥♥♥♥ my first kdrama. i think i'll rewatch this again :)
Puji Lestari
I still love this sceene so much miss this couple so much....
Remalyn Mayo Balacano
It will make me cry also
Ruth corazon Xavier
Even though I have watched this episode for so many times, I cannot help still feel emotional and cried, I could feel the intensity of their love for each other now that they will be separated. Chaekyung cried and run as if they won't see other and Shin stopped the car to embraced her crying wife.
Shuichi Minamino
10 years have passed. I still don't know where the Crown Prince is going lol can someone enlighten me please?
Sofi Chul
This is my favorite scene :'(
Suliata Feiloivao
Oh gosh everytime I watched this part I cried, their farewell heartbreaking, love you both Shin and Chats, it's a pleasure meeting you on this lovely film, may God bless you both, also thanks for the English subtitle,
Therese Gelig
I'd watched this scene more than my fingers and toes yet I still cry all over again... T-T
This is Anne
2018 and still watching ❤️
Utami P
2017 and i still watching this one. their farewell still hurt me into pieces ㅠㅠ
Vannia M
Es realmente es bueno, ver denuevo este dorama 23-09-18 💕
Xena Pereyra
Since when I was in Grade school this scene made me cry so much to the point that this is the most scene I've never forget in my entire life. 10yrs ago this K-drama Princess Hours/Goong is my one and only favorite drama of all time even I've watched this so many many times I will never get tired to watched it again. And this Princess Hours is airing again in PH tv for 8x times now. Yoon Eun Hye is my only one favorite Korean Actress
Yangski Casampol
2018 still watching.
Yenyen Roxas
I hate this scene. It tears my heart into pieces.
Yeonjoo Yu
ost 진짜... 마음이 찌르르해져... ㅜㅜ
Yerina Gustina
2018 n' ... still crying...😿
I literally cry everytime I watch that scene when shin was leaving and chae kyeong run towards him. T_T
annida ulya
Still hope for them to reunite.. please..
저때는 폭스바겐이 고급차네 ㅋㅋ
still watch this drama in 2018. YoonEunHye is my favourite korean actress. Her acting is so natural and superb.
cylia ish
fudge tthis girl can make you cry in a sec
devi nindy
crying in 2018
dream Day
물론 연기력면에서는 아쉬울수있는 연기지만, 누가 뭐래도 이신 신채경에 찰떡이었다고 생각함ㅠㅠ 띵작
drey laine
why the HELL is yool still following her!! damn! insect!
glyzelmay bucol
My heart is crying!!!!
2018년12월 ✋
jazzy jaim
i really really CRY! THIS PART T_T this is my favorite :) it make me CRYYYY!!! T_T
Heartbreaking TT___TT
its 2016 and I'm still watching... when char kyung run toward shin. it's really break my heart. I can't help myself from cryingg T_T
pege zoes
I love korean movies n I love this part 😙😙\nMakes me cry
prences elna Frias
its already 2017, still watching it over and over again.
sin lee
형수를 ㅋㅋ 아무리 드라마라도 애들보는데 ㅋㅋ 퍠륜아 스키 ㅋㅋㅋ
sunjong Yoo
윤은혜는 몇회전부턴 매씬마다 우네ㅜㅜ
super jesss
I was only 12 i guess when Goong was aired in the Philippines. This drama reminds me so much of my childhood because i once addicted to this way back. I've been watched almost the kdramas and i thought there will be a better drama than Goong. But i realized no one can really replace Goong in my heart until now and i think forever. Just hoping and praying that Goong will have season 2 or another project for Eun Hye unnie and Jihoon oppa. Their chemistry is so strong. Just date for real tho (Crossed finger) 😊
ude Cla
캬캬캬캬캬캬컄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ백허그 하고 있을 때 나만 웃기냐
Still make me cry :\
순수한 신군이 현재는 마약을 했다죠...
zq w
I had watched this drama many times. But every time watchingthe scene that Shin walking out from Pallace, I will burst into tears. The songs Parrot really matches to the plot. It was very sad.
สาวิตรี วันทอง
2018년 있으세요~???
어릴때도 느꼈는데 윤은혜 저 초반 우는 장면 ...ㅋㅋㅋ피곤한데 우는장면은 찍어야겠고..복합적인 장면 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ생각남
와...근데 배우들끼리 같은 작품 찍다가 사랑하는 거 이해해야겠다... 제3자도 아련한데 본인들은 아무리 일이지만 감정 실어서 하는데 오죽할까
앵무새 갓띵곡ㅠㅡㅠ 어쩜 배경음악을 이리 잘 뽑으셨는지 18년도인데 아직도 들어요
신과함께2 인과연 이후로 주지훈에빠져서 보시는분??
First watched this in elementary. I can’t believe I’m still watching this now even in med school. One of the best.
율이가 입은 옷은 뭔가 어울리지 않은 옷을 억지로 입힌 듯 답답해 보였으며(feat.코디가 안티?!) 채경이가 뛰어가는 뒷 모습만 아련하게 바라보고 있는 장면이 더 좋았을 듯 싶은데 굳이 왜? 채경이를 따라 간건지.. 그리고, 채경인 감정.표정 연기 다 좋았는데 신이한테 안 길때 자연스럽게 안기면 될 텐데 달려가 안기면서 다리는 왜? 들었던 건지..또, 신이 헤어스타일은 너무 신경 안 쓴 느낌이(feat.일부러 신경 안 쓴 듯한 헤어스타일을 했을 가능성이 크지만)..\n결정적으로 신이의 표정 연기가..좀 아쉬웠다.
블루스타 Blue Star
삐 삐
신채경 안기면서 콧물 닦음 .. 손 사이로 콧물이 보임 ㅇㅅㅇ
진짜  주지훈 코만 보고 여기까지 달려왔다,,
이 이
내가 여기까지 올 수 있었던 건 주지훈 때문이다\n로코 한 번만 ....찍어조.....
이게 이래서 내 인생드라마 인겨... 마지막장면ㅠㅠ애틋하다
안을때 상대방 힘들게 발은 왜 드는거야..
채경이랑 율이 목소리만 다른 성우로 더빙해서 다시 나왔음 좋겠어요
내가젤최근같네여 ~~ 가즈아!! \n2018.08.29
주지훈 지금이 더 잘생긴듯 지금 30대 중반인가 그런데도
해일 라윤
it's memorable scene for me I can replay and replay this scene and never getting bored