People Failing Compilation

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Can we reach 500 likes?Fail compilation. :D

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-_*EM1LY*_- BS
1:52 omg
Angel Pup
footage too grainy, hurts my eyes.
Batista FURY
Plush by Stone Temple Pilots at the beginning....ahh the GTA san andreas memories
lmao at 3:43 XD
BlackChristMatters Israel
3:41 NOT FUNNY...but really funny
1:24 haha 😅😅😅😅
Breandan Byrne
CLICKBAIT BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carmelo Martinez
Like if agree
Chilled Haze
1:40 Fanatic xD
Creative Username
1:50-2:07 I laughed so hard i had to get out of the room 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
the angry guy was the best i've ever seen. wow SO FUNNY. gaming rage!!!
David Lape
3.28 lmao in tears
Debecca Coke
Lmao om dead
Diallo Morris
good vid😂😂😂
Dianna Province
The thumbnail really needs change. The woman in the scooter has a severe medical issue and was getting soda for her husband. She fell and because of her medical condition was not able to get back up. And the cowards who took the the pic just took it and ran. The medical condition (Spondilitis, I think that's how it's spelled) causes intense and debilitating pain among other issues. So all of you complaining that you're not seeing \
Ed Jones
El Diablo
3:17 👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣
Eliza Ash
Gamer rage is so damn sad.
Felan HTF
0:20 LMFAO😂😂😭
Gamer God212
Gavin Martin
The vid was bad until I saw 323 then the video was good from then on. Lmao lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂 350 funniest thing I've saw in a while
Just copies of videos all seen before. Not clever moron uploader.
Hannah Oñatè
I was expecting the guy at 0:35 to fall out of his chair.. or all of them at the computer or gadgets
Hoping For The Day
Biggest pet peeve is when people get enraged over a stupid video game. Their yelling, shouting expletives, and then they break something, then they're like \
I'm curious why so many people get so worked up while playing video games these days?They don't even seem to enjoy themselves,and take it way too seriously!Why bother if all you seem to do the majority of time is yell,scream and get angry?
Ivanna Ibarra
It was super funny when the dad hit the little girl while playing I saw it like one million times jajajajaja
I’m Gay
You Kodály
Jabari Rollins
oops who put that tree there wow!
Jack Aubrey
I hope and pray this moron ( 0:35-:43) STAYS in mommas basement and never finds a girl STUPID enough to mate with him. I don't think even prozac, xanax, or theorize would help this thing.
2:49 that's sad.
Jacob Flores
people who spend their lives gaming are total tools
Jay TM
Plush? #stp
Jj Ross
Video blows
Joshua Anderson
Packard Bell
Joshua Becton
I'm sorry but at 1:58 you're invading my personal space, even if you're my friend, if you start acting like that I'm going to have to knock you over. lol
Karissa Bowers
1:18, people are so selfish, just saying. There are people dying and starving with no food or clean water or homes or money, etc., and all that this guy cares about is some stupid account.
Keep It Real
1:35 = shrek
Kyle Rider
Leander Timoshenko
What was the song in the beginning?
I've McFallen
1:07 Future weatherman.
Lucas Roper
The best part of this video was Stone Temple Pilots at the beginning.
Mankirat The Stocker X
Maria Eguia
Look at the great graphics
Matej Hantabál
wtf did I just watch
Matthew Lim
1:30 He's a bear
3:15 - 3:30 hilarious
Michael Lewis
1:30 sound like jurrasic park
Michael Lou
The lunatic with the hacked computer definitely should not be passing his genes to the next generation....
Miles Youngblood
3:44 that sounded like it hurt 😂😂😂
Morpheus Invictus
this video should be longer..
My Widmark
I love how shocked i became when i did hear swedish #swede XD
Na Po
3:43 he smacked the shit out of her😂😂😂
1:28 thats why you keep a paper with all of your passwords.
OstiGamming 99
Is 2:50 guy whiteboy7ths?
Peachy Daylag
0:50 lmfao lol xD
1:30 who was expecting him to punch the laptop
Rock Wood
What is this clickbait crap I wanted to see fat people falling in Walmart...
0:18 Cassidy Boon.
Roger Murphy
These peoples parents failed them miserably. They all missed too many butt wippings.
Ryan Adams
How can this be a 2015 compilation if the videp was published in 2014. illuminati?
Sadie Woods
the fat one never fell over 0/10
Scarlett Kish
I came here to see if the thumbnail was an actual video.
Sergeant Extreme
3:40 LMAO 😂😂😂😂
why do all these videos look like they've been filmed on a potato??
Steven Brandt
wow the same old videos everyone else on youtube is showing.
Um I requested FAT people failing...
Jim Carey at 1:52
fuucking blizzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurd
Top WarthBlock
Truli Mango
Zelite li da napravite svoj besplatan\nminecraft premium account sa SQ-om?\nMozete! Posetite nas sajt : !
Tyade Aldino
03:24 Is LOL
Wendy Ferrell
The guy who had a computer hack or something his scream sounded like a dinosaur
1:24 ok kids. This is why we don't pay to play shit like World of Warcraft. Stick with Warcraft 3 and free to play games. Don't throw your lives away.
I only watched it to make it easy to take a dump... It worked... Thanks.
Yahn Trash
This is our future.
Wheres the morbidly obese woman falling off her welfare scooter like in the thumbnail .. Disliked
Why does every swedish clip have china text up in the right corner
daniel pierre
Can anybody PLEASE tell me why I'm watching this stuff at night when I'm LMAO and everybody that's sleeping can here me???
david bean
That chair one was hilarious!!!
dodole maierle
Kranke Computerfreaks,geht in Therapie oder versucht es zur Abwechslung mal mit Sport an der frischen Luft...
dιd yoυ see мy jaмѕ?
lol computer fails✌
I have had to change my password for several websites, it doesn't always mean you got hacked, often just means that there is sometimes a time period of when you have to change it
😔 i thought this was a people _falling_ compilation..
Please, the video quality needs to be worse
Reported for misleading thumbnail. Thumbnail appears nowhere in the video.\nClick \
quick kills
4:44 lol
redd baby
that is no funny that is actually is painful
1:30 is just sad
sluch ice
Think themselves if the world would be free of your prejudices but selfishness is here to stay lol must be even more sad just to get confidence by harassing others think themselves stuck in the role to only see the problem by other tests to look yourself in the mirror and find your own problems laugh out loud but can not be done as said selfishness is your defense
3:43 I call that the backhand pimp slap.
xsierrax 16
3:00 XD