The Lion King Simba Confronts Scar

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The Lion King is a 1994 American animated epic musical adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures.Full Score Title: The Rightful King This score plays when Simba returns to Pride Rock and challenges Scar. Scar makes Simba admit to killing Mufasa.

Broadway King Lion Simba Confronts Scar Soundtrack The The Lion King (musical)

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Ava Copeland
Disney annoys me sometimes
“Simbaaaaaa I’m a little surprised to see you.........ALIVE!”\n\n*GULP!!!!!*\n\n😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Creepy Betty
Daniel Moorefield
I get chills every single freaking time I watch this scene and when Simba gets the flashback on the ledge and then the ledge.\nGreat job Broderick and Irons.
beautiful scene!
Dragon Soul
I love it when Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed gulp. Makes me laugh every time!!
Harrison Jones
Two things bother me about this scene\n\n1. Why does anyone believe cub simba could have killed mufasa lol\n\n2. why didnt the hyenas who were cornering simba attack him when he jumped scar?
Juan Delgado
3:14 And just when you thought Mufasa was returning as well. lol
Kevin Berry
why does anyone believe Simba killed Mufasa he was a cub
Kyle Hayse
Scar did not blame Simba for not killing mufasa! Scar blames simba for messing the trap up with the Wildebeests!
Laiba Khan Year 9
1:54 He admits it, MURDERER\nMe: Scar, your deep
Lilo X Charlie
Fanmade ending:\nWhen Mufasa fell, everybody was certain he was dead. That was not the truth. As he hit the ground his impact was cushioned by the stampeding animals, and he hit the ground hard, but softer than he was going to. He passed out and was unconscious the entire time Scar threatened Simba and told him to run. Mufasa woke the next day in pain, but in search for Simba. Without thinking twice, he ran to find Simba, without seeing the pride. Mufasa was hurt and close to death at the end of his search. He had not found Simba, but was nearly dead. He gave up at midnight, just before Simba returned at 1am. He drank and ate leftovers from the watering hole, while every other animal was confronting Scar. He heard Sarabi's cry and ran to help her. Scar had hit her. He ran to see her.\n\
Lion Man
0:00 how i look after I respawn from being team killed
Lizzie Flint
I think this battle is amazing nephew vs uncle. Lizzie Flint
Lorenzo Escudero King
3:14 wtf
Simba had the 'YOU DARE'! glare on his face after seeing Scar backhand his mother
Am I the only one that was never a fan of the voice actor they chose for adult Simba?
koushik raja
I know Scar acts scared when he sees Simba thinking he was Mufusa but he thought if Mufusa was alive he would tell everyone he tried to kill him.
xXKierra BinghamXx
My question is, how could simba and the other lions think simba killed Mufasa. He was a kid
zero granger
I love how once Simba became an adult he stopped calling Scar, Uncle Scar. Probably once he heared everything from Nala and he saw Scar strike Sarabi down, Simba officially disowned him.