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Final Race & Ending in the story of Need For Speed (NFS 2015). The race is called On The Dream Team. I used the Nissan GT-R. You have to win versus all Boss Icons, including Ken Block (Style), Magnus Walker (Speed), Nakai-san (Build), Morohoshi-san (Outlaw), and Fish (Crew). Finish first to become the Ultimate Icon! Visit the Racing Video Games channel for more Need For Speed 2015 gameplay! More info below.Liked the video? Click the 'LIKE' button, comment, and subscribe!► Need For Speed playlist: (gameplay)Video made by Racing Video Games.Game: Need For Speed (2015)Developed by: Ghost GamesPublished by: Electronic ArtsTime of release: November 2015Platforms: Playstation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, PC

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just got back from hospital i got 2 year coma but is this underground3
Nice diverting man
Abrar shahid
Ariza Ariza
Ps4 vs xbox one, and wins?
Big Boss
reminds me of an HD version of Underground 2
Emerald Salazar Rose
what the hell?? did you tune the performance of that R35 or you didnt tune your self for skidding and never went on too much traffic plus if i hold you car even its any nissan car... you'll see how a real need for speeder drive an nissan cars without living a scratch and bump scars on it nor hard core or slippery mooth track better retry with proper apex braking and skid edge drifting on hard corner use brakes properly
Hanka H
Ja mann 😀😀
Kritic Games
can you turn off those arrows on the ground?\n kinda annoying
Luis Ortiz
my viper would trash that gtr
Max Lachs
I cant get through this Mission ._. , everytime i'm Second ...
Michael Nunez
What car is that I need to know
Mizore Much?
I love this game
Nicely played
Sahil King
graphis are good BUT the gtr black edition sound in forza 5 is incrrreedddddiibllleeeee!!!!\nDAT BLOW OFF VALVE WOW.....cant hear it here....anyways compare the sound of these two cars!!
I cringe everytime that car hits a wall, and those power slides are just stupid.
VE Zoomzy
whats your whole tune on that car?
Vïnıcīus ZoHancock TZ
Model easy ¡
So fast
Xussini Cervanini
Amazing !!!
ZOmbiiE LiCiOUs
nice driving dude...that was sick!!! :D
conrad sanderson
lololol, yaass kill em with the GTR :D
could've easily been titled Carbon 2.
tona 2
wow it looks easy!!
I remember the times when Need For Speed actually had some kind of story.
I beat the ending with my Nissan skyline gtr r34
What's the point of open race world if it's empty. Very big deal to push forward and sometimes turn to the left or to the right. No chase, no big traffic. Boring as for me.