Sterling penalty tripping on his own Guardiola laughs with players

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What did you expect from a gypsy like Sterling?
Adelin Constantin
Omule nu.ti mai pune titluri in engleza ca sa atragi lasaat de cacaturile alea si acum cersesti niste bani pe aici..du.te la munca freestylere ;)
Alan Pettifer
Any player with a conscience would have told the ref that he had tripped over his own feet, and then if the ref still gives the penalty it's a very bad decision.....did Sterling do that, NO....cheating is part of todays game l'm afraid.
Amauri Ribeiro Severo Júnior
Ele tentou dar uma cavadinha e chutou quase que os chifres do tinhoso.
Anbu Anbu
World no 1 chatting team man city💯
Anselme Simbakoli
Bobby Silver
Sterling is a useless cunt.
What a disgrace to football.. no sportsmanship
Camilo Esteban Vélez Marín
Anyway, they could have told the referee about it. So bad for the English team.
Chris de Jesus
Esse juiz roubou mais que Lula 😂😂😂😂😂
Just wow
Fair & Square Justice
The referee must have his eyesight checked!! The assistant referee should say something!
Federico A
This happen and will happen when Uefa dont want Var ; bye bye, wake up Infantino is 2018 not medioeve
Felixder Nika
Jakhongir Aloev
Vidal style
Jamie Clarke
If he would of told the ref he tripped his public opinion would go do much higher but nope
Jens Schumacher´s not just a word....Sterling Shame on you and at all the other Players who have seen what happens. You had the Chance to Support the Referee, you didn´t!!! It wasn´t the 90. min of the Match!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME
Jeremy Nevill
Who is more shameful and stupid?...The referee or Sterling?...
Jon Kinnear
Sterling always has been a piece of shit. Liverpool put years of effort in to make him the player he is today. And he took the first big money offer that came his way. Of course he isnt honest enough to do the right thing.
Junior Mark
Jordi Alba 2.0 Neymar 3.0
Just Aria
you sould tell the refery the truth so you lost your chance to show up as a real man
To jako realy
Kushtrim Plakolli
Is not a penalty
Why didn't he just played fair and told the ref it wasn't a penalty? What a player! Lol
Matt Brown
I'm still tryna work out what it was Sterling was tryna actually do ... Even looking at the trajectory of his foot he'd of missed the ball completely 😂
M͓̽a͓̽n͓̽c͓̽h͓̽e͓̽s͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ C͓̽i͓̽t͓̽y͓̽
Everybody saying sterling should've told referee. But think logically if that happens to your club. If your player being so honest and tell the truth. That 1 goal could end up you losing crucial games. Who knows if tht one goal can be the final score. So sterling is right in his decision
Pertama Kedua
And that's why Miroslav Klose is a living legend
Specsavers required
Raul Plesa
Ești român?
Rijul Gupta
It just sets a wrong example for kids who want to take up football.He could have told the ref that he tripped.The harsh reality is that most of the football players would do the same as sterling did here.For many it is funny but to me this is a lack of sportsmanship from the players and probably the reason why technology is required in football so that these moments can be avoided.
Ronni Noir
Football isn't base on morals
Sam Byrne
Im sure some of the brainless football pundits will have mixed opinions on whether its a foul or not
Sin nombre sin nombre
Fair play Sterling??? Idiot.
Sterling is the next big barcelona player :)))))
TDW Hadris
What a fake I like sterling but that is just fake
Shameful little shit
Tomcat Attack
You guys are blind, look up closely, he got tackled by the grass
😂😂😂take win
Where the F is the Video Proof?
Why should sterling own up? Have you ever seen a defender admit to his own foul if the decision went his way? Sterling didn’t even look for the penalty, it was simply awarded and he said nothing. It’s was the officials fault not Sterling’s.
chris becks
Tripped over his handbag the black queer
evandagamer 10
Fouled by air
fast AiR
Refs need a good kick up the ass
Salut coaie
leonardo diaz bohada
Si fuera del Madrid, ven hasta contacto, piden roja y aún lo estarían justificando en el chiringuito.
muhammad amin sarabi
Shame on him... he could tell referee the truth... what a charlatan!\nMorality is dead in football.
reewaj shrestha
must be a fan of nemar
wayne sanderson
Now you look like an idiot you should be fined for dissent
zero 0
I don't understand, city didn't even need the penalty to win. Whyd he cheat