Hunger - Ross Copperman

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Aaliyah Desjarlais
i freking cried so hard when damon and elena were dancing my delena heart was sad!! because when they said goodbye and were dancing I cried so freaking hard I ship delena forever!! its such a beautiful ending!! like omg thanks tvd for making the ending so beautiful!! and for making me cry!!lol
Abril Cassandra
I am getting married soon and I think I found my wedding song \u003c3
Ahs Loveer
every time im listening to this song,its like i cant breathe..omg delena what have you done?so much love♡
Alessandra Lele
Delena forever! ❤
Alexander Medina
Aliya Naushad Ali
this song make me cry inside... its been by fav from the time i heard it on TVD and that song right there filled life and sadness in that ending of season 6 a end of a era... :\
This makes me more sentimental than Twilight because I grew up with Vampire Diaries... And I'm a guy tho haha
Amina Am
i miss delena so much \ni want them back
Ana Julia Miranda
The only one with the right lyrics, thanks \u003c3
this song is so beautiful. it should be known more
Anush The Blogger
OMG..... Can't beleive it's all over. Couldn't help crying when I saw them both dancing on that road.....
Aya Ftais
Ayela Waseer
Coming back to this, it's such a beautiful song. But the feels get me everytiem. *Sigh* How am I going to survive without tvd.
Betzy Arr
I can't listen to this song without crying. I keep thinking of Elena and Damon when they where dancing. It's too sad for me.
Such a beautiful song, came here from The Vampire Diaries :'(
Breanne Nicole
This will literally be my wedding song. Thanks Elena & Damon.
Brittany Lloyd
I cried sooooo much during the parts where everybody was saying goodbye to Elena I just watched it again and I cried soooo much again it’s so sad😪😭
Bruna de Moura
Camrie Liddell
I'm still not over Delena my heart hurts
Catarina Couquinha
One of my favourites songs! Love it! \n(Btw, vampire diaries led me here)
Cayden Moore
Whose here from the Delena Dance in 6x22
Celine Bieber
delena feels*_* 😍😱 i cant believe that the 8th season is the f*cking last 😥😦 i am Not okay with this 😮😣 hope for a amazing delena final with passion, adventure and even little danger 😳😍
Chanell Heeter
This song is everything. #DelenaForever
Charles Bouie
Let me cry in your arms Damon.😭💘
Chloe Jones
thanks to tvd, i have the song i can cry to after losing someone bc he didnt care about me anymore :')
Damla Kızılyel
Delena will always be in my heart.. Best ship ever. 😭💔💔😭💖💖💖
Darth Angelx
Dayanara Carcamo
Anybody only come to hear this song cuz it's from TVD 😂
Devina Verma
Delena feels ❤🌎❤
Diana Amitrului
It's over!TVD it's over!! :(
This song physically hurts my heart... i miss the vampire diaries so much
Erik van Rossum
I am getting married in November, this will be the ''First Dance'' song of my and my Fiancé on our Wedding in November. We did found this song through TVD, We are in a long-distance relationship for around 5 years now. America/Netherlands,We have been through so much shit over the years with not being able to see eachother for 1.5 year due Visums etc, and the lyrics of this song mean a lot too us, I cannot wait for November.
Faye Kennedy
TVD feels omg😓
Goretti L. Itoka
I love this song, Delena made me cry wen they danced it..😘😘
Hailey Flanders
My fave song because of the scene in Vampire Diaries season 6x22 Love it! #delena #steroline
Hannah Jo
Am I the only one here not from TVD??😂
Hell Pop
Delena Forever ❤️❤️
Iris Montenegro
Tonight is The Vampire Diaries Finale, I really hope Damon and Elena get their happy ending :( \u003c3 #TVDFOREVER \u003c3
Ishita Pandey
I really love stefan and damon but any klaus fan here? I am drawn to him I guess😂
Jada Lyons
I think everybody was led here by the vampire diaries 😂😂💖
Jhuly Kauany
Ji young Go
God I love this song. Thanks to The Vampire Diaries that brought me to this great piece of art. I'm amazed.
Johnathon Kreiter
This song gets me every time I listen to it. I feel like its relatable to my life, with how my life is going right now. It makes me tear up, sometimes it makes me break down, especially from the end of season 6 of The Vampire Diaries.
Josh Jason
I swear vampire diaries has the best soundtracks ever!!
Joy Legon
My heart cries every time I hear this song! 😰 #tvd
My heart shatters every time I hear this
DELENA forever 💍❤
Kitti Palaky
I'm here from TVD😍😭💔💓💓💓
Laura Dunlop
This was my first dance at my wedding song. Adore it!
Leticia Alves
#DelenaForever #TheVampireDiaries
How comes this song is not in the top ten of many countries? It's fantastic! Could we not all TVD and DELENA funs do something about it?
Omggg I love them so much!! DELENA FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!💗💗⚜️
Manoela Pires
Last dance Delena! 😢❤
Marine Ratte
Delena's sonnng ommg i'm crying, i want To elena come back for a season 8 pleasseee
Mary Canlas
Anybody here for Delena?\n*turns my humanity off*
Meghana Duggal
this made me cry \ntvd \nelena and damon
Mia Gianna
This scene was the most perfect \
Micaela HB03
Elena: \
Montserrat Avilés
Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Delena
Nancy Hernandez
hermosa canción para un final de fotografía un momento que quedara marcado en el corazón de todas las personas que vemos la serie \
Oh Damn
Whenever I get married in the future I want this played at my wedding! Amazing 💛
Olivia N
here from TVD I can't, seriously 😭😭😿 its so emotional
Paige Constant
One of my new favorite songs. Did anyone else find this song from tvd?
Poli Rusanova
I'm a huge fan of TVD and I'm crying every time I watch the last episode. This song is incredible and make me also cry. 😢 I can't imagine that 8th season is the last one. Can someone be OK with this? Because I am not ... 😢😬😕😢😢
Rebecca Panlilio
Ugh the TVD feels, this is my solid existential crisis song, dalena😭😭
DELENA forever
Riyana Nathalia
The song not feel the same anymor like it was befor becaus of tvd saison 8 delena don't existe anymor 😭😭
Rosemary Tyler
anyone else here because of linneart
Samuel Es Mayne
this music broke my feelings
Sarah Peacock
My first dance song with my new husband ❤️
Shannon Scott
Am I the only person that wasn't led here by the Vampire Diaries but has always loved Ross Copperman's music?
Snail Tato
Delena 😢💔😭😩❤️🔥🔥
Summer Davis
I came across the dance scene from Vampire Diaries the other day. I had never seen too much of the show. It was absolutely breathtaking! You could feel the love between those characters. I've always loved Ross Copperman's music, but that scene definitely enhanced it.
Suzy Stark
I'm 90% the reason the song is most popular is because it was the ending song of vampire diaries season 6
Taurus Brit
TVD is ending... but it will forever remain in our hearts... as will DELENA!
Taya Beacom
long live delena \n\
Tori Styles
I came here from The Vampire Diaries. I just want to say, this show has probably one of the best soundtracks
Tua Porr
We'll miss you Elena
I love vampire diaries
Victoria Draney
Wairimu Nyingi
Vampire Diaries led me here.
Xiao Wang
Cried my eyes out during this scene :(
But I'm still extremely sad that Elena died. It's official that Nina has left the vampire diaries for good. 😭😭😭. Hopefully the cast is just saying that she's leaving just for the reaction and for us to think she's really gone and then she comes back. THEY CANT DO THIS TO US OR DAMON!!!!!!
a diamond
My Delena heart 😭❤️
delena forever 💗
'i love you, Damon Salvatore\
delena forever TVD forever
delena forever 😘😘
I sat here listening to this song imagining dancing with my fiance at our wedding like Elena and Damon danced. Tears welled up in my eyes.
kirsten !!
Anyone here because of anything other than tvd? I'm here cause I found it on a teen wolf edit xD
liv hinchcliffe
lois geal
If they put this song in Season 8, I might as well die. I can't cope that such a powering, passionate, exciting, and even a little dangerous TV show will be ending soon. TVD forever ❤️😭
moody af
TVD soundtracks are the best and this song makes me emotional because it reminds me of elena and Damon when they said goodbye to each other and they dance one last time, I can't stop singing this song in my head so what I did is I looked for the title and then here I am listening to it feeling emotional this song is a great piece I love it 👌💖😘😍
shelby melliere
this will be my wedding song. now I just need to get a guy.
In my eyes is this the end of Delena and not what the showed us in the series finale. They did not even really look in their eyes and kiss each other as they did before.