What I Ate On a $1.50 Budget // Live Below the Line Days 4 5 (Vegan)

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From May 1-5 2017, I will be spending only $1.50 per day on food - the equivalent of the extreme poverty line. Here are all of the meals I ate on the last two days of the challenge. ✗ My 60+ Recipe Ebook ➢ • ABOUT THIS VIDEO • Cameras I Use: Canon G7x, Canon 80DSoftware: Final Cut Pro Music: This video may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting me!

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A Girl And Her Dragons
When my mom was in college she would go to the salad bars at the grocer store and loaded a container up with veggies. It was cheaper than buying the same amount from the produce section
Agahahag Omgg
This really made me feel so different about what I eat ... I spend on average about $40 on food every week .,: while you just killed this with $7.50 for 5 days ... you have talent b cause I would get bored of this and I’d start hating myself
Alex Web
OOOH MY GOD I loved watching this challenge! Seriously, I think I will be trying it out as well soon! xx
Amanda Lockridge
I've actually found that going vegan is a good way to save money, although for non-vegan cheap options, eggs and lard are good investments on a tight budget. I might try this challenge myself, or do something similar.
Angel Hoffer
You. Should have made some rice flour!
Anna Sophie
I really enjoyed these videos! I find it so interesting to see what you would be able to eat on such a tight budget! Also, it just shows how grateful we should be to be able to buy such an abundance and variety of foods! :)
Araceli Romero
Saw the title and it instantly reminded me of the documentary \
i really love this video, i want to emulate this challenge, would you mind? I know its not really a \
I like what you mentioned about how people who have to live on this budget wouldn't have much time to cook like this. I don't live this low (I feel so lucky 'cuz I know people who do) & I am always scared to cook in a new way because if I mess it up that's still my meal for the night, I cant go out & buy something else if my food messes up. \n\nMy mom once made...something...I don't even know what it was TBH because she added WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much vinegar by mistake (my mom has no sense of smell so she didn't know what happend when she set it out on the table but my brother & I knew). My brother & I just sat there quietly eating it like there was no problem, when my mom tried it she realized her mistake & asked us why we didn't complain. We told her we didn't want to waste food.
I absolutely loved these videos! Such an awesome challenge. That oatmeal pizza crust😍 If you ever do it again...here's some dollar store ideas: loaf of bread or bagels, jar of orange, apricot or peach jelly (could use it on rice to make a sweet and sour sauce), lentils, noodles (could make a lentil bolognese sauce or a chili), bag of potatoes.....ADD YOUR IDEAS BELOW PEOPLE!!! ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵
Carbs Are Happiness
I'd LOVE to see more oatmeal pizza ideas!! Very creative :D
I made those breakfast cookies, and they were delicious! It was hard to believe there was no added sugar, because they were sooo creamy and sweet. Very filling too, it lasted me- a person with high metabolism- until somewhere around 1:30 am and I ate them at 8:15 am and in between I even went swimming for half an hour. I couldn't find a recipe so I improvised but if anyone else wants to make them here's how I did:\n\n1 Banana, Put it in the microwave to make it sweeter if it's not ripe enough. Mash and mix with one tablespoon of peanut butter. Mix this until its even and then add 40 gram (Roughly 1 dl I think) oats. When this is all mixen I made it into four cookies and put them in the oven for 12 minutes (take them out in the middle to flip).\n\nEnjoy!
Cheap Lazy Vegan
girl, that pizza tho! so creative \u003c3
Ciara Jonah
you've been so creative on this challenge, I love these recipes! I'm going to try that oatmeal za!
Clarisa Guzman
I made the pizza, brushed some olive oil/garlic salt on the dough and used some Prego sauce, really good!!! Thank-you!
great work! only the text in the beginning was up a bit too short
hey, you are SO creative with your food!
Debra Goring
Really enjoyed this serious. Love it. More please! Eating on a budget, seeing what meals you can create.
Destinie Newton
this challenge was by far my favorite thing I've seen on you tube yet.. I was amazed at all the recipes you can make with such simple ingredients.
I used to work at walmart and alot of low income families would do price matching for their fruits and veggies. They would price match a local low priced farmers market and you would be absolutely astounded with how much produce they would walk away with for only $5. Its incredible.
You did such a great job with this challenge! You were very thoughtful in recognizing that you do have other privileges that this challenge doesn't necessarily include. It's also been really nice to read the comments and see people discussing things on a deeper level. I'm really excited to hear what you have to say in your follow up video! Also, I have to say that you are SO creative and resourceful! I would've never thought of all of these ideas, and you did a really great job rationing your food. You seem like you probably do a really good job of minimizing the amount of food that goes to waste, whether you're doing this challenge or not. The world needs more people like you!
Emily Bateman
loved this whole series, great job!
Emily Wooldridge
I think it would be cool to do a series like this at multiple price points...so we could see what a grocery budget of $15, $30, $45 a week etc. would look like for a vegan!
Endless Oblivion
Sorry but my soul just can’t accept that pizza ahaha
i feel like i kind of live like this, haha, it is now harder for you though, as you had to buy the ingredients all on a budget, but for example spices and sauces can do so much that if you didi it more long term you could have seeds and nutritional yeast and basil with tomato sauce and soy sauce and ketchup and mustard and curri and all this. but you know that. love this challenge!!!
Esohe Osagie
In NYC this challenge is impossible so all hail EBT
Gabriela Herrera
Good job. Made me appreciate what I have more
Gabriela I
You could have put the plantain in the dough of the pizza so it can have a better consistency
You look abit sick with this challenge 🙃 I feel sorry for the ppl that can't afford more food😢
Hannah Ellis
saving this video for college lmao
Hannah L
If the point of this challenge was to show that this is some people's reality, then why did you choose to be creative with the recipes? I find that the way you went about doing the challenge makes it seem as though you are a privileged person having fun pretending to be below the poverty line. \n\nI know that's not what you're going for, but the entire video I was not amused by it until you explained why you were really doing it. I also think that we should not only be grateful for what we have, but we should also engage in the problem, and help people how we can, not just go make youtube videos about living on $1.50 a day.
Happy Skin Kitchen
You are so creative! A massive well done to you for have done it! I would have seriously struggled!xx
High Carb Hannah
omg do u have the nuwave pans and the duxtop cooktop? MEE TOO! Im so gonna do this challenge i think its awesome
This video definitely shows that it's so wrong when people say it's too expensive to be vegan!
I think it's great that you're addressing eating below the poverty line. I'd love to see you delve deeper and address the other issues that go along with poverty, like not having a blender, time to cook, and access to grocery stores. It's also really sad how, while you may be able to purchase healthy food within $10.50 a week, it often extremely hard for people to meet their caloric and micronutrient needs. I think your platform could help shed some light on this, since most vegan figures never really address it, we just all assume eating vegan is easy and accessable to everyone. Anyways, love the video!
Isabelle H
been obsessed with your videos lately! Such an inspiration! :)
J Girl
That rice to veggie ratio is so sad :/
Someone is only living on $1.50 day they would not have a blender or food processor maybe not even an oven these are the sad facts.
Jen Mere
Not sure if you mentioned it, but another good point to make is the fact that you were using a blender/food processor for this challenge, and people who are in extreme poverty likely do not have that kind of appliance. But, I don't think this detracts from the point of your video at all! Just a concluding point :)
Jess Medley
This is amazing Caitlin, congrats on finishing the challenge! I’m considering doing it as well now!
Jessalyn Chan
I kinda want to try the plantain thing😍
It would be interesting to see a different grocery budget for different grocery stores such as Aldi, Whole foods, Trader Joe's etc. at different price points of $15, $30, $45, etc.
Jordie Alvarez
Im grateful for my life and the opportunity to have all the food I desire. Thank you for doing this challenge. I'm beyond impressed with your creativity! I would love to see you do videos similar to this concept again. Sometimes in college at the end of the month when I was broke with no food this type of creativity could have really improved my meals. Maybe using potatoes next time?
Juliette Vecchioni
Very nice video a part 2 please !!!!! Love from Paris 💗💗💗💗
A question for your follow up video: What changes did you notice in your body, was there anything significant?
Keonya Miller
You really change my life with each video I absolutely love you . I have my sisters watching you and a couple other youtubers so they can see the life . They also see me in real life and they have since gone vegetarian for 3 days and vegan for 4 days a week ! I love it !
Kk Haw
what did you ate the day after this challenge?? 😉😉😉😉😉\nbtw. oats , rice and beans, PB and frozen veggies are my staples in my everyday student life. 😁😁😁😁 sending love from Czech republic, you are amazing inspiration!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😚😚😚😊
Krissy Bomkamp
Oatmeal cookies are # 1
Laura Jeano
Plantain? Never heard of this, how does it taste, how can you use its and where's the different to a normal banana? Much love from Germany ♥️
Leilani Angelo
Did you lose weight eating this way? Every time I eat on a budget I lose weight!
Lenka Strakova
Did you loose weight? You look more skinny..still beautifull just wandering ;)
Mackenzie Bell
You should be very proud of yourself!! ❤🍌
Madzia Dul
Hi, I have a question. Can you tell us how much weight did you lose after this challenge? I think that would be very interesting because as you are telling us you don't eat as much as you normally would so i wonder how you body reacts to that.\nP.s love you and your videos! Very inspiring! \u003c3
You could make oat milk!!
Thank you so much for showing this challenge! it was very insightful and interesting :)
Martine Nergaard
You are such a natural, pretty human being
Maryam Bangash
I ❤️❤️ u
Melissa Hancock
Hi good work at school as well. just wanted to say you could of added cinnamon to your rice pud, my Grandma always put cinnamon in to her home-made pud. also try not to eat so much peanut butter, choose other nut butters sometimes or you can make your own nut butters, peanut butter has a aflatoxin [a strain of mold fungal it is from being stored in humid conditions, can also be found in dairy, corn, and other nuts PLEASE also use only Raw organic almonds , cause they are cleaned with a toxin that made a You Tuber 's family sick there was a study in the Philippines where kids 7-10 years old were dying of liver cancer , what they found was the poor kids were full of wellness from eating , rice, a little fish, lots of local greens and veggies . the richer kids who ate peanut butter were getting sick, and dying just be careful and don't eat to much. go to rawfullyorganic and fullyrawkristina you tube channels for lots of raw vegan fast food ideas , she saved me thank you and keep up the great school work PRO-PEACE
Micah Clark
As someone who grew up vegetarian in poverty, you're right about the creativity in food. If you work AND you're making terrible money you're too tired to be fancy. I've eaten sooooo much pasta since I started working again. Often times I end up cooking for people when it's my day off because I know how hard we all work and how little time we all have. This is great to see also because too many times I run into vegans who can't wrap their heads around people who can't afford high-end vegan supplements or a whole foods diet which excludes tons of potential plant based eaters and ultimately hurts the health of the poor. If healthful movements like vegetarian/veganism push the poor out, they're just perpetuating poverty related obesity and health complications due to malnutrition and poor diet. I'm so happy to see more and more vegans really look at how to make the diet accessible and raise awareness. It's a great shift and I'm glad to see you promoting awareness!
I can do this to save up for a car yesssss I love it'!
Morgan Louise
oh gosh food is cheap there compared to Australia !
Myranda Thompson
You're officially my fav vegan YouTube
Noortje Schalker
Haven't watched yet, but already so excited!
Olivia Costa
Yassssa I'm so excited to watch this video!!!!
Rachel Pratt
pb on top of those cookies is the best!
Caitlin, you are just a sweet and down to earth person and I just love that about you. You have a big heart and you're so grateful and I wish there were more people like you. Thanks for being you.
Great video, thanks for bringing awareness to things like this. I grew up quite poor and this was often my reality as a child. People take food for granted so it's nice to see people be more aware of their privilege
Rose Woods
would love to see $2 meals in the future
Rush Rage
8:34 for the perfect crunch
Russell Richardson
These vegan meals look good I should try to make them one day!
Gonna have to try those cookies! Look so good
Sass Cat
I shop at Dollar Tree all the time for bags of beans, rice (white & brown) canned beans. You be surprised what you can purchase for less then $20.00
Shannon Beer
Love that you've done this. Definitely reminds us how privileged we all are!
Shannon Elyssa
love that you're indicating that it's a challenge. a lot of individuals that live off a similar food allowance have their health compromised in some manner(s) which has them on assistance. to try to thrive let alone survive, on that type of budget, is extremely challenging. thanks for this series! \u003c3
Shayda Swann
I make cookies like that all the time and it's honestly the best :D
Siobhan Mulloy
I think another thing to be cognizant of is the use of sentiments like \
Skinity Trinity
The \
Sven M, B
eating an oatmeal banana smoothie first thing in the morning actually starts off a cycle of high blood sugar level-low blood sugar level, which drives up insulin and makes you hungry almost immediately. the best thing to do, especially if you have exams is to drink water and or have a black coffee (unsweetened) and head out the door. you can do your exam and you will have mental clarity better than after having a sugary breakfast. and then you can eat later during the day. and eating rice on its own is a no no, it will shoot your insulin through the roof.
Congrats on finishing! I would love to see some other vegan youtubers that I watch do this challenge too :)
The Not Busy Life
I've never bought plantains... I think I will...
The noob youtuber
why do u call banana \
Victoria Baron
Hey Caitlin! I thought this was a really great mini series that you did and I hope it opens peoples eyes. I'm not sure if anyone asked you this yet but I was wondering if you were able to work out/do yoga during this challenge? I know you're going to post the calories etc of everything you ate but at a glance I don't think I would have been able to fuel myself with the food you had in here. Just another factor in the overall health of people living below the line.
What Ever
HEY sooo I’m allergic to All nuts , is there anything else I could use in exchange for peanut butter?????
I am trying to become vegan. Is it a good idea to have 'vegan days' where for say 2 days a week I have vegan food only then for the other days I have my regular diet?
HAHA, i couldn't help laughing when you tried the rice pudding and it was too hot. Love you for sharing those moments! Lol. X
bella pote
I love this video, I'm so glad your doing this because it makes me feel grateful for the food I have today❤️
why do you call it a plantene? it's a banana
you present yourself so well, and have a very advanced vocabulary, and you seem so compassionate!! Youre such an amazing youtuber and I loved this series!!!
I really appreciated you acknowledging the privilege you had with this challenge in being able to get creative and take a lot of time to cook (not to mention having all the appliances necessary). I wanted to give a couple of other thoughts, not to bash at all, but just a couple more things to think about. Not only is it a privilege to be able to spend a lot of time cooking your meals, but also there's privilege in getting kind of experimental. Whether or not you're someone who cooks a lot, there's always that possibility that something might not work out and could potentially go to waste, so a lot of people can't afford to branch out (especially people with kids who'd rather do stuff they know their kids will eat rather than spending extra to get them to try new things). Also, as someone who leads students through immersive experiences like this, I always think it's important to give the caveat that you can do this for a day, or a week, or even a month, but there's no true way to put yourself in someone else's shoes in a situation like this, because you know that this will be over in a day, a week, or a month, whether or not that's always on your mind. People living in poverty don't have the benefit of a light at the end of the tunnel. Anyways, thanks for doing this challenge, it's hopefully a good conversation starter for many of your viewers who might not have been aware of this reality.
really awesome video and experiment? also, plantains look very interesting, what do they taste like? do you think they'd go okay with ketchup? x
I love that you did this!!! You're such a great person
lovingit X
It's so nice to see you using a very cheap vegan ingredients because whenever i see a youtuber using so much expensive food I get stressed out because I feel that I need to buy those things to be the perfect vegan , thats why I love u ❤️
manga series
yep rewatching
melliesa robles
i love your creativity sm!
milena joelle
Haha i never heard of plantanes :D They look so much like bananas \u003c3 love your videos !
My go to lazy meal is always rice, kidney beans, crushed tomatoes and peanut butter with salt and pep! :D