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Subscribe for Daily Videos!Get ReVive & FORCE Gear at Instagram & Twitter - @AndySchrockTeck Deck VS Pro Fingerboard!? It's about time I made this video! I hope you guys enjoyed it. I definitely get a lot of requests for fingerboard videos. Enjoy and stay tuned for videos all the time!

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10,000 subs with no videos
7:18 Nice save lmao
Addisen Baumhardt
I can’t wait till I get a fingerboard😄
Aj Lofton
Hi first
Alec_ Red
*if you dont like some of them give meehhh*
André Rosado
You can buy a decent REAL board for 100$-ish....
BABY - Become A Better You
Banana Studios
You inspire me
Ben Markel
To help Rydan let him try 3 fingers it might make it easier because his fingers are so tiny
Branden Carranza
You take this way to seriously, lol
Chicken_ Pie_69
Sup Andy
More. Finger boarding
Daniel Field
Why have i been thinking about this topic lately? Im 20.
Debbie Fisher
tech deck is better
Dumb Thumb
There's an 11 yr old trapped inside you my dude🤦\u200d♂️
*Tech deck forever*
Filthy Frank Knock off
20 bucks broken knuckle fb
GamerLove Sneaker
Remembered I used to fall in love with Tech Deck back in Elementary School 😂🤣
Games Tv
Wheres ryden
Henry Mills
12 minutes of a grown man playing with his sons toys and his son is nowhere to be found\nyipee
Inklan Utterfield
2:24 Bro, why your cats looking out the door like they watching another cat in the rain get its head beat in with a hammer for ratting on their secret organisation?
Isaac the legend Martinez
Did anyone see that his son was holding Pokémon cards
I’m So Lost Again
May I have the 100$ one since you don’t like it?
Once I saw a finger scooter for one thousand dollars 💵
Jackson Peanut
They should make a foot board
James Hughes
Jayden Charles-O Leary
Cool thanks i like andy
Jeanette Gomez
When you realize your kid has autism @ 3:18
Jody Gensmer
I do not know how to fingerboard
Joe Pree
2:28 look at the door \n\nWhat are they looking at🤨
Johana Parra
regálame una patineta
Tech Decks will always be #1\n\n1. They eliminated the clear plastic key chain garbage that preceded them\n\n2. Name brand designs that make them look real, despite being plastic\n\n3. Okay so there's companies out there making stupid expensive fingerboard for the serious finger boarder.. neat. Remember, THEY'RE KIDS TOYS! They replaced the key chain garbage predecessors, opening up a whole new hobby that's withstood 20 years.
Joshua Carpenter
A prep is the teck deck of fingerboarding
Julian Jemerin
They should make a version of this but you can out your feet on it and stuff.
Julian Soccer
I skateboarded because of you
Katie Baker
Ay got won for a 100$
Kevin Sibbett
I like to use pro fingerboards Andy
Kimberly Boyd
What’s the song called.and good video
Kirk Williams
Kriss858 Stew
What is ur favourite tech deck?
quick explanation:prep/brokenknucklefb aren't that different from tech decks when you are using them (except for the grip) but if you ever try blackriver trucks you will feel an instant difference. Thanks for reading
LacrosseMaster 2015
Do father and son fortnite
Lawrence Offley
I dropped in on an oververt on a tech deck and nearly broke my leg, the video is on my YouTube channel 🙃
Leo james
never been so happy for a YouTube notification pop up all ways a fun time watching your videos
Up top Ryden! ✋
Los vlogs de luigi
I like professional fingerboards
Mark Andrie
D stands for Dude. Like, dude you're dead!
Matthew D'Annunzio
I have 3woodboards
Not sure whythey put this in my recommended but damn they were right. Youtube knows me better than I know me
Moderator Sylveon
Yea i prob wont even use my fingers for this...but will be using them for another thing... -Mas- oh ummm Xbox😉
Mr. Sl0th
Wassup Andy
Mr. Slambie
My name is Aaron Kyro I'm a professional skateboarder of the Francisco Bay
Osman Efe Polat
Ginger board
2:24 He looks exactly like his son
Peter Rumley
Obviously he likes tech decks more... He can't really say otherwise can he lol
PreX' Mini
Channel is dying
Ray Deathray
People laughed at me when I told them that my dream was to become a professional fingerboarder. But I never gave up. I devoted every single day to professional fingerboarding. They don’t laugh at me anymore. They also don’t speak to me anymore. The fingerboards are my family now.
Rich Betham
Ryden your so cute
Rijad Crnovrsanin
Thec deks in belgium are 12 euros
Rocket Scopes
Aron kyro
Rushy Riders
I live in Australia and can’t find your tech decks
ST.Brendan Hurley
i Have a revive
Sad Giants Fan
Shaun Wagner
How did I end up here watching someone play with finger boards?
Shipwreck 215021
I love this
Stan Lee
When his fingerboard costs more than my actual skateboard...
Super Kasoy
we have the same fingerboard doug desautels revive tech deck
Suzette Thompson
Then what the point of calling it a FINGERnoard
Tally Reid
I still need to get a revive tech deck
can I get a techdech
Tutuk Prihastyo
Wtf soykul
Twanya Tims
My brother have one
Viki Fröhlich
For me its if griptape reaches the edges or not (see the two TechDecks). It's harder to flick if theres no tape at the edge
alex 05
You are noob
cathy coballes
How to play tech deck
tech deck is still a thing?
definitely was able to high five Ryden; dont worry
fernando reyes
9:29 😢
ferret plays
Black river do best fingerboard and ramp
They should make bigger versions of finger boards that you can actually ride on, that could be fun.
hmm ok
Its been years since I watched Andy's vids
I can’t believe this
loop3d or3gon
Test out ernieball
maartnnn 050
Didn't notice any cats untill I checked the comment section.
mike bence
this is epic
roblox lover
Tech deck actually is way better and fun I have them I even got the gold trucks for them I didn't think I would get them but I did I guess I just picked the reason get package I got it at Wal-Mart for like $10.00 dollars though but still they are way better
saucy edits
Hey best youtuber ever thanks for making the best videos ever
Dude people still have tech decks?
skull trooper
the irish dude down da road
The only tic toc ads I watch are Mr beast ones
tom tom
I’m elijah
tomato potato
I Always use tech dech
WTF is this
2:21 what are the cats behind you looking at? They so cuteeee chillin like that