Horse vs man, Compilation

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We see what happens when man is no longer mastering the animal.

compilation horse man vs

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Ah le cheval..... quand c'est bête ça ne fait pas semblant.
Ac Showjumping
I feel sorry for this horses
Adventure Puppy’s
Most people look drunk or don’t care
Amanda C
The majority that got kicked deserved it, in all honesty...
Andi Wolf
1:32. Omfgosh really?! Abuse much?
Archangel of Death
I'm curious why horses sometimes just outright refuse to jump obstacles or stuff like that
Arthur Zettel
Horses are very intelligent't say to much about the idiots in the video.
Attila Wolfová
Poor Horses 😥😥😥
1;33 deserve it this fuking guy
Beach Babe09
Anyone is being mean to a horse in this video DESERVED IT
Boss Rukus
I hope guy @ 1:35 is dead.
I love it when animals win
Caval' La
1:27 s'est innanmisible 😑
Charlize Mundy
1:14 tbh I hope he died. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t the same species as some of these people. Everyone in this video are idiots.
Cora_ Starstable
Die sind selber schuld wenn sie das den pferden antun
Daphnée Ourahmoune
Of course the horse is going to buck and kick if you whip it what did you think was going to happen?😧😧😡😡🐎🐎❤
Daves World
Dive Dodge
I've never seen a horse do a body slam
Ed Hickman
Abusing a horse is how you get kicked and I have a pony and almost got kicked because of training
Ellison Brown
Okay if a horse comes charging at you, raise your hands and say \
Emzos all about horses
1:15 I love that horse because he did hurt the person because the person was hurting the horse and horses are lovely animals so what made those horrible people do such things
Epic Sunset
My weekly activity is to be on a farm and I have been told how to be around horses and never run around them and don’t step behind them whiteout them knowing you’re behind them
ErikBloodaxe Gizmoson
Hest er best som pålegg. En død hest er en god hest. Hester er farlige draps maskiner.
Fait Accompli
Those kicks were brutal....never get behind a horse lol especially when you’re whipping them
Familjen Reinhold fan kanal
0:25 did he just fly away?
Gabriela Gargas
5:29. is it me or after the horse stands up there is blood on the cement
Never approach a horse with its ears back
Google User
Good for all of these smart horses! It's true that animals can sense evil or bad people and they will react to them....smh!
HW po
1:05 i feel bad for the kid
Haley Lahaie
If y'all notice almost everyone who got kicked did something to cause it.
Hannah Marshall
I only care About The Horses To Be Honest
Hannie x
1:50 ‘be safe be safe be safe’\nEveryone riding: ur not my dad
Heike Gottschalk
1:31 verdient hofentlich ist der spast tot
Horse Lover 300
WHY ARE PEOPLE SO CRUEL, I don't even care about the people, there OBVIOUSLY doing harm to the poor horses, THERE COLD HEARTED
J.R. Productions
1:18 Thats what you get boi. LMAO
Jamie Edmondson
U know the guy who made his horse pull wood he deserved the kick after him beating the horse
Just Me
you will in most cases that the rider is pulling hard on the reins and when they fall off, they rip the horses mouth hanging on to the reins, lots of extreme pain here folks!
Justin m8
Rdr 2 is a nutshell 😂
Kaylee Boltz
I really just want to beat the hell out of the man who was beating the horses trying to get it to pull something. I bet that he wouldn't want to get beat so maybe he shouldent beat the horse. REPLY TO ME WHAT U THINK ABOUT IT OR IF U AGREE
1:25 deserved it
Lee Ann Grigsby
1 20 got what he deserved
Linda Zíšková
1:25 😡😡😡
Lovely Gengar
Macy Lynn
Why did that dad let his kid keep walking to the back of that horse?! You could see its whole back end twitching nervously. Read your horses folks
Macy Stewart
that gy at 133 needed to be kicked
Maggie Malicay
That's what the guys get for messing with nature
Manu Müller
Ich sehe bei den Videos zu 80 % das die Menschen Fehler im Umgang mit den Pferden machen,aber Schuld sind sie natürlich nicht.Nein die bösen Pferde sind Schuld
Mckinlee DePaola
I feel so sorry for the poor horses. Those people got what they deserved.
Meghan Mcgrath
Who crawls in between a horses legs!!!!
Narnia Business
It's sad that people who buy exotic or random animals know nothing about it or know how to take care of it. \n\nWhich results in the animal getting put down because of attacking its owner.\n\nThe people forcing and whipping the animal to the point where it's bleeding.\n\nEct.\n\nAnd people who are the stupidest people on the planet say: Oh it's not hurting him or it doesn't phase him.
Outrageous Abuse!!!
Philip Dawes
People so often abuse and misuse horses, including racing, and don't understand when the horse retaliates. If horses were treated as friends and companions with respect, there would be a different response; see horse whisperers. It is love that a horse positively responds to.
Prasad Lohakare
Most funny part of video is at 5:10
i Dont Wanna See a Hand in my Face thats Blocking the Picture you Butt Knocker.
RainbowCandy Starglow
Poor people
Raphaëlle Guguen
1:26 it’s animal abuse
Richard Schneider
Looks like most of the humans got what they deserved.
Rose P
Some of them actually deserved getting kicked.
S Cerv
LMAO when one horse kicks two men at once. Hilarious
Sarasa Hayes
I am being completely honest I only care about the horses
Scott Cupp
@ 2:05- That horse and I would be great pals. we both HATE kids!!!!
Skittles Life
Half of these videos are just about idiots and abused horses. This is just so sad to see people causing so much pain to a horse or abusing it and after people have see it everyone is like “omg what a crazy horse!”
Sswolfmin Youtube
The guy who got kicked because he was whipping the horse to pull the log. That man deserved being kicked
SunnyThe Birb
4:25\n*HORSE - yes finally DOUBLE KILL*
Syriana Kahli
Those poor horses. What a display of human arrogance.
Most of these people severed worse than what they god. Idiots!
Taylor Flis
At 1:34 he deserved it badly \n\nPOOR HORSEY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😣😖😫😡🤬😓😥
The WeXa
1:25 Karma
Theo-James Moulton
People being stupid horse correcting their foolishness.
V1per V1R0S
Couple rules about horses:\n\n1.) a horse’s sense of nature is always an act of dominance. You either show your dominance in the way horses do in horse herds in general and earn it’s respect by being respectful with it’s boundaries and listening to it’s warnings. Or you get kicked in the face. \n\n2.) don’t overwork a horse or they end up falling over each other like you see in race and jumping videos. \n\n3.) never. EVER. Come up directly behind a horse. It’ll sense your presence but gets uncomfortable with whatever it can’t see. It doesn’t know it’s you behind them and their natural instinct is to kick.\n\n4.) a spooked horse is a dangerous horse. That’s the only time it’s dangerous since it will bite, kick, and run you over is you aren’t careful. When a horse is scared and starts frantically running, give it space. Don’t charge at or you’ll make it worse. Horses are herbivores. They will protect themselves from predators or any threat if they have a fighting chance.\n\n5.) never put a male and a female together if the female is in heat..... or else you’ll just get unwanted breeding. Like the second to last video :))))\n\nAm I missing anything else?
ValyX eldriSs
5:39 Fookin` Powerbomb!!!
That man that wipped the horse they should get wipped them selves
Veronica kovpak
1:28 Let me guess, they’re going to punish the horse
Viola Gentsch
99.9% humans fault. Dissapointed to know how many of them actually own or are near a horse. It's a crime
Virgil Levoux
That horse had his meat out ready to destroy some ass 😂😂😂😂 I hollered
Vínculo Marte
Wonderful satisfaction at 1:26
Zuzka Grauová
Chudáci koně tohle by se na youtube nemělo dostat, nechápu jak to má být směšné :(
appaloosa girl
Those poor horses
Red dead 2 looks awesome
ceyhun hesenzade
Horse kick can be fatal. My great grandfather died after a young horse kicked him in his belly. His liver exploded because of hit
cupcake sprinkles
0:57 ummm😅
4:32 Hoof to head *SNAP* 3 teeth go flying. Poor woman trying to catch a horse :(
0:10 serves him right, wth does he think he’s doing?
3:13 gimme food human *nom*
I wanna see the after results. Are some of these guys a bit slower? Did they have to go to the hospital for a caved chest?
kitkat l
Man this makes me hate some humans
light stone
0:50 horse: right back at ya babe 😂
David, David, I said don't...
sela ficku
1:27 min yess yesss YESSS!!
leute die pferde reiten sind keine tierfreunde wie man sieht trägst du mich zum supermarkt
I literally am po rn some of this is abuse people being idiots and horses being spooked. God.
z3eM P̷r̷o̷d̷u̷c̷t̷i̷o̷n̷s̷
Trying to loot other horses in red dead 2 be like
Асан Нурдаулет
Астыңдағы атқа сенбе
Конный Двор Таврово Олимп
Супер! Поставили👍👍👍
امیر حسین زحمتکش