Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike

Music video by Temple Of The Dog performing Hunger Strike. (C) 1991 A&M Records

A\u0026M Dog Hunger Of Rock Strike The Temple

Happy Anniversary to the Temple Of The Dogs album!
Adorador Cult
*Rip Chris Cornell* \n*Rip Kurt Cobain* \n*Rip Layne Staley*
It's been a whole year... I still can't believe it.
Ana Concha
Woke up the day before my birthday, exited to go out with my friends after school and celebrate a bit early. I walk downstairs, grab and apple, and turn on the news. That was the morning I learned Chris Cornell was dead.
Andrea Oliveira
RIP Chris Cornell ❤️
Andrew Reder
Chris Cornell changed me for the better. If you're new to this song feel blessed you got to hear heaven
Arche rap
I'm 18 years and this was the first song I ever performed with a band. I did Chris Cornell's part.... Just an amazing song and one of the hardest to sing because Chris Cornell is unmatched in vocals. It was a rush straining every muscle in my body to do this song. Chris Cornell has been my role model for vocals my entire life. I hope I can make in big and at least try to live up to this legend
Asafo Husia
Black man here and I have a quick story.. I was stuck in traffic one day.. It was crazy hot and my AC didnt work.. Had the windows down tryin to stay as cool as possible.. A car rolls slowly beside me in the next lane.. White guy with long hair is drivin.. Looked like the \
August McManus
Generation x tried to save the world, and almost did! God Bless those deep feeling musicians and RIP to the great Chris Cornell.
Damn it Eddie, piss or get out of the bushes for christ sake!
Brad Nickman
Imagine how to was to film this video on 91 on beach in Seattle the birth of a movement. Ok who doesn't like this video. Open your eyes. I total time capsule moment in time. So well filmed.
Carlos santos
The legends never die ♫♬♪
Charlene Taylor
My heart breaks today. We've lost one of the last fathers of grunge, not to mention a man who was beyond talented . Chris, you brought us so much wonderful music and lyrics in your short 52 years and helped to form a style of music and way of life that I hope never dies. You've inspired so many and will be missed eternally. No one sings like you anymore. \n\nGo forth and say hello to heaven, beautiful soul x
Chel Taps
Who is God-like? Chris Cornell that's who.
Just one of a billion reasons why the 90s ruled. Music today isn't even in the same stratosphere as this.
Clay Clay
RIP Chris. Your music will live forever!
Corey Grange
The fact that Eddie dresses the same way today as he did in this video and nobody says anything just shows how cool he is hahaha.
this song reminds me when i was younger and makes me cry
Darryl Cole
l never thought id no what it meant to be homeless and hungry...until it happened to me...!?!
David Ramirez
Cris grande
David Reiter
there will never b another chris Cornell
2:22 Why why is he standing in the middle of the bushes? It's like he's creeping on the band! LOL
Devan Conaway
I grew up to this kind of music. It's powerful as hell lyrically. I miss the 90's. This time and age is shit. Sláinte maith do chach. 🙂
Dyan York
Every now and then,I have to come home.It seems more frequent lately. Just miss CC❣
Still believe this is the greatest grunge song ever created. Eddie and Chris made something absolutely magical when they came together on this.
such a emotional headbang
Director: \
Gert Madsen
I not taking the piss now.\nI really fell sorry for the kids to day.\nThey don't grow up with this kind og music.\nSome of us did ...
Gonzalo José Gazzolo
Chris cornell, Kurt cobain, Scott weiland, Layney Staley, Andrew Wood, etc... All saddly gone!...Eddie you're the last of their kind!. Keep the torch of GRUNGE alive!!!
Hapi Lee
? Question?? What do we know?? Any one else think the information on his death is BS?? Difficult to comprehend.. Help me out here my friends... Are we missing a vital part of reality?? Have we truly taken the blue pill for comfort?? I'm going hungry..
Hope Lucero
Oh Eddie you are just a beautiful man ❤️. That’s that!
Intuitive Inquisition
Chris Cornell's words resonated with me so much. I can only have love in my heart now that so many who have brought light unto my life have passed. May I live my life right, thank you God for his voice touching my soul when I was little in the 90s.
J Mack24
Somebody needs wrap Eddie vedder in styrofoam to keep him protected
Jack Rose
I still believe you can explain to a child with love what he or she should or should not do. It might take sometime. But no-one can tell me we don't have the time. Cause I have all the time you people would ever need. Look into my eyes. Use my mind for a time. Feel me. IX all the time. Out there.
Jackie Johnson
The 8000 that disliked it...please be checked to see if you're tone deaf? Maybe partial hearing loss? Maybe just lame 🤷\u200d♀️
Jagoff 229
I wish i can go back to that time.
Jake from State Farm
Jamey Summers
I am proud to have come of age ion the nineties.
Jared Pruden
When people say Cobain was the voice of Grunge, I just play them this song and say nothing.
Jean Franco
It's really hard to believe that this great guy is not with us anymore.
Jeff Randall
NOTE TO SELF: Don't let these guys in my bakery.
Jennifer Magyar
Chris Cornell RIP This is next level. We miss you
Jessica Hampton
this is one of those songs you dont hear but you feel.
Jillian Scribner
1:10 Eddie is so hot
John Palermo
On repeat. ALWAYS
John Ponte
The simplicity of this video is immaculately well produced. I miss this time in both music, and movies of all sorts... \nRaw.
João Marcos
Legendary music, from the times when good music did exist
Kay Mitchell
Pretty sure that's Puget Sound featured in the video. I miss the Pacific Northwest SO much. Say what you will about the Pacific Northwest, we'll take care of our own people AND yours Red States since your politicians think being poor is a crime..Actually wait a second, we already DO. Why do you think our homeless population has exploded? Because they know if they come here, we won't let them starve...
Kelley Lynch
The greatest musician ever will be miss Chris love you
Lorre Rain
Never have two Grunge Artists voices meshed together so beautifully together as in \
Lucas Burton
so heartfelt. gives you the chills. rest in peace Chris. you don't find such genuine musicians like him anymore. grunge isn't dead. it is timeless.
Martin Erskine
A thing of beauty...
Matt Maddox
The kids of today have no idea what the world lost today
Melanie Coleman
Temple of the Dog were so good. Still have the CD.. blew out the cassette lol..
Mr. T
AWESOME and timeless song. A classic for the ages. Remember seeing this video premier back when MTV played music.
Nicole Everett
Two incredible singers. There will never be music as good as this
Pam Bennett
I am on an actual hunger strike to support #Yemen and someone posted this for me. Tearing up
Panhandle Paranormal
When I got the news about Chris, this is the first place i came. One of the best songs ever made. It changed my life! Chris' voice came along when i needed it and has never failed me. I wish to send his fans and loved ones MY love. You will be missed, Chris. \u003c3
Patty Crosby
Absolutely LOVE this song!!!!!! Such simple lyrics but is so friggin powerful. Kiddos all around. Thanks for one of the best songs I've ever heard
Per Yngve Ohlin
I don't mind stealin' bread from the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled, yeah\nBut it's on the table, the fire's cookin'\nAnd they're farmin' babies, while the slaves are all workin'\nBlood is on the table and the mouths are all chokin'\nBut I'm goin' hungry, yeah\nI don't mind stealin' bread from the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled, uh huh\nBut it's on the table, the fire's cookin'\nAnd they're farmin' babies, while the slaves are all workin'\nAnd it's on the table, their mouths are all chokin'\nBut I'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (I'm goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nuh I don't mind\n(No, I don't mind stealin' bread)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)\nI'm goin' hungry (Goin' hungry)
Philipp Bock Music & More
i'm crying while listen to this song. I want you back Chris!!!!!!
Phylean Panache
Temple Of The Dog - \nHunger Strike\n\nI don't mind stealing bread\nFrom the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless\nWhen my cup's already overfilled\nYeah\n\nBut it's on the table\nThe fire's cooking\nAnd they're farming babies\nThe slaves are all working\n\nBlood is on the table\nThe mouths are all choking\nBut I'm goin' hungry, yeah\n\nI don't mind stealing bread\nFrom the mouths of decadence\nBut I can't feed on the powerless\nWhen my cup's already overfilled, mmm mmm\n\nBut it's on the table\nThe fire is cooking\nAnd they're farming babies\nThe slaves are all working\n\nAnd it's on the table\nTheir mouths are all choking\nBut I'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\n\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\n\nYeah, I don't mind stealing bread\n(Mmm, I don't mind)\nNo, I don't mind stealing bread\n\nI'm going hungry (going hungry)\nI'm going hungry (going hungry, yeah)
Rashika Tasnim
you know what? this is called pure beauty. this type of magic doesn't make this days. i don't know what type of music is being produced now a days.pure garbage :/
Legend has it that Eddie Vedder is still in those bushes singing.
Renda Jameilia
This song beautiful Chris and Eddie outstanding! ❤️
Rengga Ray Zatnika
Suicide is a real thing. Depression is a real disease. No matter how great a person has things, there is no greater equalizer than Mental Illness. Been struggling with it myself for about 10 years. If you feel suicidal please reach out to someone, anyone, be heard. Or if you think someone you know is feeling like that, reach out to them, just knowing you are there can make a real difference. RIP Chris. Take care man.
Ripe One
I'm 47. Heard this in my 20's. Fukn epic. Good times brothers. R.I.P. Chris. Wr still cry for you bud. ✌🏼
Ronada her many horses Her many horses
Say hello 2 heaven
Sammy Maxwell
2 of the best voices, hands down
Sheyenne Lynn Ambrose
Me; holding a bag of bread “this one is for you Chris” and throws bread to the sky. \n\n❤️❤️❤️❤️
Spirit of God
My cups Overflows ...it's on the table... a punn is a play on words...Dog spelled backwards is God ...and YOU are an individual Spirit of God...and YOU were made a Masterpiece... anything less than Very GOOD... is not acceptable...and that is on Your Table with the Omnipresent Mind of God...:)
Stacey Deutsch
Pure, magic. Crying out loud
Stephen Campbell
Beautiful...Having taught public education for twenty-five years you will understand the percentages of free and reduced lunches that correlate to an area of high poverty. We give weekend miles to those students that need the food for you can't imagine the destitude and prevalence of poverty that we sometimes over look. This song understands poverty!!! PAX
Damn...never equaled...never again...the era of good music...
Terri Falcone
September 8th 2018 Anyone else ? 😀
Todd Davis
Best grunge of all time....two legends, r.i.p. chris \u003c3
Now we gotta bubble wrap Eddie...
Tracy Smith
I will never stop listening to him. Still makes me cry when I hear his cover of “Nothing compares to you.”
Traversy Media
How did todays music get so well..dumb and numb? No feeling, no talent and no brains. I feel like we live in the twilight zone as far as what is \
Yollar Beni Bekler
Riding on a country road, this song starts echoing in my helmet. Tears fell from my eyes.
Forever imprinted in my memory. Chris was so talented. Miss him so much.✌❤
_________ _________
RIP\nKurt Cobain 1967-1994\nLayne Staley 1967-2002\nAndrew Wood 1966-1990\nScott Weiland 1967-2015\nChris Cornell 1964-2017
bardara jones
I am a old ass man 62, but I would not be here right  now if not for these guys. pearl jam, sound garten, smashing pumpkins, ect, all the great music coming out at that time. this music really saved my life. living in a nightmarish world of hate, violence, and fear ,this music was the one and only refuge from the night mare that was my life, the only thing that  that could take me away from it for a few hours. I really wish I could say thank you to them all.
brian Vapewell
R.I.P Chris Cornell but he is the best guy ever but he died in 2017 before my mommy died my mum died in 2017 match so yeah I’m so so so sad 😭 right now okay so yeah
captian cosmo
Proud to be Generation X
chris campbell
This is by far the best male duet for a rock band ever!!!
daniel hendy
Two of the most influential vocalists from the eclectic 90's. RIP Chris you are remembered literally by millions.
david beardy-kam
What a loss. What a voice
eric braga
They filmed this at discovery park in Seattle. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, go visit! Super beautiful place
fuzzer ball
dudes and dudetts eddie's fine\nworry about yourself
j.e.d. 80
Your not starving it's called intermittent fasting.
This song is part of who I am today!!! 😍😍😍
Look at how young Chris was and how strong his voice was, I'm just in awe man.
river river
Two of the best vocalist ever hands down.
i don't mind stealing bread...
The fact these two were ever in the same band is just crazy
tykil 67
Rip Layne\nRip Chester\nRip Kurt\nRip Scott\nRip tykil your channel is dead\nRip chris
video gamesman
Grunge greatest music ever
Егор Плетнев
beautiful, and very sad...