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Amrita Srinivasan
Hi my daughter is born with extropia (intermittent squint) which was monitored till now. she is currently 8 years old and recently tested with -1.50 and -1.00. the doctors asked her to wear glasses so that her extropia can help her focus and not let her right eye drifts outside. I like your concept of decreasing axil length by lesser diopter glasses...how do i get these less diopter glasses done for my child they generally ask for doc prescription ?? do glasses really help focus if u have extropia?
Anonymous Writer
I greatly agree with you.
Balu Balu
I have a doubt can you solve it ???
Bharat Bhushan Bhushan
You r best
-5 to -1.5. Wow, that's a lot. I seem to be going that many diopters into longsightedness. I'm gettin the same kind of double vision thing. That's because I have a weakend muscle, probably the superior oblique from years of eyestrain.
Bronwyn P
I enjoyed this video and thank you for the full week of information that you have e-mailed me this week. This gives me hope. I never needed glasses until I was diagnosed as being nearsighted just after Christmas. My vision was always 20/13 and even was about a year ago. I think getting older (I will be 28 in a few months) and time spent at work on the computer and also at home has caught up with me. I read a lot too. I don't know what my vision is now without my glasses but I do know my prescription. I tried the blur distance test that you discussed but my arm was not long enough.\nI like your videos in the park too. Thank you for making these videos. They are inspiring.
Great video and content. Beautiful scenery. Totally resonates with what I'm experiencing at the moment. Thanks for the motivation, Jake.
Craig Phillips
Hey Jake. My son has Myopia. Poor kid cant see clear past arms reach. He's 10. Anyway, I have been getting him to take his glasses off while reading sometimes, and holding the book just at the edge of clarity for some of his reading as well And we only let him read in daylight. Also getting more sunlight generally. More outdoor time with and without his glasses. He reported once in a while suddenly everything would snap into clarity, but then it would go blurry again. Is this the clear - flashes you mentioned? It seemed to be a positive for me. He also reported a gradual increase in the distance he can read sharply.\n\nAnyways. Great vids. Thanks for taking the time. They are proving very helpful!C
David Martinez
You talk wayyy tooo much. Get to the point gotdam
England Andy
Hi, is going from 2.5 down to 1.5 to much of a jump? I see well but cannot read the tv from 10ft in the dark
Fern Rainbow
really like your description of it being like a layer over it that you want to blink away \
Grateful Princess of God
This is Singapore right? The birds in the background sounds familiar to me. I was thinking the other day after watching some of your videos that getting a qualification as an optometrist may benefit you. I mean it will make you more creditable and yet you can still go on to do what you believe in. Anyway, you still need to get your customers undercorrect glasses to help them with active focus, and you can use all these machines to check their eyes can't you? Because you are not recognized as a qualified optometrist, the whole world of optometrists think that you are just a false prophet. Although I know you will probably end up putting your hand up to oppose almost everything the lecturers are going to teach hehehe. Anyhow, what you are doing right now...having the youtube channel and facebook forums etc...is kind of like testing the waters...they can be used as indicators to see if you are heading in the right direction... I think I do believe in what you are sharing.
Janelle Hoxie
Jake cocky? No way! :P Well it's great because now we can learn from your experience. I love your talks in the park.
Joshwa Siju Thomas T
myopia in only one eye.20/20 in another.what should be my prescription for -1.5 of my anther to see with BOTH EYES.
Kawthar Hassan
can you move from -4 to perfect eyes
we like we want more of this topic specifically
Learning Never Ends
hello sir..I have -6 and -5..Should I buy -5&-4 glasses.. if I don't.. then Please tell me if I see far objects that you know I can't see properly but should I still focus on very far distance without glasses? please tell me.. if I don't change my glasses and at the same time working on my eyesight without glasses focusing on far far distance then Am i on the right way? please help
bla bla bla. . .
Matthew Logan
A1 information bro I had a clear moment as you was explaining it I swear to god. ice been looking into about glasses are a scam. but on top of that I've been doing eye exercises here and there take off glasses while in car (not driving being the passenger) and I put subtitles on my tv so I can get closer and further glasses no glasses and I'm at least 15ft back and when u said try to blink off I really focused and just for a second the subtitles got clear. so people listen up. and I'm gonna double my eye exercises. thanks bro great video
Osprey 60377
I got glasses about 4 years ago and I took three years for me to notice the glasses were slowly not working anymore and then I got newer glasses just for school but they took my old ones which I intended to keep for times I didn't need extreme shapness also I am 15 now and on the sheet of paper it says something like D.V/O.D spherical is -3.50 I think and D.V/O.S is -2.00 also they said I went down two on my left eye and a lot more on my right eye why would one eye change so much quicker than the other? Thanks for not trying to sell things because no body at my house besides my brother even thinks glasses are bad.can you tell my why they put uv coating on the new pair?
Way off topic here , but what is the music used for the intro and outro? I must know. Absolutely mesmerizing music.
Sooo.. should i take any medicines or surgery to improve? or should i do eye exercises?
Saloni Agrawal
Please correct me I m wrong. So I have -4d in both eyes. So instead of abandoning my glasses fully I should wear glasses of slightly low power? Is this correct?
Sean Skelton
Another great one. I really like the outdoor videos.... But I like the other ones too.
Selen C.
Please someone explain what exactly do I need to do to improve my vision? English isn't my mother tongue and I can't understand some things he says. He doesn't suggest eye exercises but what does he suggest exactly?
Simple Complicated
What the hell on earth are you blathering.. do some meaningful talk.
I really like your videos. The ones showing interesting enviroments like asian nature and city life especially.\nContent is mostly interesting.\n\nI have been following advice from you for a couple of months now, and already restored a big part of my vision.\nI was using -1.25 glasses with 0.75 astigmatism when I decided to try make due without them.\nShortly after I started looking for ways to restore vision without laser or other shortcuts and found your site.\n\nI am still far from perfect vision but I am now perfectly comfortable driving without glasses, reading roadsigns and license plates with small or no effort. Some days I can see license plates from like 50 meters or more!\nIm using my old glasses only when driving at night now, but they are way to strong!\nGetting weaker soon.\n\nIm using a snellen chart at home and can see 20/30 at best with poor lightning. Have not bothered yet with getting good ligthing. My vision is now more like double vision than blur. I absolutely believe I can reach perfect vision at this point, from being more than sceptic.\n\n10 years of glasses when I could have just changed my habbits!\nAlmost makes me laugh... Thanks Jake!
Taki Spy
Thank you Jake for this helpful videos. I wanted to tell you about myself. I've had myopia for 8 years And I was wearing glasses 100% of the time. I suffered all this years from pains in the eyes and in the head especially when i'm in a car. But suddenly when I started to see videos about people who can get back their eyesight to 20/20 I had some hope and I started for 1 month wearing glasses for 10% during the day and my pains reduced very much. And I always do exercices and I look at the horizon without glasses. And when I started listening to you you really do not recommand putting off glasses. I'm really more happy without glasses and lower vision than with perfext vision and pains in my head. Do you recommand me to continue what I started or is it dangerous?
i have a -1.50. is that horrible vision?
Treasure Diver
God I cannot wait to open my eyes in the morning and see the beauty of the world with my own healthy eyes. Come on, my opes, we can do this!
hey jake. my daughter is 9 and is prescribed -0.50 in both the eyes a month a go. I have not made her wear glasses yet. how to make her practice active focus. and should i start with lower diopters when she is in school and making her realize what clarity is all about.....and then taking the spects off all day???? am confused....
Wesley Pimentel
I like these videos, sometimes we want to be faster, but we are not evolving at all because we don't follow all your advises. Thanks again
Will G
I was blocked from replying to a question on another video in regards to my success with these exercises, so I am posting it here.\nYes, it worked. I stopped doing the exercises though and my vision got a\nlittle worse again and then I would be conscientious with the exercises\nagain and the vision would improve again. I think that what happens is that\nthe muscles that shape and focus your eye lens need to contract for you to focus on\nsomething near. Near sightedness is overly strengthened eyes that are\nalways tensed (this is not under conscious control). They are not weak. It is the bad habits we have that make it necessary to continue the exercises. Reading for long periods without\nshifting eyes to a distant object for instance. Reading in poor light is\nalso bad as your lens can not focus easily when your pupil is large whereas\na small pupil is much easier for the lens to achieve focus, similar to the action of a pinhole camera.\nWearing reading glasses while doing the exercise will also boost\nits effects if you are trying to correct nearsightedness. Get the weakest reading glasses you can at the local drug store. If you have to wear contacts then use the reading glasses while doing the exercises with your contacts in.You should also\nnever wear your prescription near sighted glasses while at the\ncomputer or while reading if you can manage without them.\nThey really do work. It takes time and persistence though, and many of your present habits may work against your progress. I went from not being able to read the near signs in the grocery store, the ones hanging from the ceiling , when standing at the end of the aisle, to being able to read the ones at the far end. They have one on each end.
alejandro king
to much talk and i never see the trick to get better vision
dark cheeto
so how do I do it
immaget datrarri
ok I get it my eyes aren't broken but what to do to solve the problem plz help god bless
jerry jaksha
You have it right, Jake.  Myopia is a bad habit that we can change - very slowly. The brain needs the positive feedback of almost clear focus to relearn the good habit of 20-20. \nIt took years of wearing glasses in my teens to take my vision down to 4 diopters. It took me years to bring my vision back to 20/40 and temporary 20/20.\n\nMy \
radhey govind paliwal
i have been visiting your website for a long a time and not one time i have seen a direct or definite solution u have told...
sharan prasad
Will low myopia(-0.50 both eye) get worse if I refused to wear glasses?. Im actively engaging with outdoor vision nowadays....& reduced my close up habits.
Seems like optometrists would be unwilling to cooperate with giving you glasses that correct vision to somewhere less than sharp.
surya pratap singh
i have myopia (-2.50 diopter). how often should i do your practice per day to get my eyesight 20/20? and one more thing man u r inspirational.
tcb taking care of business
Jake steiner were do I neddle to buy glasses
Thank you for your great work! Best regards from Germany :-)
wouldn't this cause you other problems though? If you have a naturally long or short eye then your eye muscles will have to overcompensate when they learn \