Girl Tripping Over in Cinema With Popcorn

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Girl Tripping Over in Cinema With Popcorn. Popcorn flies everywhere!

cinema falls falls over girl over popcorn tripped

Aaron Tobin
Angelina Hanks
😂😂When your poop is coming out😂😂Omg I’m so ridiculous
Bambi Virgo
Worst fall ever rip
Bling Bling
Is this a meme yet? This reminds me of my ex.
Bruna Cavalcanti
anyone know her name? she is famous on instagram because of her videos
Captain X
All that popcorn ruined.
Creek Running Water
0:01 OH!!!
Dae Dae Davidsun
When you see bae but then you do this and embarrass yourself.
Dominic Cavigliano Films
Drazzle Music
So much funnier in 0,25x speed
Fabio Kauschka
Neymars girlfriend...
Foot Goofy
I love how that kid went to her after she fell and asked, \
Gary Flood
H0LY slay3r
oh no she has to pay $29 more dollars for a bag
Harry Isbell
Best video ever
Jess B
What a good boy who asked if she's okay. 👏👏👏
Joseph staline
hahaha so cute
JourneyLps Official
i feel so bad for her it has to be so embarasing and awkward. Trust me i have done something way worse. On a birthday there was this cake that i was gonna get one piece from. And the cake felt down on another cake and everything just UGH! it was so aqkward though for me. But yeah nothing got ruind or anything but it just was alot of ppl watching then i mean ALOT! So yeah yeah could havw got worst
Absolutely no gentlemen in sight... sad
Katerina G
Aw poor thing . I’m clumsy too :(\nBut why was she running anyway lol
Okay, how come someone just so happens to be filming when this happened? Did some asshole do something to the carpet and just waited for something to happen?
Lander Khrist
The guy who picked up the popcorn tray. I salute you
Has to be fake. Someone just happened to be recording her when she fell?
Michelle shemonek
Omg😱I had the same thing, for real! \n5 years ago I was visiting my Familie in America, so we went to see this horror movie. And my dad passes me the large popcorn and my dad was at the cash desk talking to my uncle, so then I thought, I will continue on, because the others had already walked on to the movie. So I tripped over the carpet, which I thought would be slippery ... because that floor was smoother than the other, so I tripped over my own feet and carpet. 😆😆
There goes 5 dollars
Nadine Scholz
I like how the guy behind her just watched it all and keeps walking
Patrick McKenna
she laid down for popcorn.
That is the fakest thing EVER
Rex Comanche
the dude in the beanie was probably her boyfriend. Once she fell he was like I don't know this chick...lmao
Richard Petit-Frere
Good Samaritan award to the lady that picked up empty popcorn bucket and gave it to her, lol.
Roblox Newbies
I gotta admit it is funny but painful 😖
Saxton Hale
The physics and chaos theory at play here is spectacular. Just the feet alone.
Sophia Soares - Erin Mills MS (1324)
Steve Jensen
$18 down the drain for popcorn that costs $20 a 50 pound sack
Suck my knife
she did the flOP!!!
Who the hell is ready to film that? I reckon the guy recording fd with her laces
Yisus Meléndrez
The GIF is funnier, ha ha ha!
colbrin vids
That's the theater by my house\n Don't know the girl though.
Brie Bella memes brought me here
jakob qasadilla
I want to download this
logan da sloth
I could tell that was a fake fall
She just wanted some popcorn *Sad Life*
$100 of popcorn wasted.
here's your empty bucket of popcorn. thank you! lol
Can't stop laughing at this because it looks like something I would do. Poor girl, I know she probably had some bruises later.