Cercle Underground 3 Hip Hop 1/2 Final RAF Vs Criminalz 2nd part

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Battle Cercle Underground 3ème Edition organisé par Hagson Dimanche 10 avril 2011.1/2 Finale Hiphop - RAF Vs Criminalz - 2ème partie.Speakers : Youval & BabsonDj's : Yugson & GuiuRealisation Montage : Karlos "leKameleon" da Silva (Karism Pictures)

10 2011. 1/2 2ème 3ème Battle Cercle Criminalz Dimanche Edition Finale Hagson Hiphop RAF Underground Vs avril organisé par partie. Speakers...

last song plzzz
what first song?!!!!)))
Bella Mac
I love how this is a group battle and how R.A.F. won, but everybody talks about Waydi!!! That guy is beyond believe!!! \\o/
Christian Soriano-H.
marvin all the way.... waydi killed it too
Dani Ela
Oh gosh...I overheat everytime I see Marvin dancing :O
Marvin puts RAF on his back
Gabriel Francisco
no way RAF won that....they had nice CHOREO...while Crim's had incredible FREESTYLE....
i cant buhleev Waydi did that lmaoooo *dead*
i made a video to the second Song :) i love that song !
Jan Dolahsek
Marvin is just sooo ill...\n\nCriminalz was more of a crew this battle. I knew Boubou was good but damn Waydi killed that last part.\n\nHell of a battle... so nice!
Kenny Mathieu
deuxieme sons ?
Lin Chi
please second song its of DJ Yugson but what is the track.. ;)
Luke Mackley
song at 2:40 and 5:45 anyone?
2nd song please
Makson Dementev
2 song please !!!
New Blood
Pavel Flores
@Lias4ever last song is 0-4500 Amenta Prod. by fLako \n
Pitiq Pitiq
2nd songs plss
Rayjke lovehouse
1 track?)
second song pls )\n
Timer Khaydarshin
2-nd song is daz-i-kue-shout awright
KakKOI!!! Нравиться!! Улёт, прозрачный!!
Vincent Nietz
L'instru de Sir'klo x Laylow - Tu dois le savoir (premier son) est IMPOSSIBLE à avoir ! Omfg ! ='(\r\nSi quelqun a un lien Youtube ou autre pour l'instru ça serai cool.\r\nMerci
does anybody know abt 1st song plz\n
big up to marvin but good performance for criminalz too
koffi olomide
name of indian song plaese ?
everybody went so hard.
first second : see watts - let's go