OMG! Tech Deck ULTRA RARE Golden Trucks! No Way!!! 8 2 18

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OMG! Tech Deck ULTRA RARE Golden Trucks! No Way!!! 8 2 18Intro Designed by Joseph HungOutro Designed by Jason----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Aaron Tarver
Nice video
Babiker Elarbi
Why is he talking about bb dun
Benson Xiong
Nice video
looks like me trying to look like a noob with my left hand and eyes closed
Braden Chapman
A could I have one
Caleb Wuthe
What is he doing
Catarina Matos
You’re a noob. I thought that you were a pro
Cave yyy
am i on the weird side for the sec time
Crizeff Nunez
But in filifino!!
I thought you were a pro😂😂😂
Draygen Buechler
You should of took the revive skate board
Garth Heenan
22:40-23:00 u can't miss😂😱
IXI Josh
4:39 Oh my god those are very rare i heard they are. The one's on the rigth if he'd known he would of got it.(The zombie revive deck By the way)
Ikhay Estrella
You can't miss it👌
Jake Moreno
3:33-3:40 you can’t miss it
Kevin Mendez
Are you ok???
Kyle M.
Man, my Walmart doesn't have 10℅ of a selection like that one has.
LulZee e
That Ollie had me laughing hard!
Mr Beast6000
He said u better not get susspend for bringing this to school
Mr XxxSupr3m3
i can't do tricks anymore i used them when i was little and now im 13
A sent
Patrick .da.butt.licka. My name is Oliver btw
Review some hot wheels plz
Qaucamole Z Fox
I got that Santa Cruz board. Kinda screwed it up from doing board slides.
Ritchie Markovski
I got the gold trucks all of the times I got a sk8 shop set
Stunt Bros
I have golden trucks
Tech deck Nation
Bruh those trucks are yellow
Turkey Chicken
ZX Rossi
When the person started playing with the tech deck it was like asmr it sounded really nice and gave me tingles
Zander Trevinohro equipment kkgjvqq
You mean deez nutz
Zhaiy benban
What's the intro song?
emanuel the cheese stick Garcia
fo da tech deck so single packs
joseph bejada
Ken i have a tech deck
josh C.
i am 10 yr old and nice vid i like it
koen ackman
Amazing video
lord fbk16
Nois diks 3:32
miguel yvan avena
hahaha hinde mo alam tana
panda shark studio
His yt channel name tho😂😂😂
zazinombie fingerboarding
She can't trick😐