Fat Joe - Lean Back ( Dirty Lyrics )

Yeah... My niggas...Throw ya hands in the air right now man...Feel this shit right here... [Verse 1 - Fat Joe a.k.a Joey Crack]I don't give a fuck 'bout your fault or mishappenin's,Nigga we from the Bronx, New York... shit happens,Kids clappin' love to spark the place,Half the niggas on the squad got a scar on they face,It's a cold world, and this is ice,Half a mil' for the charm, nigga this is life.Got the phantom in front building Trinity Ave.10 years been legit they still figure me bad.As a youngin', I was too much to cope with.Why you think, mo'fuckers nick-named me, Cook Coke shit.Should've been called Don robbery, extorsion or maybe grand larceny...I did it all, I put the pieces to the puzzle,This long, I knew me and my peoples was gon' bubble.Came out the gate, on some flow Joe shit.Fat nigga with shotty was the logo kid.[Chorus]Said my niggas don't dance,we just pull up the pants and,Do the Roc-away.Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.I said my niggas don't dance,See we just pull up the pants and,Do the Roc-away.Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.[Verse 2 - Remy]R to the E'zzy',M to the whizz-i [Y],My arms stay breezy, The Don's stay fizz-i,Got a date at 8, the day I was in the 740'fizz-i,And I just bought a bike so I can ride til' I die,With a matchin' jacket,Bout' to cop me a mansion,My niggas in the club, but you know they not dancin'.We gangsta, and gangstas don't dance- we boogie,So nevermind how we got in here with the burners and hoodies.Listen we don't pay admission,And bouncers don't check us,And we walk around the metal detectors.And there really ain't no need for a VIP section in the middle of the dance floor,Reckless, check it, said it?!Like my necklace, started relaxin' now, that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction.See, money ain't a thing nigga, we still the same nigga, flows just changed now we 'bout to change the game nigga.[Chorus]Said my niggas don't dance,we just pull up the pants and,Do the Roc-away.Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.I said my niggas don't dance,we just pull up the pants and,Do the Roc-away.Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.[Verse 3 - Fat Joe a.k.a Joey Crack]Now we livin' better now, Gucci sweater now,And that G4 could fly through, any weather now,See niggas get tight, when you worth some millions.That's why I sport the chincilla to hurt they feelin's.Your can find Joe Crack at all type of shit,Out at Vegas front roll on all the fights and shit,If I visited Compton, they'd prolly squeel.'Cause half these rappers dead broke like dirick fa' real.If you cross the line damn right, I'm gon' hurt you,These faggot niggas even made gang signs commercials.Even Lil' Bow Wow throwin' it up,B2K crip walkin' like that's what's up.Kay keep tellin' me to talk about rucker,Matter of fact, I don't wanna speak about the rucker,Not even Pee-Wee Kirkland could imagine this,My niggas didn't have to play to win the championship.[Chorus]My niggas don't dance,we just pull up the pants and,Do the Roc-away.Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.I said my niggas don't dance,we just pull up the pants and,Do the Roc-away.Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back

Fat joe

A I R Keith
Underground 2. Goooood times
Anthony Correa
We from the Bronx New York shit happens !
Antwon Millsd
2017-2018..new years party
Asher Silva
I love u fat Joe 😇
Bing BingTV
Brendan Murphy
When rap was in its true prime. Sad to hear all this auto tune crap.
Brooks Lamkin
Did anyone catch Fat Joe giving a shout out to Dj Khaled at the beginning of the song ? or is it just me?
Cameron Mc Farrin
This beat is bangin, but Joe isn't the greatest lyricist. I wish Eminem, Pun, Rakim or Nas would've had a chance on this. Oh, and Canibus' freestyle was kinda ill too
Chris 5401
My boy fat joe
Christopher Santos
When you walk with the squad and the outfit on point
hmm, I think it sounds better cleaned, just my thoughts.
Cristian Smistad
Legit thought that was Missy Elliot on this track.....
Curtis Waterfield
takes me back to the ps2 days that underground racing
Daniel Franco
NFSU2 sent me here :D
Derek johnson
The nostalgia
Don't Worry
berleezy does it better...
2014 still hot \u003c3
Doob Snackz
wasnt this on a good need for speed game?
nfs underground 2 made me come here
Doru Cucuietu
who else listening to this in 2018?
EX Hitman
Who's young and only listens to old school songs like me ? 2017 3\u003e
2018 nigga xD
Erick Webster
The Bronx Aint Shit Compared To Brooklyn And Queens
Erika Peleckaite
Les Twins + Lean Back = PERFECT ❤
FTB 933
Remy ma has bars!
who still gone listen to this 2017?!!
Grace Haywood
Old times ...
Green Onions
Oooh, I like the explicit version. :)
Who is WHITE?
Hitler Was My Dad And My Mum/Mom And a Frying Pan
2018? Anyone, I'm here because of need for speed underground 2
is it Shrood or Shrode ?
2018 anyone ?
Jaden Burnett
lean back
Jai Kandola
Apparent I was like 4 or 5 and I was singing this song in a grocery store that was dead silent
Jam Master James
Still doin the roc-away in the 2016
Jennifer Leann
NFS Underground music :/ nostalgia
Joe Goliath
*Big Pun forever*
John Adams
Who else is listening 3200 B.C.????
Jose M
lean back
Joshua Michealis
why do they even got a clean version
Jovan Simic
How shroud rly plays cs:go! THE GOD!
Negan's theme song
Karen Foote
I'm white love this song
Kathleen Donnelly
Hands down one of my fave songs!!!
Kimberlyn McMurray
When I listen to this I feel invincible
LV Caster
Lion’s Sin of Pride Escanor
old memories coming back from need for speed underground 2. old but gold
McCarL 02
Some Good Rap ! Not like this boulshit of nowdayz
Merijn van keulen
this is a nice track just heard it uncensored for the first time lol
Mike Hunt
Beat is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mimi Talisa
When your friend sneezes- now Lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.
Superstitum lez go
Mohammad Singh
I am an indian. Last night I rocked my tribe. I rocked Fat Joe lean back. They said oh shit! Hell yeah? Woooo woooo woooo ! Lean back!!!!!
Mr. Good Times Bad Times
After hearing Young thug have a seizure on the mic, and hearing \
Nat Turner
Shoulda been called Armed Robbery....Extortion.....Or maybe Grand Larceny
0:39 - It's a cold world and this is ice-is.\nMaybe this is a prelude the ISIS situation?!?! FAT JOE HOW COULD YOU???
Nina Isaac
who else is listning to this in 2018 kz sheeit i am!!
Nolan Brown
came from berleezy
Ramsay's Lamb Sauce
the weave challenge brought me here.
Randy Dubin
You know Hip-Hop and Rap has hit the bottom of the barrel when they write nonsensical songs about a saying that my dentist would say to me during an appointment.
Sebastian Flores
Scotty STORRRRCH b4 da blow ruined him.
Shakin Bake
2018 biiitch
Shania fausta
Leaning back in 2018 Baby😎😎
SoaR Maxie
he said the n word
NFSU2, who else?
Summa Baskerville
This the Remy we need back on my momma 😩💯
Taylor McKnight
Need for speed underground 2 brought me here
The Engie That Cried Nope
Damn this song takes me back
Tony Anello
Who remembers when they used to play the beginning of this at Knicks games??
Trill Bill
When you and the squad walk in to school the next week after Christmas Break
Vishesh Tiwari
Remy !!! What a flow the woman has !
William Cragg
The beat and the rythem make the the tune and fat joe!!!!
Zaibot 06
I can't read the lyric, am i blind or is it that this video is fake??
Zeeus Gamer
Need For Speed Underground 2... Nostalgia❤🎮🚗
amore love
2015 \u003c3
brett fairer
not censored in the uk. Love this rap
brook martin
i was in 3rd grade when this song came out. this bring back memories.
hot beat!
giorgoss crooks
storch on the beat
jordan nandulaal
like if u listening in 2013
josue olivera
yyugaslavviiiia lean back
kid funny
who here after Niki took that L
The NFSU2 dayz
mendi mendi
2018 👌
That was a perfect song to roam NFSU2 ......
not johnny
shrood or shrimp?
Coogi Sweater now not Gucci
top brony
fat joe is my uncle
toya adams
boy u made a lot of mistakes on the lyrics, why do ppl. put lyrics on these vids. and then a lot of em r wrong?
wolsy mira
superstitum brought me here :)
بشاير المطيري
Remy killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥 2018 still dope