Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy (GRAMMYs on CBS)

Beyoncé's official live video for 'If I Were A Boy' from the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify: ---------Lyrics:If I were a boyEven just for a dayI'd roll outta bed in the morningAnd throw on what I wanted and goDrink beer with the guysAnd chase after girlsI'd kick it with who I wantedAnd I'd never get confronted for it.'Cause they'd stick up for me.If I were a boyI think I could understandHow it feels to love a girlI swear I'd be a better man.I'd listen to her'Cause I know how it hurtsWhen you lose the one you wanted'Cause he's taken you for grantedAnd everything you had got destroyed

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Everyone that performed before and after her performance at that night looked like a fool
Aaliyah White
I couldn't help but notice how back in 2010 everyone was dancing and enjoying the concert instead of snapchating it all ...
Agyeiwaa Quashie
As a Lesbian I deeply appreciate Beyonce telling me what kind of man she would be to me lol
Alex Xolo
It's 2018 and I'm here
When I saw this at 4:44 I was thinking ouuuu damn this woman has fire! 🌋🌋🌋
Alice Williams
The reason why she the Queen it’s not the Grammys it’s the Beyoncé Show every time #queenoftheindustry
Aljon S
Year 2018 watchers?? 🤗
Anne Guillamon
Oh my god !is an angel live in the sky . Is an artist incredible, this is voice but more a voice is a perfom fantastic she have this style of music she create this style (sing,dance,and more the is an univers ).I am fascinating to the b
Antonekia Perkins
Looking at this is that the drummer who is saying Beyonce in a witch at 2:18
Awenn Victoria
If I were a boy, even just for a day\nI'd roll out of bed in the morning\nAnd throw on what I wanted then go\nDrink beer with the guys\nAnd chase after girls\nI'd kick it with who I wanted\nAnd I'd never get confronted for it,\nCause they stick up for me\n\nIf I were a boy!\nI think I could understand\nHow it feels to love a girl\nI swear I'd be a better man\nI'd listen to her\nCause I know how it hurts\nWhen you lose the one you wanted\nCause he's taking you for granted\nAnd everything you had got destroyed\n\nIf I were a boy\nI would turn off my phone,\nTell everyone it's broken\nSo they'd think that I was sleeping alone,\nI'd put myself first\nAnd make the rules as I go\nCause I know that she'd be faithful\nWaiting for me to come home,\nTo come home, to come home, to come home!\n\nIt's a little too late for you to come back\nSay it's just a mistake\nThink I'd forgive you like that\nIf you thought I would wait for you\nYou thought wrong...\n\nI want you to know\nThat I'm happy for you\nAnd I want nothing but\nThe best for you both\n\nAn older version of me\nMr. Duplicity?\nI hate to bug you in the middle of dinner\nBut it was a slap in the face\nHow quickly I was replaced\nAnd are you thinking of me when you fuck her?\n\n'Cause the love that you gave, that we made\nWasn't able to make it enough\nFor you to be open wide, no\nAnd every time you speak her name\nDoes she know how you told me you'd hold me\nUntil you died? 'Til you died?\nBut you're still alive\nAnd I'm here to remind you\nOf the mess you left when you went away\nIt's not fair to deny me\nOf the cross I bear that you gave to me\nYou, you, you oughta know\n\nBut you're just a boy\nBaby you don't understand\nUntil you lose the one you wanted\nCause you're taking her for granted\nAnd everything you had got destroyed\nBut you're just a boy
Beyoncé Norminah
Wow. She is so humble😂
Bieel Silvah
Queen is Queen !\n❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💫
Bilal Hassani
She is so perfect it's disturbing me....a lot
Blake Knight
Her hair looks as good as becky's in this video.
Blue Bird
I freaking love her
Brodly Benzion
Beyonce is an example of when u are born to sing and perform
Cade Del Rey
Jesus that Intro is legendary.
Camille Henry
That's right Rihanna, sit there and watch how a Queen works her magic.
Casseem Campbell
No one has the vocal abilities like Beyonce, she's just moves from octave to octave effortlessly.
Charles Hines
I just came to watch her walk on stage...
Christian Manalo
this is so irritating 5:59
Beyonce making Grammys as her own concert.. Hahahahahaha
Cris Silva
D. Martin Music
She can’t be human...omg goosebumps every time i watch even still in 2017!
Daja Williams
how tf is every performance so perf
Danny Portis
Them beginning vocals are to DIE FOR
David Davids
3:58 .. She was like, \
Deezy FreezyMoney
we need more singers like this! screw all the music on the radio right now, they all trash!
Diego Aponte
Best Voice On Earth
Dima Jonblat
What a queen 💫
0:49 she's so beautiful. The intro vocals are 🔥👌🏽lit af
Michael Jackson reincarnated as a WOMAN!
Funke Oduwole
Why are the grammys in the middle of a Beyonce concert?! \u003c3
Gloria jordan
I love that dress! Impeccable performance!!😘😘😘🐝🙌❤
Grant Witter
6 inch heels, she walked in the club like nobodys business
It was great but the part after 5:58 was kinda disappointing
Jessica Fletcher
I wonder if anyone has ever found her earring...
Joan Wilson
She knows how to intimidate people hahahahha \nHer spirit is everything
Karen Manukyan
2018? 😍
Kenzo bby
I want to be this powerful
Kortlyn Charlot
The best performance ever
Kumari Michael Jackson
LaDiva DeJour
One of 👑 best performances...and that's saying something because she has SOOO SOOO many classic performances.
Labbe Cedario
Happy 10th Birthday If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies!
Lara Stefania
I Love You Beyoncé 😍😍
Lashaunda Bonds
Her ankles got weak at 3:59 😄😂😂 love you Bey❤😂
Lilly van Dinter
If I was a girl, I didn't know what to do, with all those starrings at me, I would'nt feel free, hang those filthy lookers high up in the tree, no mercy
Luccas Cohan
Eight years later, someone watching?
Watching this at 11pm with 2% left
Marcos Gustavo Sousa
Dps de Michael Jackson as melhores produção artística com efeitos e dessa cantora BEYONCÉ.
Marry Me Jisoo
that 3:59
Mataan Media Production
So perfect I love u and I will Quean of hearts
Matej Dezelak
What a beautiful music, I love it ;)\nOh and by the way, I also do Pop music ;)\nSo, can you please listen to mine too & tell me what you think?\nHave a nice and sunshine day, Matej ;)
YES @You Oughta Know
Maya Dumitrescu
The Best singer and performer ALIVE 🔥🔥🔥
Mily Martell
Beyoncé: \
Monia Prince
Every single performance of her it's perfect. Explain this pls
Monique Addn
#allgirlband 🙌🏾
Muhammad Ravie
5:10 still gimme gosebumps , with her hair like that, than the screens behind her , what an amazing performance, this is still the best performance in grammy stage ever , no one can beat this performance , whos still watching this in 2017?? 😂😂😂😂😬😬😬
She is sooo calm.
Naomi Campbell
You else here after the lack of her at the 2018 Grammys
Natalie Renee
Here dad used to make her run while singing to practice and strengthen... you can see that definitely paid off
Natália Ferreira
Meu Deus q espetáculo de mulher minha musa inspiradora
When she messed up the lyrics at 1:42 hahaha. She’s human after all guys.
Perfect 4d
In love with this performance
Peter B
When award shows were good 🤩
Pusheen :3
If Bey was a boy...many straight men would come out the closet!
Rapline said 땡 to all BTS haters & dat's da tea
*Her voice is so powerful and full of passion that it scares me everytime **#QUEENB*
Raven Hayes
one of her best performances ever imo
Real Bitch
Reauna Sims
Rhea Anne
well...she is the queen👑 so....💕💕💕💕💕💕
0:07 Kelly cuoco ali no canto direito passada.. hahaha
Sanita Mikelsone
You always in my mind Beyonce 👍👍👍
Shadrack Awuah
The makeup artist is great
Shainita Gomez
Isnt that the drummer that said bey did black magic on her?
ShawN TyleR
In every BEYONCE performance became a BEYONCE CONCERT.#QueenB
Sugandha sh22
Her ankle twisted at 3:58 . She still managed her elegance. That's Beyonce. Yaaaa
Supa Natural
That fact she was able to catch her footing walking down the second set of stairs...OMG!! Beyoncé!!!! By the way it’s Oct 2018.
TA Yoshi
I meaaan... I’m not such a big fan of Beyoncé but no one can deny how excellent of a performer she truly is... My mind is blown right now 😳
Taylor Brown
God she is incredible😍\n3:58 she almost fell or is it just me? (left feet)
One of the best Grammy performances since Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson and the Grammys of the 80s... Well done Beyonce, this is the Grammy Awards I'm used to. Thank you again.
Beyonce concert in the middle of Grammy’s
anonymous sodonttouch
This is better than most of the songs these days, seriously.
Beyoncé: Popstar supreme.
Undisputed. Best Live artist performance ever and always!
fernando meliani
Me: wow, this is the first time I see Beyoncé getting breathless.\nBey: EVERYTHING YOU HAAAAAD GOT DESTROOOOYED ♪\nMe: ok, i'll just shut up.
issam el meddah
Mood: waiting for someone to say she's overrated so that I can cut their ass
j-shrop 1989
Beyonce did her thing one of my all time favorite performances from her This is why shes Queen Bey aka Queen BAE.........take notes Keri hilson
kabelo mamaila
It's 2018 I lost count how many times I've watched this video and it's still amazing 😍
nene minaj
อยากให้หน้ากากthesunร้องเวอร์ชั่นนี้ ฆ่าได้แน่นอนน!!!
I love how clean her dancers are!
talacia walker
How dare Wendy Williams say this woman needs auto tune! TF??
tyler durden
Side Note: Ever notice when black people move into a Predominantly White Neighborhood... The Whites Move Out.? It's no wonder why they do.. Just imagine how Fast EVERYTHING would go down hill if they were in power like the white man 😷
She doesn't need autotune ❤
She is masterpiece..