Florence The Machine: Hunger

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Music guest Florence + The Machine performs "Hunger" for the Tonight Show audience.Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

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She’s a goddess
Adrine S
I am watching and thinking... what a dumb audience, people is Florence, the least you should do is to stand up and scream. If it was in Brazil we would also be crying and praying to her. Kkkkkk
Ahmet Çatak #ABS#
Wow Wonderfull
Alex Lungs
The way she jumps back on the stage so effortlessly ... the pink of the dress that fits her blush perfectly ... the way she hugs Jimmy at the end \
Alicia Friemel
When I heard this song for the first time, I started to cry. And even after hearing several times, it does not lose his intensity. I love this woman! Thank you for doing what you enjoy and for not allowing anyone to bend you!
that IS how you do it! Amazing Flo!
Amanda F
I love the outfits she wears when performing, completely her own style. I love it.
Amy Star
The song is not as good as her usual standard.But the voice is just out of this world.She could sing anything and leave you speechless.I am so happy I got to see her live.
Anjalina Martin-Lopez
Florence always reminds me of God.
Anthony Flores
Iconic white witch queen fairy nymph coming to snatch wigs.
Arina Galchina
sooo good wow I love it
Ashraf Rahman
Magical performance, been waiting for her. Jimmy Fallon is seriously fake
Why does this have so little views? She's AMAZING! HER VOICE AND SOUL! Her voice carries so much and is as clean and clear as the studio track! And after dancing and jumping around like this. And that dancing and spinning with her red hair! O.O
Bad habit
And that moment Jesus said : let those people see a little piece of heaven and blessed by her angelic voice.
Cmon godess, keep singing and bless to us with your music. 👏👏
That breath before the last line wow
Charlton Dsouza
Running about and still keeping her voice stable and hitting the right notes...That's really impressive !!
Cody & Wyatt
Live vocalist of an entire generation
Deependra Ratre
The whole stage is aesthetically pleasing
Gregory Peck
She makes staring at the phone so beautiful.
Guilherme Silva
gente ela é uma Fada
Haoran Wang
She is an actual nymph
Helen Conley
Would love her to do Carpool Karaoke her voice is so unique.
Officical Ramadan song of 2018
Inês Gonçalves
missed her music \u003c3 \u003c3
Irene Zecchi
Is she even real!?!?!?
JP Truth
Its like a 1960s folk band
Jackie Park
The queen of peace is back😍
Jake Concurseiro
She sure makes the camera guys work hard
Jayden Kouli
The queen is back!!
Jefferson Minguta
Now I'm blessed and hungry
Jes Minogue
i think this is one of florence’s best songs so far, i’ve been thinking about this song for more than 4 days now 💖 that voice is just so special
Jonathan Michael
I need lana marina and her collab
Karina Belkina
She’s not from this earth! ❤️❤️❤️
Katrina Hurd
She is absolutely breathtakingly spectacular.
Kawanna Pena Cepeda
Kenny Scott
Just over a year ago I the priory, after being treated for smoking too much hash and alcohol abuse. After listening to the lyrics contained in this enlightening masterpiece, I am completely encouraged. Thanks to all the dedicated nurses and doctor's, they were wonderful. I love you all.xxx.
Kevin Blank
Ah, a painting comes alive
Kha Ng
This Jimmy is annoying af but does have a good taste of music
that's the difference between an American and an English singer !\n0 autotune ! NAILED
Klára Skořepová
Now that's a stage presence!
Kyle Wade
She always brings something special to every live performance she does, and honestly most of time I prefer the live version to the one on the record. Love them so much!
L Anderson
the girls in the front row are living the life there :D
Lucas Cohene
This woman is so talented... I love her so much 😍😍
Lynn Wyrick
why does her album always drop when it relates most to my life like wow
Mai Mohamed
Mark Ed
The goddess is back!
Mátyás Wahr
I couldnt make it to her concert last year. Now it hurts even more. \u003c3
Nancy Aguilar
Her performances have always been strong. But as an artist she's really become stronger and better. Yayy to Florence and this generation of true real artist.
New Message
I feel bad that I had a donut while watching this though.
Nikita Filonenko
If i die and go to heaven i bet her voice is the first thing I'll hear.
Noah S
Wow. She is the type of artists that we need to continue to keep on making music!
Paige Tilson
She’s a magical fairy angel creature. Her voice always gives me goosebumps
Pretty Little Liars
An underrated icon
Rajat Rana
She is just so good!😍
Roberta Lanzafame
It's like one of those roses became human and started singing and dancing... ❤️
Her Voice !! Just WOW!!😲😲👍👍
Samantha Graham
She’s amazing!!!! So glad she back 🌸💖🙌🏼✨👏🏼
Satans Child
OMGGGAAWWWDDHHH!!! The last part iz killing meeehhh!!!! 😭😭😭 THE WAY she sighed and said the last verse!!!! I CANN NAAAAAAHHH!!! I'll be in my bed for a week 😭😭😭😭
Sid Bell
This is my first time watching her perform live. How is she real?
just when you think for this new era she might wear shoes on stage... you thought wrong. LOVE YOU FLO!
Tanya Lao
her voice is so magical, like a dream wow
Vanessa Mendoza
Florence brings such a beautiful energy into this world. It really is like she says. I often forget to breathe because I’m so mesmerized by her voice.
Vanessza Yit
that small smile at the end of the performance, my heart ❤
Water Fall
Truly magic
Wellington Oliveira
Why doesn't this video have the 1 million views that it deserves??!!
How can all those people just sit there in the audience?! I’d be down there with her holding her hand and dancing with her. They look so bored. Do you realise a GODDESS is standing before you?
Willi Bredereck
wow she looks so happy 🌻🕊! I could not be more hyped to hear high as hope 🌿🌱
_dksha s
i cant believe Florence invented singing 🌻
This just made me want to see her live.
*victoria justice: yeah i think WE ALL HAVE A HUNGER*
gaaaswolf D
She slipped on a note and it sounds like a gulp 3:05 cute haha! Her energy and presence onstage is just everything, no need for fancy dance numbers or anything, she's able to make us all feel captivated.
gnarly æsther
that running and leaping while singing and still hitting the notes. God is she even reaaaal?!\nlove this woman❤
That is the voice of God!
jade castro
the most understated artist. i cant believe she hasnt won or nominated for Grammy. its all about commercialism these days.
julia astarina
The way she smoothly jumped back to the stage at 2:27...
keisha 21
wow. just take my breath away
I remember when she jumped off stage and broke her foot but carried on running
luisa giolo
Florence is like the mix of an angel, a fairy, a nymph, and mother nature. Wow
that pause after the last 'And for a moment' I AM DEAD she's magic
music stan
we have no idea of how blessed we are for living in the same time as her!!! 😭
myriam B
pretty when u cry
Her voice is pure gold
rafa reyna
The harp is back 🙏🏻!!!\n\nI can see bits of Patty Smith who I think is one of Florence´s favorite people
love it!...and so sweet, that very real hug she gave jimmy! 😃
the king of cool
They are our Fleetwood Mac of our time.
Ahh Redheads truly never grow old.
vuk kicos
Goddess indeed
I love Florence (and her entire band) but I couldn't help staring captivated at Isa making her magic quietly in the background wearing a lovely dress to match Flo's.
yasobodhi johan
What kind of man who dislike this performance
Ângelo Mersenne
The best performance ever on this show
Марина Романова
Love her soooo much 😍