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Tech Deck fingerboarding how to fingerboard

A World full of randomness
Everytime I try I end up doing the impossible
Ade Stickbaby
I thought doing regular tricks was not possible until I saw the video yesterday. Now I'm doing it. I was doing it my own way 20 years ago by whacking the tail and flipping it or using a vertical edge to ramp off. So you can actually pop this. Hard to do a flat Ollie but I just did one now in between sentences. I want to make a tutorial one day.
the cringe
Angelo Scott
Still a better fad than fidget spinners.
None of these help me
Austin Jarvis
Tech Deck you need to bring back your metal rails
BOMB Blitzz
Im getting a FINGER BOARD
Hola soy de chile y quiero saber cómo puedo conseguir todo de teck deck
Ben Brown
I spent all of middle school and first couple years of high school tech decking. yeah I didn't get good grades. But I killed it on the tech deck hahah
Blake B
Bricks from Mars
2018 anyone
Cesar Morales
Charles Ethan Jeffrey Lamarroza
um can somebody explain why when try to pop I endup doing the ollie
Christopher Bustos
2018? anyone
Colin Gelens
2018 anyone?
Cory Baker
My tricks are way better than theres
Courtney Racule
too hard won't come of the ground ] :\u003c
DP 34
2019 anyone
I can't believe I still have, mine lol. Not that this will ever happen (as in selling them) but how much do they go for ?
David Igleniec
These are still better than cellphones in class.
Desi Natalia
Bagaiman sih cara memainkan skate board mini??
Do Minic
i can finally ollie!!😃😃
Doug Davidson
Your the best
Eden COC
My skateboard goes flying away help plz
EnterpriseCare Digital
Nais video 👍
Fir3 xx Skill3d
2018 anyone
FlavoryAlpaca 10
2018 anyone
Genius pro tv
I love tech deck fingerboards
Griffin Mackenzie
every time I try to do an ollie I end up with something like a pop shuvit or ollie 360 or popshuvit 360 or 720 flip BUT NO DAMN OLLIE
does the fact I have no grip tape have anything to do with why I find this so hard ??
Harrison Davis
I can't pop still
I am Afghan
Thanks this really helped\n███████████████\n{☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○╚¥♥
Jack Militante
i just like literally did a popshuppet\n with a finger board!
Jacob Garrison
yea, bro that was totally far out man
Jael Bro
James Deang
Thanks for teaching
Jh_24 Plays
I bring these to school😊
Jillian Vinson
Why I connot do Ollie but i can kickflip
John Smith
Tony hash is a great brand
Jonathan Simmons
Best toy
Joshua Lewis
Tech neck
João Luiz Inácio
Muito legal oseus vídeo
Kelsey Fingerboards
Bruh I can't 😂
Lane D
I have nothing else to do so I'm watching a bunch of random stuff including this haha
Leep Productions
2018 anyone
Life Haxxx
2017 anyone?
Lily Garcia
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lukas Nyima
Me 2 hours ago: Ollie isn't possible how do they make it jump. Me now: wow this actually works
Matthew Sarfo-Barimah
2018 anyone?
Michiel Gypen
Easy tricks!
Mr. Maan
2018 Anyone?
Nerijus GamePlayer
Can I ride fingerboard with three fingers?
Mine won't get in the air
Nikolas Pleyer
i buyed a Series 5 one on Ebay and... IT WAS WORTH 12€!
OrB Magiic
The funny part is, is that i started using pencils when i learned to ollie then i went to stickynotes lol
Paulino fingerboards
2018 here?
i have that board life size
Pradyumna D
man finger boarding is hard
Quadeca is a good rapper
2019 anyone?
R Wyman
0:38 Clean ur filthy nails dude. Not cool!
Lol I suck xD
Rad Cuber
Red Bull77
2083 anyone???????
Richard Vue
Damn. These were the shit when I was in middle school. I remember my friends and I would have more than 5 tech decks each and we would play skate during breakfast, lunch, during class and after school. Sometimes we'd play for keeps and the loser had to give up one of his tech decks. I'm thinking about buying some now. They're pretty cool.
Rodrigo Flores
Wow these are sooo authentic..\nBut srsly a BerlinWood is authentic.
his voice
2018 anyone
Sealtiel Villaruel
I just flip it and do stuff that I don't even know and I just act cool\n\n:')
I remember playing skate when i was in elementary school lol
2019 anyone?
Skye Swalls
It is actually 2:00 am What am I doing..
Spencer Karlson
Sports Everything
I finally did the ollie!!!!!!!!!!!
Superherokids Deadpool
I have 1 tech deck it is called FLIE
Syahmi Sofian
i love both of them skateboard and fingerskate
Thatoneguy Mccool
I still have my old gonlelez tech decks might as well try
I can't even get the board to come off of the ground
Trent Steele
I had been skateboarding for 12 years when I got my first Teck Deck. Never saw a reason to go back. Now I fingerboard all day in stead and never miss a jerkoff session since I'm always in my room!
Truett Curtis
Cool really good just every body who plays with tech decks needs to keep practicing
1:09 \
Wow I remember using these back in 4th grade! So much fun to use during class until the teacher took them away 😂
Urgh this might sound dumb.. But I don't know how to snap my wrist. .-.
Z Tuber
Who else is here after watching spike try to flip it?
very nice VIEDO BRO 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 bro love your blovgs 😘 ok hand good
hip hop songs
who still use this in 2016? I do
jack boss
congratulations you made me start finger bording
kwebblkop jelly slogoman dantdm
Plz give me a skate
maria biazzi
eu tenho um tec dec
one smol birb
if anybody wants to practice very hard tricks I use the thumb deck position. first put in normal stance next put your thumb BETWEEN your fingers with your thumb nail or tip under the deck/on the truck side and start practicing until u can trick without the thumb stance\n#protip
the concave makes me cringe
How can i make an ollie if my hands is getting numb?
todd jdb
I can't do an Ollie
back in school 5 or 6 years ago everyone including me had these.
Fidget spinner or this?
That is verry good!!!!!!