Extreme Prank Compilation 2017! BEST Pranks Gone Wrong Reactions!

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2017 Extreme Prank Compilation 2017! BEST Pranks Gone Wrong Reactions! best reactions compilation gone prank pranks wrong

-iiFrostAnimations -
*Roses are Red*\n*Violets are Blue*\n*I have a Phone*\n*Forever Alone*
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI came for the thumbnail\nand so did you\n\nEDIT: Why tf has this comment 1,3K likes?!😂
A Cone With No Videos and a 1,000 subs?
I was actually liking the video until I found out the thumbnail wasn't in it
Aarif khan
hey dont make jokes on jesus....
3:36 That man is a Gangster
Achie Tan
If you like the vid pls....……like this comment
Adyatma Prabowo
dont make any jokes about God\n\nany religion.. they all have different trust.. iam a muslim... and i really really dont like about making jesus as a joke
Alpona Islam
so much fun
Alya Adilla
The first one was LOL 😂😂
Ana Jeremic
András Szabó
clickbait..... DISLIKE!!!!!
Angela Hurst
Ashley Morales
I came for the thumbnail :/
Awais Ali
its awesome prank with people
Great video man...but the jesus part was really offensive, i know that we should have an open mind but jesus is the god for christians, so it can be pretty offensive for us christians. anyway the rest had me laughing real hard.Good day😇
Bee Doe
*the guy at **3:37** use to be a hitman for the mafia.* He didn't even flinch.
Benj Animimations
70% people offended by the Jesus prank\n15% old roses are red joke\n10 % normal comments\n5. % comments like this
Bina Newman
who else came for the thumbnail
Black Beauty
I can't sleep tonight this really help me to relax too funny!!!!
cut !
The first one, is how I eat at home with no one around
Chitti Ravi
it is too funny
when i have many likes that likes is going to be my age
Dani Lusby
Ha the spaghetti girl is funny 😄
Death Slayer
Isn't this copyright from a show?
DoiBomb Žone
I'm a Muslim
Dolly Tierra
13:45 hahaha that face
Dragon Ball
THIS IS BOB☺\nHe is 1 year old\nhe wants to get older\n1 like=1 year old\nLile for bob
EPiK- Brawl stars
7:16 it looks like she's spitting blood
Erika Martinez
Ferdousi Mukta
1:35 The guy looks like Kane
Focus Y Mengi
3:39 salute to that man - not a scary cat
Ft Nft
Pranks gone wrong? Lmao, completely irrelevant title. I'd change the title to \
Gadget Mad
95% of the comments section is triggered Christian's
Hazel Emir. megusto Anzures
Isn't this from what would you do? don't judge people of there looks kids
Hector Peña
de verdad para mi todo los videos youtube para mi es uno de los mejor video k visto disfrute con mi familia muy bueno ,si le gusto da le me gusta y comparte lo con tus amigos
Immanuel Lumban Gaol
The man in 16:00 \n\
Ishmuel Rasay
today is my birthday can you give me 300 likes
Why does everyone get so triggered for a religion joke? It's just a joke
Juan David García Ranchal
3:00 😂😂😂😂
Jun Bawiga
4:09 that women's reaction was like \
Who else came here for the thumbnail
Karlos Papandeos
Вот кто умеет смешить я вас обожаю !
Lorenzo Trinidad
This is ”Just For Laughs\
Luciana G.J
Realy Funny !! xD
those fake screams
Manipur Brightway technical
the third video is danger ... ghost if he fall on the side then ....wooooo
Midnight Fox
That's how the queen eats 🤣🦊
Mir Sabbir
Mohamed Kane
2:52 hahaha it's cool
MrPaul Gt
Mrr Da on the mix
I like just for large gags
You can make jokes with Jesus and be forgiven, but you can never make jokes with the Holy Spirit and be forgiven. I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. #Holytrinity
Muhammad Nausherwan
shouldn't have made fun of hazrat eesa ( peace be upon him )
HA😂 HA😂 HA 😂 HA 😂HA 😂HA 😂 (OMG) LOOOL ✌✌
Nicole Evangeline
the girl still look pretty even though she is dirty 😃
Overwatch General PS4
These are fake if u look at the victims
Owen Rezabek
I feel like all these pranks are on fake. The library scene looks like a set. Not a library.
the first one was gross
0:30 when you are hungry from two hours
Did anyone click on the screen every time it said (watch more gags) ?
Robot girl Rima ar
Rosa Isela Camacho Gonzalez
like si ablas espańol
Samatou Miriam
Saniya Sameja
a hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha omg 😂😂😄😄 😂 😂 😂
Sav Vlogs
I don't think people will like her anymore, even if she doesn't eat like that in real life
Saxophlute12 Adventures
15:06 this is how dads use twins
Shaheen khan
hahaehhehe.....bhoot badiya good
Shifters [GD]
Channel Name \
Simon Karlsson
The one in the beginning eats like my mom
Sinenhlanhla Zwane
never make fun of Daddy( Jesus) his a nice guy full of love
Taehyung tu patrón, prros :v
Dead now !!!
The Wolf
I don't like jokes about prophets. I am Muslim but I have respect to Jesus,why are you talking about religions while this video is about fun!
The poop gamer
omdaizz how u bother cleaning all that up\np,s stop wasting popcorn or give them out free so we cud eat them .
btw it's french
Valencia rose
making jokes of the son of God. that's not funny at all. cuz what He did on the cross shouldn't be made fun of. He did it to keep us out of hell and be made right with God.
Valkroy Gaming
Vikash kumar
Vitor Pereira
3:42 Genieus? 😂 HeroMen
15:56 haha Gud one !! Like A BOSS
Yuga Wisnu
Your jokes are good, but do not make fun of Jesus. You will repent.
i sss
3:40😂😂😂this is called experience
lauren steele
16:43 lmao
legend Worrior
The best pranks are the old people doing it.\nKind and show remorse unlike new generation who wants to get millions hit.\nComment if you agree
lin min yerin
The second prank was good.... better.............best😂😂😘
15:20 somehow reminds me on Daryl from The Walking Dead haha
14:12 best surprise face ever - winner (black lady)! XDXD
pieface moonface
vahid bey
xd Caltiz
80% of people in comments are triggered Christian's Who talk about Jesus
xd Ryder
14:51 look at dat girl dab
your next door neighbor 1
I'm Christian and not offended at all, just some people in the world who get triggered way to easily
Маргарита Чешская
Там где были две близняшки и там был мужик в красной майке и с коктейлем вот он дибил и полный урод, капец даже ничего ни делал просто сидел и пио свой долбанный коктейль, что б он ним подавился. тварь омерзительная. фууу даже таких людей встречать не хочется. фууу. я аж его ненавижу, дибил. фу.
ياسر السروري