Alberta Trophy Pike

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Dad's first time fishing and shows me how it's really done!Gear:Marcum Camera -

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AJ Dawson
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Aaron lambo 2
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Alyssa Monet
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Andrew Peterson
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Arune Gmd
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BM Outdoors
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1mil + views and no comments ? :o   Wow... That's rare. \n Whelp, I can be proud to say \
Enlighten me here...why the heck did you need to pull up some 30+ feet of line before you got to the fish?  Don't you have a reel to do that?
Bob Torva
first one
Ca Pa
2 million views... no comments?
Carpenter Rick
thats a nice northern pike. beauty
Casey Labelle
small pike...why did you post this?
Apparently all 36 people that have commented on the video are the first wierd
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Darrin Ros
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David Redfern
Deliciousness. Nice fish. 😛
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Eight Ji
Enzo Kerdal
Evan's Fishing Edge
nise fish you must go fishing a lot and plese comin .
FF Vexilar
I caught a 24 inch northern off my dock the next day I caught a 24in spotted muskellunge I'm still jealous
Faith Decker
yay first comment btw I like da vid XD
Gabe Sewell
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Goonerville Gonad
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Ignious Stone
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Wow am I the only comment?? LoL ok I just had to write that. I know I know.. Nice Fish dude!! Good Job!!!
Jamie Gilmartin
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Joe Collier
Wow! Nice catch.
John Lemon
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John Walsh
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Joyce Ann Warnke High
VNever seen a pike that short at that weight. I caught a 5 footer but it was slimmer, early spring time in Lesser Slave lake. I caught several little 4 footers at the Brazeau Dam but the were young and slimmer too. That maybe a small short pike but a very meaty fish!
Good day daddy, you fish now as well
Kevin Browne
Over 4.6 mil views and barely any comments. I would like to say that the youtuber most likely used a viewbot...
Khasi 1614
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Killerswamp 1234
Good Muskie ;)
M D luffy
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Malem Singh
Marius Haugen
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Micah Waller
William Weaver Up here in Wisconsin we love the cold LOL and that is a nice fish
Michael s
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WOW, that's amazing
Now THAT is a fish! Good job!! \nI'm from Florida and all the time I see in lake and river videos nothing but tiny fish, and even some fish people call \
Octopuse King
I would mount that huge beast
PGH Bottom Feeders
Awesome video and that's a monster fish. We just subscribe to your channel. As always happy fishing and tight lines. Fish On!
Pocket 16
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Putra Zulfika
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Robert Jones
I love fishing
Rush Voorhis Outdoors
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Sir Suxalot
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Stacy Hamner
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2:26 you're welcome
Tahdit On
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Tin Porras
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Tom wallington browne
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Trần Hải Đảo
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Un-Possible Magician
Wambli Padilla
I didnt know Alberta, Ca was so sunny
Western Pa Anglers
love this video
Will Baska
William Weaver
From down here in Texas where we don't know why someone would be crazy enough to go outside when it is that cold, let alone fish, that is a Beautiful fish!!!!!
2 mil views an no comment wow well I guess first :)
That doesn't look like a Pike, that's a muskee.
benjamin sweeney
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brother dio
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brycen swint
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how long was that tip up sitting out there? #holyshyte #monster
A million views and this is the first comment? Wtf.
It's his first fish, so you have to love it. Fishing is the one sport where the old saying \
Right on , I almost had a heart attack when the tool slipped off his mouth. I thought you lost him. Great looking fish. :-)
ian wray
3 million views and I'm the only comment? Score.
john Barry
Almost 1.7 million views, but no comments? Let me be the first to say that it is a simple but life long memory, just by going fishing with dad.
john macklin
This isnt even fishing. Setting a line in the ice and then leaving only to come back and drag in a worn out fish? You guys are pussies who have no idea what fishing is.What a shame such a nice fish was wasted on unsporting ass hats.
Took my father the 1st time fishing. Leaf Rapids Manitoba. The next year he was gone. He caught a few 8-9 # northern. I'll always remember. So will you. :)
Wow no comments??? Where was that caught???\nNice fish !!
matthew scott
a million views and I'm the only comment 😂
1rd. Am i doing it right
Ice fishing is a horrible hobby . I tried twice and in both times I got my ass freezing and the result was just small tiny fishes . I'm done , no more ,sorry
sjajnas fishing
Big fish !
truth is indestructible
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