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Hey guys! Thought it would be nice to share some of my tips that have made me worry less about being alone. Hope this was helpful for anyone struggling to finding a true friendship. I feel you !*CONNECT WITH ME*INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT: akilahxoTWITTER: keyylah_xoMY DEPOP SHOP:

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Not only do I lack friends and watch YouTube to attempt to occupy my time all alone every single day, but it’s even hard to make new friends when you suffer from anxiety like me :( Its taking over my life
I have absolutely no friends - none. Not even a single friend. Everyone I’ve let into my life hurt me so I cut them out. \nI haven’t had a boyfriend in 3 years either. I feel so incredibly alone and seriously don’t want to be here anymore. I feel so useless and pathetic..
I find it almost impossible to be confident because I have no friends. So I automatically feel like a loser?
American cutie
Wow the comments... we live in a world of unappreciative people. So sad... Remember GOD IS YOUR FRIEND!!💯
Angelica K
I have one friend. Lives in a different state which really sucks. But you're so right! I just moved and none of who I thought were my \
April L Butcher
I absolutely love you! My last friend con me out of $1100 that she never paid on a girls trip. I am so done!
Asia Poles
I have no friends either because i can never find anyone on my level i dont deal with fake people or two faced people so there for im good with none its peaceful this way for me it can get boring but i rather not deal with drama my husband is my friend and my sister and kids . im a very laid back person. But i am very confident in myself .
1. Be Alone\n2. Be Confident\n3. Be Self Reliant \n4. Be Open, take it one step at a time\n5. Seek people Online\n6. Learn to say no\n\nBe content, watch your growth, spend time with others.
Brittany I PocketsandBowsTV
This is so me! I totally agree with everything you said! I'm ok with not having a ton of friends but it would be nice to have a couple that you can depend on and travel with.
Chesney Moon
I don't have any friends, well like two and its super depressing. One is a newlywed and one is a single parent so theyre never available to do anything. I love being able to move so freely but its very lonely. I end up doing everything by myself. Or I just decide to stay home and watch tv. I have no idea how to meet new people. A lot of the time I feel like the 2nd option, ppl only wanna hang with me when everyone else falls through.
Child of the most High
I have one true friend I can trust. His name Jesus Christ. He knows my deepest secret. I'm so glad I met him. Thanks for your video.
Counselor Deanna Troi
I would like to be your friend! A shame that there is an ocean in the between. You seem sweet and I totally feel you !
Daffney Delilah
OMG THANK YOU!! Your words of wisdom spoke volumes to me! I have trouble keeping friends because my mental illness can be overwhelming. I have extreme mood swings. I’m new at being completely alone because my best friend of 13 years left me in May because she couldn’t handle me anymore. My family pulled away from me this year too after a suicide attempt in January. But it’s okay, I suppose this is my time to find myself and I’m learning to better handle my extreme emotions through therapy. Thank you for making me feel like I am not alone and that there is hope for the future.
Dead Beauty
My 19th birthday is tomorrow. And I have no friends. I feel so alone and not wanted. Just hurts so so much.
Doris King
Thankful for having 3 sisters 💃💃
We are NOT friendless. We all have a friend in Jesus Christ ❤️
Evolving Eevee
I've never watched you before, but this made me feel a whole lot better about myself. Thank you!
Florence Perez
It's not easy for me to make friends...been that way since I was a kid. The ONLY two \
Francesca Taddia
This might be the most important video of my life, you might have saved me from depression
Ginger Weston
I'm glad that I came across this Channel. I don't have Close Friends every since I excepted JESUS CHRIST as my personal Savior. Chicks are not loyal. I have been betrayed and mistreated and the Jealousy is Real. I have associates and cool with some Colleagues but 0 Friends. I feel the same, I can not let Chicks all the way in. Chicks And Dudes done me too dirty. I know GOD will bless me with some Great Friends in HIS time but in the meantime, Walking alone is allowing me to get a lot of things done and focusing on my purpose more and opting Towards my Goals. Be blessed! Good Vid
I don't have no friends. This is a good video
Have a magical day
I am really bad at keeping friends, I have kinda pushed everyone away because I got disappointed because people I thought were my friends weren’t really. You seem like such a kind person, wish we could be friends❤️ we can be youtube friends though❤️
Introverted Aries
I love this video. I stay to myself as well and focus on securing that bag for my son and I. I'm waiting for God to bring a TRUE FRIEND in my life. I'm also an introvert so my solitude is heaven. 1 or 2 friends to hang out with occasionally would be dope.
J Lo Rich
I have pop up friends .... They pop up when they want or need something never just call to talk,always when they wanna go somewhere or want something so bc of that I tend to stay to myself 😕. Its almost like I get used and I'm very leery of that bc of past friendships that I thought I had
If only I have 1 friend at school someone to sit with someone to talk to
Jamaican Egyptian
I NEVER HAD ANY FRIENDS. I always been hated for no reason.\nGOD should never allow someone he created to go through so much hatred.
Jaye Kisses
I have maybe 1 friend. But sometimes I don’t think she’s a true friend. We don’t hang out,we barely talk & we’re not as close as we used to be. So it’s summer & I’ve spent it alone in my bedroom with no one to talk to or hang out with. My other “friends” never want to hang out or talk. I’ve been alone all my life because I’m basically an only child because my 2 older brothers don’t live in the same state as me & my mom & they r way older than me,I’m 18 & there in their 30s. Your last advice of saying “no” & everything u said after that is happening to me. They never had my back as much as I had there’s,don’t want to do what I want to do,won’t bend with me. Now they all have fallen off the face of the earth & I’m back to being by myself & I honestly hate it because that’s my life,just either being with me,myself,& I or with my mom. Now I don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong or said anything to them that would make them all just leave but then again everyone in my life leaves...
Jenna Cangello
This does help I have no friends and I wanted to kill myself but now I see im not alone.
Jenny Madison
I currently don’t have any friends. I spend my time with my husband, my sister and my parents. I always found it easy to have friends in my school years but in adulthood I struggled so much more because I felt like a magnet for people who didn’t really want a true back and forth friendship but wanted a free therapist lol. Often they would only want to vent to me about their issues and if I wanted to talk about anything happy they would bring it back to their issues or if I wanted to vent they would tell me my issues were small compared to theirs. I couldn’t find friends that were positive or wanted to have fun together so I ended up doing what you mentioned. I did my own thing for years until I met my husband and now we do things together. I still do wish sometimes I could have one or two girlfriends too but I have the worst luck in that area so don’t really try anymore and accept life as it is.
I have zero friends
Julia Rodriguez
Thank you i dont feel as bad anymore
Kali Reanna
This helped me so much. I’m in the same boat. Always wondering what’s wrong with me, why I can’t maintain friendships. It’s so hard like you said especially when you see people online living their best life with their besties and stuff or my bf has tons of friends and I feel inadequate because I have none. 😩the struggle
Kelley Peat
This is so inspiring. I heavily rely on my boyfriend to avoid loneliness .. but im also learning how to be alone and if you have hobbies or interests then involve yourself in it as much as you can. Having passions in life that doesnt include people can really help. If anyone wants to be ma pal though im here lel
Kelsey T
I have about 2 people I consider to be my friends but I rarely see them so I have to hang by myself a lot. It use to bother me so I would try to bring lots of ppl around me and be friends with them but it never seems to be reciprocated so I no longer bother . It’s to much drama trying to deal with ppl. Trying to get them to understand you and to deal with their bullish** is too exhausting so now I’m good. I just enjoy my husband and kids and when I want to talk girl talk I talk to my damn self. Lol anyway good video. I enjoyed it.
Kenya As Is
I dnt have any friends either.. It feels so weird to tell someone that
Krow Falun
I'm really shoked by the comment section, we're soo many but where are you in real life ?? All the loners, anxious, awkward people I love you that one true friend will come
I thought I was the only one going through this. I feel better
I have 0 close friends it gets boring at times sometimes I cry but oh well I smile anyway.
Laura Sanchez Martinez
Hi! These is my life! I thought I was very weird thinking like that. But listen someone that thinks like me, makes me happy!
Leanna Vivian
Jesus is my friend.never let me down👌
Lee & Clementine
I move a lot and it's so hard starting over and making new friends. Friends don't seem to last for me anyways because by the time I'm about to move, I don't hear from them at all. I'm just taking this as a sign to just focus on me, save money, focus on building my skills, etc. I do have online friends that I'm thankful for tho ❤ \n\nI struggle making friends with women the most even though I am a woman lol. Anyone else have that problem?
Liberty bell
Insecurities and jealousy. are lethal to female friendships. I've had to end a 20 plus year friendship over that. best decision I made
My best friend is my dog 😂😂
Linda Sanchez
im lonley af
Little Witch
Why don't all us \
Loner Lady
Girl you're not alone. I got divorced 8 years ago. I never found love again and at 39 I feel my time to find love has passed. I tried and men these days are so disrespectful. I've been passed over so many times that I wonder what's so wrong with me. I don't have any true friends and I feel all alone. I feel I'm a good person and attractive but a man and friends elude me. People seem to be drawn to me that Idek that well or at all with problems but I have not one person to confide in. Much love.
Longing Slingshot
Its so hard I'm bullied in school and have zero confidence I understand I need to love myself but what do I say to people who are mean who don't appreciate who I am should I try striking up a conversation and try to be heard and just be myself near people and not care what they think or just be alone and not need anyone I have a very severe case of social anxiety and anxiety if you can help anyone please point me in the right direction.
M Batista
All us kind hearted get taken advantage of have no friends folks should start a meetup.com group. 😉
MHNbysheterra m
Most of the time people don't know who they are or they just coming in to know who they are so I believe that they struggle with finding like-minded people
I'm quite an easygoing person so I can become \
Medusa's Revenge
I've always had guy friends because girls never seemed to genuinely like me. I feel like I never fit in with girls because many (not all) keep up a lot of gossip & drama and that just isn't what amuses me. Or a lot of girls are looking for a come up and they throw themselves on every guy and that's not what I'm into so a friendship is not built. Not to mention how nowadays people only care about what you can do for them and are not into making \
Miss M
at least you have a bf
Monique B
Friendships are so hard to keep 😕
When my dad passed I had all these people around me supporting me, constantly taking me out, checking in on me then months later when I went back to school after taking a semester off I heard from NO ONE. I was so shook lol and thrown off balance because I didn’t expect that. I was actually very sad and destroyed a lil bit. Where did all those people go? I’ve never had a partner so that made it harder and this video just gave me comfort to know that I’m not alone. I’ll be alright, hopefully lol 😫
Ms_o_ Monroe
Thank you for sharing this! I don't have friends, like actual friends who come over and see me, who i go out with and I know would be there if there was an emergency. And now ive moved and im away from people who acted like they were my friends, its even more lonely! I've put myself out there and always get pushed away. I don't get it, it makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. I see those same fake friends on Facebook travelling to see friends and posting pictures of the great times they've had, and I always think why was I not good enough for them to spend time like that with me? Over this summer I want to focus on bettering myself mentally, spiritually and physically, I'm off to Dominica with my husband and kids then when I get back to college/uni I'll hope to have a fresh mind. Much love from the UK x
Thank you for making this video and putting yourself out there. That was brave. I feel a lot of the same things. I am a total loner. I have also put myself out there and tried to make friends and it never seems to work out. I am older so It is hard to find someone my age who is not a busy wife and mother or has a very demanding career. I am a mom as well, but my child is in high school. So I am past all that young children at home stuff, that I feel most women my age are going through. I don't even know how to make friends anymore. The only place I can meet people it seems is at work, but thats a bust. Tried was not successful and most are much younger than me. I understand well all these feelings of \
A lot of people don't know how to be friends
Honestly, maintaining close relationships is soooo hard, it's like having a second job. Also your right, establishing TRUST is difficult, time consuming and a huge gamble. If your a private person it is even more difficult to find \
Watching your video in the first✊time! Love ❤️ it
Paige Savanah
I️ need to know what lip gloss you got on girl !
Paris Roam
Youtube is how i deal with no friends 😭
I have no friends. That's why I watch YouTube.
Priszena Bandeira
Remember...the loneliest people are generally the most honest, empathic, sincere as well as misunderstood people in the world.
Rkay Presents
I have no friends too. I like it but at times I would want to travel or go out with a friend.\nSo at times when I feel so lonely I just call my mama and we hang out or just go out for a run
Rose Johnson
I couldn't finish the video without commenting. I totally feel you on this! Friends...true friends WILL come when the time is right. In the mean time, I always say show yourself friendly!
Ruby A
When people say *I don't have friends* but they actually have friends and us with no friends are actually suffering.
Russian Romanoff acc.
For me there was no bullying or gossip in my year group or school even. It's just the people I once was close with just distanced from me and I dont know why\n\nSometimes passing an old friend there would be a forced smile or an awkard hello..\n\nI realised when I was truly lonely was when I started getting envious of people who would constantly get texts and calls but my phone was silent, blank and empty.. just like me
SPRINKLE OF LIGHT Sprinkle of light
Im pregnant my family is shocked i dont have friends or a job please pray for me my family attacked my bf for getting me pregnant its not only his fault ok i need help please someone pray and give me your blessings 😭😢😢😢😢
Samantha Peters
I was always popular at all the schools I went to (I moved a lot as a kid). But when I was in my early 20's studying at university, I lost touch with my friends. I tried to make new friends with people in my class, but they said they're busy. One day I saw a bunch of girls from class shopping for costumes for a party. Everyone in my class knew about the party, except me. That was the most loneliest feeling I've ever had. I cried hard...I couldn't figure out why nobody would tell me about the party. What did I do wrong? At the time I was always a people pleaser. I had always gone out of my way to help people. I felt betrayed. I decided I wouldn't be a people pleaser. Ever since than, I've put my guard up. It's really hard trying to find a friend that I won't to feel safe with.
Sherita Funchess
Learn to be your own best company that's how I am. You don't need a bunch of ppl around you fake caring about you anyway. Yourself, and treat yourself like the queen we good lonely woman are.100%
Sincere Johnson
When you are a good person and have a genuine heart it's hard to find people like you. Fake people seem to have a ton of friends.
Stephanie Carroll
I wish there were friendship \
The Black iNtrovert
the coolest ppl are the loneliest lol
Tiara Michelle
I’ve stumbled upon this video . And I was opening up to my husband the other day about how lonely I am for some reason . I have three beautiful children . And I’ve had friends . But for some reason all of them I guess lost interest, took different life paths , and I cut some people off because I “thought” they were friends but in actuality -NOT- . In other words , friends don’t tell your business to the world after you confided in them . I’ve always been the “listener” friend. When you talk to me I listen and truely listen and and want to learn more . But idk if it’s me but so many people I talk to simply don’t have interest in what I have to say . And are just simply waiting for the opportunity to talk . I honestly can’t relate to anybody . I really want a friend . But then again I don’t. I’m a huge people pleaser . I’ve tried endless methods to be in and be it and be relevant . I was not gaining the right kind of friends . And it doesn’t help that I’m extremely awkward when trying to make friends . I don’t know how to small talk . I hate small talk . For now I’m going to learn to accept myself and the solitude of it all . And continue being a mother to my children. And I honestly don’t know how to end this comment because I’m so damn awkward . So yea 😀😀
Tiffany Moore
If you don't make friends naturally this is a good time to draw closer to God and get to know yourself.
Victoria Hunter
I am the same. Women with beautiful that pops out likes yours, mine and other women, people throw shade and feel like you don't deserve friends. You get punish for being beautiful. I do want to say I can through your make up and see you are even more beautiful without it. When I started losing weight and getting body back and celebrating my natural beauty and natural hair I notice people who I thought was my friends started being shady, even some family members. \nIf you love yourself for real, you will be alone most of the time. It don't bother me much because I am a gifted writer.
Yahkema J
Friendships are made over time through give and take this is how you learn to rely on this person because they have shown you that they can be relied on but you never can go into a friendship because what you are going into is not a friendship it is as getting to know a person finding out if you can trust this person and learning who the person is and what they stand for all of this take time it is never a ready made friendship just because you meet someone don't make them your friend just because they talk to you or laugh and joke with  you don't make them friendship material it is when you can know that they are there for you and you are there for them and that take time you don't just call someone a friend because they could be an enemy and it today's world most people are self centered and only desire to use people and they don't have a clue what give and take mean and they are not even made to give they are takers so it will be hard to find a friend that is real and down for you and you for them.
I have never had a close friend in my entire life
I have zero friends. I've always struggled to keep friends and I find it incredibly hard to open up to people. I have social anxiety and so I find it to socialise and make friends in the first place. I'm depressed too so being alone too much can be very detrimental to my mental health. Long story short I'm a fucking mess
burano peach
Damn I clicked this video so fast\nI never had friends and to be honest I don't really want any. I prefer to enjoy people from a distance
ca mez
I love this video and the comments so much. I feel so much less alone and less terrible about not having a solid network of friends. Thank you for making this video, and thank you, commenters. You've really helped me.
corsican lulu
ur pretty and pretty girls get hated on a LOT by other women many times but its taboo to say this
My social anxiety is just getting worse the longer I have zero friends. It's been so long I don't even know how to be a friend. I hate talking on the phone, and don't want to tell people my business. It's awful. Im even bad at interacting with people in general it always feels fake or forced. Even with family at times 😢
I’ve got no friends. My bf moved abroad and I don’t gel with anyone. Any older friends changed and therefore do not exist for me and haven’t done for years. Colleagues are just that - colleagues.. no one messages me after work or asks for my number. :/ i feel it sometimes.
I wish I had friends but honestly I don't... my phone never rings unless someone wants something... I know plenty of people but friends sadly I don't have any...
gabrielle allen
I feel the same way. and it crazy because you know people but no one knows you... where are you from we can be friends ???
kamy s
I moved away almost 10 years ago and the friends I thought I had are no longer. Moving away really shows you that. I realized I was doing all the work to keep everything going. No one came to visit AT ALL. That made me feel some type of way. I would call and check on people, come home for visits, weddings or just whatever. I was just over it all. So I cut it all off. I live down south now, its so weird and hard to make true friends here. In my experience most people only truly associate with people they went to college with. Because I didn't get that some experience, I feel like I don't fit. It would be nice to have some real/genuine people to be around. It sucks sometimes.
I found...over the years...I like to watch advice videos...and not take the advice...so, yea. Pray for me
mary taite
The saddest thing is that so many of us. Are in this same boat. There is such a stigma about this so people don't talk about it. Good job!
I feel like it’s just hitting me so much harder lately now that I’m in my mid 20s that I don’t have anyone I can really turn to. I feel sad that I can’t reminisce about stuff with someone that I’ve known for years. No one has my back like that. And then I think about who would I even invite to my wedding? Who will congratulate me and be happy for me when I have a baby? I just feel so sad all the time lately. Sure I’ve learned how to be alone and pass the time and love myself and all that good stuff... but it still doesn’t fill that void.
I think the reason why I don't have any friends because they gossip too much they tell all of your business and I just rather be by myself I've been there done that
Fucking same. It makes me sad sometimes but then sometimes I’m like I can’t “beg” friendship or force myself into any groups.\n\nMy mum is my bestie lol 😭
Oh my God. I don't know how I got to this video, but I so needed it. You had me hanging on every word. I don't have any friends and spend much of my time alone. I don't know if this means anything, but you have given me direction. Thank you. However, I am still nervous about dating sites. You don't know what that person is like. Another thing is I have met many people that I have much in common with on face book, but they live far away, so that I a problem. Thanks again girl for this video.
sherkita Gibson
Just on here to say that’s been the story of my life mostly 95% of my life no friends here and I’m good
girl! I thought I was the only one with the non supportive one sided issues
Hello sweetie, you remind me of my daughter. We had this conversation a few days ago. The things you are saying in this video are the same things I told her. This day and age of social media makes people anti social. No one knows ( not everyone) how to make friends and be genuine and real and keep a respectable friendship. They don’t realize a friendship is give and take. There are so many users out there and the moment the nice, respectable caring friend says “NO” the users are out looking for another victim. While you’re looking around wondering “what happened?” Not many people have genuine love and care in their hearts. That’s sad. I’m glad you did this video. Hopefully it will help a lot of people out here. Thank you 😊❤️
Learning how to be alone? Oh that's easy, I do it every day since the very first tablet was invented.
I would add never be too open where you discuss your private life. Remember that everyone has a \
xVvix xnNix
Team No friends No boyfriend.
ツ Deon Garth シ
Even though I may be a male and most of the comments are female, forming friendships is extremely difficult like roses trying to bloom under a harsh thunderstorm. I do accept the way I am based on how I dress or having my passions but feel as though something is wrong with me. There are constant thoughts in my head that people will shake my head because of my appearance, the way I speak, and being their look-alike to build a friendship with them. \n\nIt's understandable that you shouldn't depend on someone but we all don't live in this universe alone and wanting to spend some lifetime memories with another person. As an introvert, shy geek with Autism, social anxiety, and agoraphobia, it's really complicated to trust anyone because of being taken advantage of due to how I learn things differently. From being seen as as fetish by guys and only using me for hookups, taking risks to leave my comfort zone such as talking to a cash register at Walmart or a Fry's, it really affects my health. Not to mention I get this feeling in my chest that it's illegal for me to have friends because of who I am and that people think I'm disgusting to be around for existing. Silly I know but it will take time for me to express myself because many people see me as inferior because of them being in groups and not wanting to start arguments and just letting them take advantage of me to avoid drama. I'm not that type of person. \n\nDidn't meant to sound like a wet blanket underneath a wet dog but just had to rant. Oh yes, I rather form friendships online than in person due to rumors and stalkers in the past. Even though that is seldom possible for me to build a connection, I'm still doing my best to learn things to this day. \n\nPS: Saying \