Candice Accola and Michael Trevino - TVD Chicago 2013 - The banana story.

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Candice tells the infamous banana story from her point of view - with some help from Trevino.2013 TVD Chicago Convention playlist:

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candice is so adorable! :) haha
Kala Bogdanow
Adorable! Simply ADORABLE! And REAL. These two have a real and genuine and innocent relationship in real life and I just love them:D
Maria Ramsey
Loove this!!!!
OMG that's fucking hilarious!! I love Treccola/Forwood! I swear, the banana moment better be in the bloopers roflmfao.
totally funny
Omgg ! Candice is soooo adorable :D \u003c3333
yunnie suarez
Can i like this a thousand times? Awwww! They're so cute !! I love them!! #Treccola forever!!