Madelaine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan Funny/Cute Moments PART 2

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16:26 I need a Pizza Choni 😂😍
Vanessa Morgan is so beautiful and amazing💖 she is prefect for Cheryl👌
Akia Williams Jr
Its chemstry with them but seriously i want them to date cherlyyyyy i hope she breaks up with her boyfriend i want them to date the best bi couple
Alondra MartinezT
I find his comment disrepectiful👇😕 *because he has a boyfriend*
7:10 HAHAHAHA OooOoOooOoOoOh \
Annie Bananie
“cheryl wasn’t there” omg i actually died
Avalynn Scott
You should do one with Vanessa, Lili, Camila, and Madelaine
Aye Boi
“It got in the pot dude”\n -Madelaine Petsch 2017 \nquote
Bi Lover
following them both on IG.. they're so cute together.. I hope they would date each other in real life sometime in the future.. hahahah my delusional gay heart 💔
Billie Addict
That’s the tea sis
Brandon Ninja
I hope y'all realize they're not really lesbians?
Bryan Kim
Cherry Chapstick
20:10 ??? Original script?????
Chloe 11
At 3:47 my heart melted I’m sooooo happy
Christopher Mueller
I love Madds' Yeeeeeeeeeees at 22:00
Daphne Lyland Cayabyab
They did the kiss a lot
Dat Beast
It's interesting to note that in all the interviews and stuff, Madelaine always talks about Cheryl as a separate person/character tp herself, whereas Vanessa references Toni in first person (me, I etc.)\n\nJust something I noticed. Probably just shows how they think about their characters differently.
Omg the jokes 7:12
Dtv Edits
When it’s 1:00 AM and you have school tmr but your watching this instead of going to bed
Elizabeth Lozier
She did it for me in private. 20:04 - 20:10
Emilia Hannele
Fernanda Leite
stopping to think Vanessa was the first girl that Madelaine kissed ?, if it was, the first kiss that Madelaine gave a girl was just with her best friend kkkkkkk, but it was not Vanessa's, I wish they would talk about it
Friendly/local/gay/trash/meme I'm lonely
Szołni XD
Gianna Isabella
I’m so pissed on all the deleted Choni scenes 😭😭😭
Glendys Suarez
Love them ❤️❤️
Helena Oliveira
Excuse me, where's the 10000 like button??\n😍😍
Kelly Reyes
Everything starts with “the good outfit”
It’s not Chonii, it’s a Chooni.\n\n\nMadelaine Granger XDDDDDDD
Lara Gemniczak
Ok, i'm screaming in pain right now... Love them both SOOO much
Lil Kendrick
Yooo I’m here for a sexy Choni scene I am more😍😍😍
17:24 SHES SO CUTE OMFG IM MELTING (also !!!THANK YOU!!! for making this)
Louise yeah
this would be a better video by far if you put snapchat videos in it and not just YouTube videos and interviews
Ludmila Fidelis
Brasiiiillllll hellooooo
Lulinha Lopez
Maddie Kennedy
I love Madelaine! I can’t believe I didn’t like Cheryl in season one and now I love her! I watch her youtube channel and she’s amazing! I love her personality and her style!
Makenna Gaskins
At all of the cw up fronts I was looking at cami the whole time.
Mons 93
Music Mania
Skeet Ulrich ❤❤
Nana Abena Darkowaah
I think it's nice that Choni is a girly bisexual couple.
Phoebe Udani
I love this 😍😢
Rebecca Perry
🐍🍒🌈😍👅👄💦this was great
Rebecca Syse
Rem Dog
I love how passionate they are about the pronunciation of Choni... #Choni
Savitha Suresh
Spicy sarcasm
“I’m not being tied up for fun”\n“Mmhmm”\n“Yeah, like, Cheryl’s not there”\n“WE KNEW THAT WAS COMING”\nMe: AHA. I KNEW SHE WAS GONNA SAY THAT. YES THE SHIP IS SAILIIIIING
Their skin is goals !!!!
Susan Morgan
Best 22 minutes and 4 seconds of my life
drink tea is their secret code for sex
betty’s adderall
8:30 Vanessa is meeeeeee 15:30 5:25
bieber style
catherine cea
when you think you've seen all the interviews of madelaine and vanessa but you find a video that has everything you need even though you've seen everything, I love their friendship and I'm so sad about the scenes eliminated choni because I know that they have worked hard and the writers or producers did not know how to handle the relationship properly or the development, I really hope they do a better job for season 3 because they deserve it and we too
cheese nugget
0:25 omg cheryls laugh
I want to have Madelaine as my best friend lmao
heelee my name is hella weird I know
thank you
javi lopez
3:40 LOOOOOOOOL😂😂😂😂 ''I WANNA DATE CHERYL!!!!!'' Jajajajaja
kayla; ,
Honestly, I see them as best friends irl. Not a couple lol
keke royalty
gosh i love madnessa 😭❤️ #choni
marie carunungan
tea yes, you maybe hahahaha
nayely contreras
Am I the only one who wants to see a jealous Cheryl? I think it would be so funny to see that and how Toni would react 😂
this makes me so happy inside
queen amidala
sarah salupo
3:36 😂😂😂
teddy rose
Teryl? 😂
god if i didnt know madelaine had a boyfriend i would swear they're dating like talk about chemistry.....sdjsdksd
choni is love, choni is life.