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These are Top Funny fail Home Video Compilations of 2014 -- Check out this awesome compilation of the best fails of 2014. check out this super funny fail home video compilation of 2014. LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE this awesome video. Dont forget to subscribe to OOOPS :)For More Hilarious FAIL Videos Click Below-: Subscribe, rate and comment if you want more funny stuff!Thanks for your support!

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7amoody 1985
Don't listen for people who say the sound effects are not good and the video is bad..\n\nIt's very funny
Abel Vilchez
Jajajaja toma tu like,bien jajaj que bueno encontrar un video sin esas aparatosas intros, eso es muy bueno..y los efectos de sonido jajajaja
Sure, 2014! :D
Alex Buenacosa
This video made my day😅\nWatching 2018😁
Allie Boerner
Is anybody gonna even mention how that guy was totally starting to get mauled by a bear?
Andre Fargo
This video is so relaxing
AndreasProGamerGR andreas
so much edit
Ardi Satria
Pa ney tak boleh main ney........\n
You know what would be funny? Extra sounds! - said no-one ever
Bacon Smellsgood
The added sound is really annoying
Baerghet Trulmaelder
Does anyone know the song at 0:13?\nPleaseeeeeee
Blue Shard
The sound effects make them worse and not funny
Christopher Hemmerling
Sounds effects are very unnecessary...
Dakota Mcpeek
lol put it in fast mode.......... it is hilarious
Danie Mistula
hahahaha! they look so crazy in that video they are trying but they really cant hahhaahaha that is called true FAILS\nits Ruined with sound effects\nAnd i think they saying in themselves OUCH!
Daniel Diaz
I kind of like the sound efects
Dank Memes
Yeahhhh u shouldn't add sounds cuz u ruined the fails
Dominik Tomasek
Český faily jo :-D
Enrico Febian
does anyone know the song at the 2:17?
loool česká videa no to nene :-D
Futebol Zone
very good compilation. Thanks
Go JakJak
0:13 - 0:17 what song?
Ha Ha It's so funny
Grimm 666
Češi jsou prostě nejlepší:)\n
Hacker H
В России психиатры и специально обученные полицейские с помощью\nдлительного скрытого гипноза делают так, что честные люди\nразрывают себе анальные сфинктеры, пожизненно истекают дерьмом и лезут на стену от боли.
Hoby Lomlom
Sooo funy
even though it was a fail, that ski shit at the beginning was crazy!
Ivan Koff
Прикольное. Cool.
Ivan Ragandang
U guys think that this is a pretty sh**y video but I think its funny
good compilation
Jean Putman
Yes very nice :D
Joerj Reyes
eng so funny\nhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha\nhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Jozef Varga
ste normálni? hahahaha.... dobrá práce, Ooops
Katsumi Watanabe
2014? you have to be kidding me, right?? this seems 1892!!!
lay of the sound effects!
Lauraanne Bevan
Sounds are very distracting,video good,a shame.
Laurence Deocampo
Its funny video
LoL Esports TV
Annoying sound effects
Lone Brot
God this video is annoying why the sound effects man \n
2014 all from 2000 iven say that on some videos 2014 fail
Matt Petrosky
Whoever liked this is dumb. These clips are 10-20 years old and the stupid annoying sound effects made me want to rip my ears off. After 50 seconds I had enough
Teď vypadáme my češi jako debilové... -.- :D :D
Mayte Veerman
Anoying sounds :S
Mister Fish.
Mister Toni
wow you Ooops you ar like mi but i m bether in meking like this videos\nyea but you ar ameising bro\ngood work bro wrili bro good work
Mr. Fun
It's so funny video. I like it.
Nikos Karavelakis
very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nionios Poulimenos
Funny Home Video Fails with sound effects are like Oxygen, you get too much you get to High!!!
Noah Svalin
The sound effects.. This video deserved a dislike...
Ondra Soucek
Videos od\n Czech republic
mi dispiace tanto per le persone che si fanno male
Pachon Lucia
Che ridicolo . ...fatte cagare con le vostre imitazioni. .....come sempre gli italiani credono bravi in va va
I Like IT!!!1 +Ooops - Funny Home Videos 
Richard Contreras
Ha cool vid
Riduan to
i wokai mama niyei
S.J. Munn
I had a hard day at work today, came home a little depressed. Started watching these videos, and now I can't stop laughing. thank you so much..............
Sam Holtby
Sarah Miletic
I Love Funny Videos From Goran Miletic
Yeah right 2014.. all those videos were from the 90´s. Please don't steal videos from TV and upload making it look like you made the compilation. It brings bad luck to the Internetz.
What's the music at 0:21?
A TRHEE WHEELER QUAD ??????????? :P epic!
Spencer Smith
i think the added sound effects are so annoying.
hey.. this is really nice.
SuperbOlus Gamer
It would be better *without* the sound affects....
its a compilation of sound effects
Tarnished Knight
Thumbs down for all the stupid sound effects. CRINGE!
Valeriy Smith
Работал в 90-е в видео салоне, рубль с человека а сеанс для взрослых треха бабок было не мерено
Christ I don't know what decade the sound effects remind me off but I'm sure it was pretty shitty
Vanessa Dennings
Česky Video
Vinicius Ramos
Cadê a narração do Faustão???
Wait guys stop Swearing my mom thinks its me
Watch 6:27 until the end i laughed my butt off
Wayne Knight
the videos on the sound effects were stupid
Wong MoMo
哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 你真行囉
Yrriuy Yrrencko
anthony dayrit
celemar lapitan
6:30..7:00. was the funniest!!!hahah
cindy velasquez
Me llegó el de los esquis 😰😰😰
Desensitization Training Videos . . . .so when grama slips and breaks her hip . . .you laugh
those sound effects weren't funny in 1983 and have aged poorly.
WOW!!!!! Awesome compilation. +Ooops - Funny Home Videos 
ilove Sleep
3:12 5:03
jelly _YT
hahahahah so funny
o sadika
so funny
It's stolen from Czech tv :D
pistol vasile
This video is so relaxing
pokemon sextrade
the best part of this was 10:18
polar bear
hate the sound effects
rutilio caballero
more like fail compilation 1995
sully sullivan
Sound affects are proper annoying, I cant even finish ths
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Couldn't stand the sound effects! Sounds like 1980's cartoons
český videa :D a největší vtip je to že je to z televizního pořadu neváhej a toč