5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Students

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Thank you for your video and showing that cruelty free food can be cheap and easy for everyone! Your recipes look absolutely gorgeous!! I will definitely be adding some of these recipes to my student food list. xx
Adriana Gutiérrez
Thanks for thinking about students! Greetings from México \u003c3
Alisha Stokes
Hi Madeleine ! I have been binge watching your videos because I am moving to France by myself this month and am gonna try and go vegan (it's my mam that cooks my food atm) ! I'm also a student so these type of videos are so perfect for me 😊 love from Ireland 💓
Allison B
These loook amazing! I'm already obsessed with your hummus pasta! But I have to ask... why don't you have a lemon juicer?? You probably waste some of the lemon juice by trying to catch the seeds on your hand! I know you're a minimalist, but you juice lemons all the time! www.thatgirlaway.com
Aly Han
Love this video! These all look so good. Question: do you have a list of kitchen essentials as a minimalist? I love to cook and love gadgets but am also a minimalist and want to figure out how to pair down my kitchen to the essentials!
Amanda Rebc
It is so refreshing to see a vegan not scared of fats, of carbs, or eating only raw etc...i love your channel! Everything seems balanced
Ann White
These recipes look lovely. The vegetable paella would work with chickpeas or frozen broad beans (for people who can't find fresh broad beans). Thanks for posting.
Anna Bloch
Thank you so much! I am a university students on a budget (but love good food) and these are soooo helpful.
Athanasia Chyma
My gosh did you get even prettier?you're literally glowing here
Berra Saral
Ok these look amazing. Subscribed
Carlie Doll
Please keep making these videos! I find them so helpful, I just got my first apartment and I'm a Uni student so I am trying to cook as budget-friendly\u200b and deliciously as possible!
Carolina Madeira Ines
I may not be vegan or even vegetarian but I'm definetilly going to give some of these a try :) they look so delicious
Caroline Chen
yay love you your videos inspire me so much!
Christina Arundale
Mushrooms in the paella for a meaty texture👌
Idk if it was because I was wearing earphones but my goodness was it so satisfying to hear you chop the ingredients and cook them!!! They all look so delicious and this is definitely motivating me to cook vegan meals for myself x
I dunno where you get all these products so rediculously cheap but here in Holland it would kost more than 5 a 6 euro's maybe even more
Digital Nomad Girl
That paella looked sooooooo good
Eleonoora _
Currently I'm fasting for reasons and these recipes make me soooo hungry. I gotta try them asap! Thanks Madeleine!
Emelia Söderlund
you create the best recipe videos !! going to make the creamy pasta now :)
Emily R
I LOVE when you show the chopping. Maybe that's weird but I love it
Gabriela del Mar
The ASMR quality in the food prep is amazing. I can feel every cut and boil. Makes it seem so real and comforting. Awesome recipes!
Thank you for sharing these recipes :) am excited to try the salad to take to uni, thank you :)
Holland White
I can’t wait to get to uni in September so I can use these recipes! ❤️☺️
That pasta looks so good, I’m going to try it out later this week!
YES! Finally someone who does these cheap meals with decent portions! I am starting my studies next week, will definitely try them out. #decentportions
Irene López Martín
Thank you Madeleine, you did it again! I'm spanish and it was so funny for me to hear you trying to pronounce \
Jenna Hanson
Jenny Monique
Ooooooeh I’m so hungry can’t wait to try the recepies. My collega’s want me to make a vegan dish so i think they would love the paella😁 Ps. Did You include in Your ebook because I’m having difficulties with making enough to eat the whole week. 💛💛💛🎉
Jenny Rall
I saw those pjs, maddie😂😂😂
Jessica Ibbotson
I really want to make the mushroom pasta but I cant eat/consume anything that is soy based, could I just replace this with regular milk or other milk alternatives? Love your food videos and these recipes are so useful for a uni student ❤️
Ka Te
Is it meant to be black except for the writing from 11:58 to 12:03??
Kate Reynolds
Love these videos!
Katherine Gilmore
Love the budget meals! Most of my vegan meals resemble these since I'm always on a budget. But I'm curious to see a video for what you would make if you had to cook something fancier, maybe for a dinner party or special occasion.
Kitty Exotica
Love the recipes and your channel. Would love to see a pantry staple video. I'm always missing some ingredients for your recipes. it would be nice to have a list of things I could shop for and have on hand to make delicious meals quickly.
Kyndell Pacheco
These meal good great! Can’t wait to try! Quick question? Do you buy organic or what’s most affordable? And is it really important to buy organic because buying organic where I live is pretty pricey. I would say about $2 plus more for fresh veggies.
Lara Hughes
Made the creamy garlic pasta tonight! It was perfect - just subbed the almond milk for the soy and it was still great! Thank you so much Madeleine and team! Just great. Looking forward to your next video. Cheers
Liliers sss
First 😊 ilysm madeleine ❤️
Lillian M-L
I've been on and off vegetarian my whole life, and recently I've made the decision to be a 100% vegetarian, and I've been making a lot of your recipes! The only reason I'm not vegan is the occasional indulgence. Your recipes are helping me eat more plant based meals. Thanks!
Linda Tait
Yum! BTW Tesco do frozen baby broad beans which are a brilliant addition if you get fed up with frozen peas. And the way Alex is totally focussed on filming is an inspiration 🤣🤣🤣
I would definitely try all these recepies. I love your videos and your ebook is like my basic cooking book right now. Loving all your work!! 😁🥗❤️
Lorène Low
Amazing ♡
Luiza Kramp
Tahini- what we can use instead of it?
I'll make the pasta dish for dinner today! Thanks for sharing \u003c3
Marie Johnson
Your content is beautiful!
Marta Martrix
Great recipes!!! As a Spanish, I am quite used to see English people cook paella \
Maverick Baking
Beautifully shot video, and great ideas. I'm now very hungry!
May Joan
You look so pretty in this video. Not that this isn't always the case.😊
Melvin Olaverria
Omgggggg this looks soo goooooddd!!!
Watching Madeleine chop up her veg is some serious ASMR business and I’m so here for it 🙌🏻
Miguel Riesco
Well that \
Thank you for keeping students in mind!! I'm a future college freshman and i have no clue what I'm doing so this was really helpful!!
Miss Mary Lu
I just heard from a specialist I may have Crohn's or Celiac, so I have to cut out gluten for a little while while I'm waiting on the tests. I'm so glad you always have such a variety on your channel (and also that brown rice pasta is delish 😹)
Mr. Whitepants
The way she says paella is so cute 😂
your recipe videos are the best!! easy to make, super delicious and tasty 😻 and i dont need to go and buy fancy expensive ingredients ✌🏼
Amazing recipes, I fangirled a little bit when I saw you were preparing a paella, since I'm from Spain. Your version looks delicious, sometimes when I have lots of vegetables and I don't know what to do with them I just make a huge paella XDD A recommendation if you don't mind, is not to stir the paella in the last minutes of cooking, you will come up with something we call \
Naomi Nnedi
These all look tasty; I can't wait to try the creamy mushroom pasta and cous cous salad!
Nelly Doyley
I can’t get enough of your videos. My favourite vegan YouTuber ahhh 💚
Noémie Lesne
I love that your vegan recipes don't consist on salad. I'm trying to go vegan but I hate raw vegetables, only like the cooked ones and I find really hard to find recipes that aren't basically a bix mix of different raw vegetables. So thank you very much for sharing these :) can't wait to try the pasta one :)
Pauline Caspar
I’m definitely going to try the pasta dish and the smoothie. Thank you for sharing all those amazing recipes 🖤
I love the way you edit, that creamy and cheesy pasta is the one!!!! Mmmmmm! NOOOOOOCH 😋 I made a vegan \
Quatschknödel :D
I'm vegan for maybe two weeks now (am a vegetarian for maybe 5 years now) and kinda feel that I really could use something like Tahini and Nutritional Yeast (?) to add to my diet :) Does anyone know similar products available in Germany? \nGreat video and recipes btw \u003c3
Qudsiyah Mahmood
Thank you for all these amazing recipes . Helping me so much at university. Plus taste amazing. Binge watching all your videos. Love your channel x
Rach Rae-Rose
Tahini! That’s genius! I was waiting for the full on cashew cheese thing but that’s genius, so simple, absolutely mind blown hahahah I love tahini so keen to try it, I love these videos thank you so much Maddy! 😄 xx
Rachel Oshea
Definitely going to try the creamy mushroom pasta! Looks delicious and so simple! 🤤
Random Name
Nice👍 The vegetable paella and couscous salad looked especially nutritious and delicious 😄🌱❤️
I don't approve of the depressing music! But everything else was beautiful
Ressa Rose
All of these recipes look so yummy!!! Unrelated to food but I was wondering what font you used in this video? \u003c33
Rina's Cooking
Amazing! Thank you.
Ronja Svensson
My favourite way to live cheap is to use PlantJammer app because it makes recipes with the stuff you already have 🙏🏻
Rubisco Talks
Your videos are always helpful ! I have started eating only fruits and veggies and very little chicken and feeling great after that ! Very much inspired from u :) one of ur oldest subs
Sara Selfridge
I know I’ve been out of the loop for a bit and you’ve might have already answered this question; how are you feeling? I know you were staying away from gluten etc cuz you were having some issues. Did you figure out what the issue was or did you just heal? Glad to see you being able to taste your own food again! Also, I see a difference in the quality of your videos (better!) not that they were bad before. Just a lot more crisp picture/video. Well done! Love and miss your recipe videos!
Shaunagh //
I love that you do these videos! I’m currently vegetarian in college trying to transition to vegan and I was struggling with ideas!
Ahhh this was amazing! Thank you so much for the constant meal inspiration ❤
Siham Aitmansour
Thanks for all of your videos there're so interesting nd so useful u're my best vegan youtuber \nPs:BTW couscous nd pealla are Moroccan food 🇲🇦
Simone Marmotte
This mushroom creamy pasta is definitely what I’m eating for tomorrow’s lunch 😍
I’m not vegan and tbh I’ve been eating rubbish recently so I didn’t think this would be my cup of tea, but I will make the milkshake tomorrow for breakfast, I’m so excited, it looks gorgeous xx
Steve H
Awesome ideas. Thanks ✌️
Tas Tas
The Organic Gypsy
Looooove the couscous salad!!! Actually everything looks really, really good! Love your videos.
Tonje Hjalmarsdatter
Looks soooo so yummy :D
Ursula Melia
Dear Madeleine, great recipes!!! They all looked delicious and it's another proof that good food doesn't need to be expensive! And you look so well and healthy! Thanks for sharing!
Vanity Flores
I just discovered you and I already love you! Can you make a video of what a typical grocery haul looks like for you? I'm transitioning into veganism still, and need to start learning how to shop vegan so that I already have these ingredients on hand to make these recipes in a pinch. Thanks!
ok i just made that PB and Chocolate milkshake and it is amazingggg. tates just like the real thing
I avoid soy. Have you tried the first recipe with other plant-based milks? Thank you so much for these great meal ideas :-)
Yas Barkallah
OMG the Harry Potter pajamas!!!!
Yolanda Zhao
This is seriously the first time in my life seeing someone pouring vegs before oil in cooking...sorry, this is too strange -.-
Zoey Arielle
Trying the pasta tonight 😍🇮🇹 Grazie Maddie!
ana maria
Do these recipes have enough protein tho if u are trying to gain muscle?
These look pretty good and I have tried some. I do have to note that potatoes, other veggies, and also fruits are expensive in my area so it kinda defeats the purpose of the affordability.
You did a fantastic job on these recipes!  I am trying these.  Yum!  My husband and I are vegans and I am always looking for new recipes.  Thank you.
josh mcgee
I think it's the mistakes that give this channel its charm. Messing up words and recipes and then leaving that in the video shows a level of authenticity that other channels don't have
lexandra tri
It might be cheaper to buy lemon juice in a bottle? In Sainsbury’s it’s in the aisle with all the baking stuff, and one bottle lasts us a couple of months and it costs about £1,5.
Love the recipe videos, you get so creative with food
librada ontiveros
I'm really glad I found your channel!
I really don’t like mushrooms, can I just leave it out the recipe?
nina samek
I dont know why paella should contain safron. Its a cheap meal in spain and the colour comes from curcuma!
I love how original these are! Usually when people put out budget videos - it's normally just potatoes and pasta. I'm especially keen to try that couscous salad and the paella.
I have to be soy free, so will sub cashew or rice milk vs soy milk in all your recipes. Coconut Aminos vs Soy Sauce, solid regular or quinoa polenta slices/chunks, portobello mushrooms, chickpea in place of tofu in the savory recipes. And will sub sunbutter, pumpkin seed butter, tahini or cashew butter vs peanut butter.
Food is suuper cheap there! All those ingredients would be 3-4 times more expensive here. Still, great recipes.