Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike

Music video by Temple Of The Dog performing Hunger Strike. (C) 1991 A&M Records

A&M Dog Hunger Of Rock Strike Temple The

Alexia McCulloch
I love the fact that there's just a bunch of grungy dudes on a beach with guitars and a drum set
Andrea Oliveira
RIP Chris Cornell ❤️
Andressa Andalicio
Eu queria só uma companhia pra ouvir essas músicas top!! Meu deeeeussssssssssss\n\n Eu caso!!!! Hahahaha
Andy Appleton
I've been going hungry for 41 years.
Antonio Gates
Only in the American continent this kind of music can be written
Asafo Husia
Black man here and I have a quick story.. I was stuck in traffic one day.. It was crazy hot and my AC didnt work.. Had the windows down tryin to stay as cool as possible.. A car rolls slowly beside me in the next lane.. White guy with long hair is drivin.. Looked like the \
Damn it Eddie, piss or get out of the bushes for christ sake!
Billy Bob Thorton Is Holding My Family Hostage
This was the hardest song to listen to after I received the news. Shred it up there in heaven big guy. Rest in peace.
Brody VanDoorne
2 greats going at it. So mesmerizing
Dont you dare die Eddie I swear to God
Just one of a billion reasons why the 90s ruled. Music today isn't even in the same stratosphere as this.
Corey Grange
The fact that Eddie dresses the same way today as he did in this video and nobody says anything just shows how cool he is hahaha.
Craig Cricket
Stuck in the 70's 50 something just found this. Thanks Gen X. It's not ALL BAD!!!
Cristian Murati
What a song.
I find it hilarious how Vedder is just awkwardly singing in those bushes.
Danielle Perry
Rest in peace Chris Cornell don't worry I will keep on playing your music bro... I miss you damn it,,,
If you play it at 1.5x speed it turns into a Bluegrass song
David Barnard
Can't wait to hear Eddie and Chris sing this again in the afterlife..... Holy shit what a reunion it'll be
Derek Anderson
This was probably the second or third best time for rock ever. Grunge saved me from the hell that was hair band hell. I see real rock coming back.
Derek kitchen
I'm truly blessed to have to have gotten to hear you both and I will never forget that as long as I get to live all my love Derek
Devan Conaway
I grew up to this kind of music. It's powerful as hell lyrically. I miss the 90's. This time and age is shit. Sláinte maith do chach. 🙂
Erik Frank-Schaub
Clearly something wrong with the people who dislike this
Still believe this is the greatest grunge song ever created. Eddie and Chris made something absolutely magical when they came together on this.
Fab Antonio
Chris is just amazing... No words...
Director: \
Garrick Bisogno
Can you imagine how awesome this felt for these guys? To be young, apart of a musical movement and sooo talented! Just....what an amazing life! Rip Chris. 🙏
Gert Madsen
I not taking the piss now.\nI really fell sorry for the kids to day.\nThey don't grow up with this kind og music.\nSome of us did ...
Hank madafakin' Moody
Save Eddie!
Intuitive Inquisition
Chris Cornell's words resonated with me so much. I can only have love in my heart now that so many who have brought light unto my life have passed. May I live my life right, thank you God for his voice touching my soul when I was little in the 90s.
Ismael Cavallini Martins
Novembro de 2018... Alguém curtindo essa maravilha de música???
J Mack24
Somebody needs wrap Eddie vedder in styrofoam to keep him protected
Jack Rose
I still believe you can explain to a child with love what he or she should or should not do. It might take sometime. But no-one can tell me we don't have the time. Cause I have all the time you people would ever need. Look into my eyes. Use my mind for a time. Feel me. IX all the time. Out there.
Jagoff 229
I wish i can go back to that time.
Jake from State Farm
Jared Pruden
When people say Cobain was the voice of Grunge, I just play them this song and say nothing.
Jay J
Jeff Randall
NOTE TO SELF: Don't let these guys in my bakery.
Jodi S
In no world should Chris Cornell sing backup to Eddie Vedder.
John F
For god sake Eddie, get out of the damn bushes.
Jéssica ss
Chris Cornell inigualável Eddie Vedder perfeito 2018🎼🎼
Kaliko Khronic
This is one of the best songs of all time
Kimberley Clark
That frreeeaaakin voice. \nAnd people have the AUDACITY to click a thumbs down. I dont get it
Kira Sanders
Justiiiiinnnn hahaha 🦄💕🦄
Kyle Buckland
When youre at work and realize you forgot your lunch so youre being extra dramatic about it
Laurie Jean Kase
Chris Cornell was so beautiful and talented. He will never be forgotten.
Masha Elizabeth
Who’s here in 2018
Mass Disaster
Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell
Matt Maddox
The kids of today have no idea what the world lost today
Mike 11 16
God...vocals by Eddie Veder AND Chris Cornell. Does it possibly get any better than Temple of the Dog?
Misty S
Chris’s vocals give me goosebumps!
Normu pipita
No me importa robar pan \r\nDe las bocas de la decadencia \r\nPero no puedo alimentar la impotencia \r\nCuando mi taza ya está sobrellenada \r\nPero está en la mesa \r\nEl fuego se está cocinando \r\nY están cultivando bebés \r\nMientras los esclavos están trabajando \r\nLa sangre está en la mesa \r\nY sus bocas se están asfixiando \r\nPero me está dando hambre
Pam Bennett
I am on an actual hunger strike to support #Yemen and someone posted this for me. Tearing up
Panhandle Paranormal
When I got the news about Chris, this is the first place i came. One of the best songs ever made. It changed my life! Chris' voice came along when i needed it and has never failed me. I wish to send his fans and loved ones MY love. You will be missed, Chris. \u003c3
Patti Carland
Without a doubt...one of the most amazing songs ever. And two of the most amazing voices ever...
Philipp Bock Music & More
i'm crying while listen to this song. I want you back Chris!!!!!!
Phylean Panache
Temple Of The Dog - \nHunger Strike\n\nI don't mind stealing bread\nFrom the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless\nWhen my cup's already overfilled\nYeah\n\nBut it's on the table\nThe fire's cooking\nAnd they're farming babies\nThe slaves are all working\n\nBlood is on the table\nThe mouths are all choking\nBut I'm goin' hungry, yeah\n\nI don't mind stealing bread\nFrom the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless\nWhen my cup's already overfilled, mmm mmm\n\nBut it's on the table\nThe fire is cooking\nAnd they're farming babies\nThe slaves are all working\n\nAnd it's on the table\nTheir mouths are all choking\nBut I'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\n\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\n\nYeah, I don't mind stealing bread\n(Mmm, I don't mind)\nNo, I don't mind stealing bread\n\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry, yeah)
Pinkish Floyd
Come back Chris
Legend has it that Eddie Vedder is still in those bushes singing.
Rengga Ray Zatnika
Suicide is a real thing. Depression is a real disease. No matter how great a person has things, there is no greater equalizer than Mental Illness. Been struggling with it myself for about 10 years. If you feel suicidal please reach out to someone, anyone, be heard. Or if you think someone you know is feeling like that, reach out to them, just knowing you are there can make a real difference. RIP Chris. Take care man.
Stephen Schulte
Voices of angels!
Damn...never equaled...never again...the era of good music...
Susan Rentz
I quessing who ever raised these kids said there ok i just gonna leave the alone. I tried that shit . It actually works.
Terri Falcone
September 8th 2018 Anyone else ? 😀
Terry Rosario
Simply one of the most beautiful songs produced and ever will be sang for all times.
The Feathers Family Funhouse
I love this song.... it still stands true today... I miss the 80s and 90s, sure was a better time then.
Tiffany M
Incredible voices... will never get tired of listening to this. Legends.. true talent of the 90s . We don’t get that anymore
Traversy Media
How did todays music get so well..dumb and numb? No feeling, no talent and no brains. I feel like we live in the twilight zone as far as what is \
_________ _________
RIP\nKurt Cobain 1967-1994\nLayne Staley 1967-2002\nAndrew Wood 1966-1990\nScott Weiland 1967-2015\nChris Cornell 1964-2017
bardara jones
I am a old ass man 62, but I would not be here right  now if not for these guys. pearl jam, sound garten, smashing pumpkins, ect, all the great music coming out at that time. this music really saved my life. living in a nightmarish world of hate, violence, and fear ,this music was the one and only refuge from the night mare that was my life, the only thing that  that could take me away from it for a few hours. I really wish I could say thank you to them all.
28 years ago... really?
captian cosmo
Proud to be Generation X
chris campbell
This is by far the best male duet for a rock band ever!!!
david beardy-kam
[Verse 1: Chris Cornell]\nI don't mind stealin' bread from the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled, yeah\nBut it's on the table, the fire's cookin'\nAnd they're farmin' babies, while the slaves are all workin'\nBlood is on the table and the mouths are all chokin'\nBut I'm goin' hungry, yeah\n\n[Verse 2: Eddie Vedder]\nI don't mind stealin' bread from the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled, uh huh\nBut it's on the table, the fire's cookin'\nAnd they're farmin' babies, while the slaves are all workin'\nAnd it's on the table, their mouths are all chokin'\nBut I'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\n\n[Refrain: Vedder & (Cornell)]\nI'm goin' hungry (I'm goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\n\n[Interlude]\n\n[Refrain: Vedder & (Cornell)]\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\n\n[Outro: Vedder & (Cornell)]\n(Yeah, I don't mind stealin' bread) I don't mind\n(No, I don't mind stealin' bread)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)
What a loss. What a voice
eric braga
They filmed this at discovery park in Seattle. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, go visit! Super beautiful place
jackie scorpio
yep, I love eddie vedder, but having him stand in 6 foot tall grass makes him look smaller than he is.....
jonathan moody
This is music!! Powerful and emotional. I first heard this in 1995
julian camargo
Rest In Peace Chris ❤
Amo a estos dos genios juntos!! Y este es un temaso!!! ❤❤💗
kids today don't know what it's like to take a walk into the woods and see goddamn Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell
I want a candle that smells how Vedder's voice sounds
luke kuehn
Just discovered this song in 2018 and might have listed to it 2018 times.
maia randosh
There’s a reason people continue to comment on this song hour by hour in present day
marhayes dwayne
Classic! Im 38yrs old and and so thankful i was able to see and hear this kind of music from the start! This song was a STAPLE in my youth. Still to this day it puts a smile on my face and a warmth over my body when i hear it. Thank you 80's 90's 2000's for some great times..
This song is part of who I am today!!! 😍😍😍
mlg galaxy wolf
The dislikes are the people who didn't go hungry\n\n\n\n\n\nThis song is fire ♥
26 years later this song, and all of Grunge in my opinion, still rocks!
phil stuart
i do know the shame of having to steal food and what it like to not have food for so long when next you eat you puck till you pass out lol
And why isn't there a 'Love\
river river
Two of the best vocalist ever hands down.
tykil 67
Rip Layne\nRip Chester\nRip Kurt\nRip Scott\nRip tykil your channel is dead\nRip chris
It's sad that this song is still relevant to this very day. Thematically, speaking.
The best song by Temple honestly and I rather these guys for grunge all my life than Nirvana . Chris voice is pure passion and power plus a BRILLIANT rock ballad like this is just from ABOVE . IMPECABLE.