Hunger - Amused (Audio)

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NEW EP 'AMUSED' OUT NOW. /// CONNECT WITH HUNGER ONLINE:Featured on 13 Reasons Why - Episode 5 /// LYRICSYou can hear my heart beat Waiting at the door Lately I’ve been thinking Thinking about all of you and moreYou can take that one step Just open up the door We can make it everlasting This could be deeper than beforeI don’t know how you feelBut I all I want is you You can be my steering wheel I’m holding on to you.Weaving through the light show Kissing every wall We connected strangers Feeling like we could have it all There’s something about us Something that I crave We can make it everlasting Leaving this city in our wakeI don’t know how you feelBut I all I want is you You can be my steering wheel I’m holding on to you.I can feel your heart beat do you feel it tooThis everlasting just me and youI don’t know how you feelBut I all I want is you You can be my steering wheel I’m holding on to you.

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2kul 4name
Thank you 13 reasons why, this is 😍🔥🔥
So glad Thirteen Reasons Why introduced me to this song. Literally listening to it on repeat.
Adam Alkishawi
13 Reasons Why brought me here, great show with great music, this one caught my attention RIGHT AWAY.
This song gives me the feels of 13 reasons why
Alex Justus
There's a theory that hunger will like any comment on this video
Anastazja Kampifara
Rojson brought me here 😍 Poland ❤
Andrew Ducote
Amazing vibes. Greatness is coming, guys!
Android Play 98
la neta esta muy buena la rola, no la paro de escuchar muchas felicitaciones sigan haci y llegaran lejos.
Heh its funny, most of the people have been brought here by \
Ardan Muhamad
I'm here, cause Taylor's playlist.
This song is so goddamn good, I'm permanently hooked, I'll be making my grandchildren listen to it lmao.
Austropop ELITE
Hunger is my new music obsession 💝
Bless YouTube recommendations love this song❤️
Bethany Brooke Gross
Keep making songs like this! 13 reasons why. How about you?
Brianna Persang
the feels with this song💕\n13 reasons why brought me here
I heard this on Spotify and MAN IS IT GOOD! You guys are going to be the next big thing.
Caroline Arenas Lopez
I've been looking for this song for so long!!! I fell in love with it when I heard it in 13 reasons why❤️💙👌😍
Chaitanya Gopal
I'm so excited to see you in munich together with atc. I didn't know you before they announced that you're going to be their support band. I had to check the music out and all I can say is ... holy jesus you're so good
Christina G
This song is so sexy the vocals and the words 👌🏼😍
Cindy Gagnier
Really love this song. Heard it on AccuRadio.
Danii Lavia
-Go.. Go get her\n +Go get her and do what?\n -It's a dance, right? Maybe.. dance with her?
Dawid Dawidowski
kto od rojsona?
Demetrio Daniel Coconi
I found this song on Taylor’s playlist and this is so damn good! Can’t believe this song came out a year ago!
Demonetised Video
I love listening to this on a cold, windy day while I walk alone. So good.
Just saw that you guys are coming to the Netherlands with AtC so obviously had to listen to your songs. Now I'm hooked and can't wait to see you!
Does it even matter
Of course it gives me the feeling of 13 reasons why, but oh god ❤❤❤ I searched for a song like this one for sooooo long time and I am glad I finally found one
Kto od Rojsona?
Elina Zvejniece
Ok, so why am I only hearing this now?! This is pure gold!!!! And bless whoever picks those great soundtracks for tv shows. :) So underrated it's unbelievable.
Elisa Ma
I'm here from 13 reasons why!! This song is PERFECTION! love it ✨
Emma Carl
Who else came from the new Netflix show '13 Reasons Why'?
Erick Stockthon
This song is fire! 🔥 😍✨ I'm addicted to it! I have nothing but love for this band! 🙏🏻
Faizan Ali
The earlier episodes were less dark and gloomy, and just didn't suck the living life out of you
Gianmarco Spezzano
Listened them in Italy, in Milan! Very STRONG! ;)
Hannah Dill
Thank god for 13 Reasons Why. This song is AMAZING!!!
Hannah Vlogs
13 reasons why.. You guys will be getting bigger and bigger! Try keeping up with the work and you'll see what happens in the near future!
Helena Prim
I heard this song four months ago, in Spotify, and I fell in love with it, and I still love it. Thanks for have created this song! 💓😊🎵
You guys.. This beyond amazing \u003c3
Heard it 13 Reasons Why. Amazing song. Waiting for Season 2.
Jatavier Smith
My GOOD taste in music brought me here:)))
Jhonatan Cardoso
13 Reasons Why ❤
Jijón Jijón
13 reasons why brought me here
John John
How does this not have 1 million views ? This song is good af 👌
Jojo The Great
this song gives me the feels! excellent work guys. you need a video. and I need to direct it. word
Joyce Balbin
Taylor's playlist.
Julio Cesar
Th1rteen R3asons Why brought me here ❤
This song, the message behind 13 reasons why, they all hit me really hard, old memories and feelings brought up
Kayleigh Cook
heard this in 13 Reasons Why and had to find it ❤❤ so glad I did
Keisha B
Taylor brought me here❤️
Krzysiek Idczak
I swear I'm responsible only for half of the views ;3
La Frog
I keep singing \
Loraine Christinat
A commercial for the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross brought me here pfff-\n\nAmazing song 💜
LucyAnn 1814
Reminds me of clay and tony for some reason goes perfectly with 13 reasons why such an amazing series to watch I thought it was amazing and tony shows a great love of respect and how to be a friend and clay shows that he can do anything if he tries
Lyn Limoran
I really, really love this song! Found it on Spotify :)
Léna H
J'adore cette chanson !! Ici grâce à 13 reasons why!! \u003c3
I've had this song on repeat for the past few days, I absolutely LOVE it! I'm so upset that I didn't know about this song or this band earlier and I can't wait to hear more from you guys! ❤️
This is awesome! Guys... Someday you will be great and famous... Remember and keep doing this!
Marcus Doyle
this is my favorite song ever. I'm going to show all my friends this incredible song
Mark Deleon
Greatest song ever ❤ i heard it on 13 reasons why and i spent the next hour replaying the part at the winter dance just focusing on the lyrics trying to find it on youtube and i did!!! ❤❤❤
Matthew ONeill
I heard this on the series 13 Reasons Why, this song gives me chills, love it so much.
Monique Vega
heard this song on Pandora and I fell in love!!
'I dont know how you feel, but all i want is you!' 🎶🎶❤️😍🤧
freaking awesome song! \u003c3
Nightmare King
I don't know how you feel but all I want is food
I love this song
Rojson good intro. Tarcza !
If you are listening to the 5th tape you are too late
Patrick Andreozzi
I'm glad 13 Reasons Why brought me here
Philipp Krikava
Pradeep Red E
Every time I listen,I fall in love with this song \u003c3
Raph Andbeauty
When everyone in the comments says that they're here because of 13 reasons why, and you know that you're here because you discovered this amazing band in a live concert in Lyon \u003c3 You guys are awesome, can't wait for the album to be released.
Roger Dayton
Just heard this on the radio...Awesome song!
Sarah Reis
Q música maravilhosa!!! NOSSA ME APAIXONEI COM ELA COMO N DANÇAR COM ELA?😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
When I was listening to this on Spotify, I was blown away! You guys need to come to Houston next year or something for Free Press
Sriezan Koirala
13 reasons why!!! Song before 'the slow song' . Amazing.
Tay Mitchell
I've been so obsessed with this song!
Text Appeal
I am soooo amazed. Cannot wait to see you with ATC in Hamburg. First time I actually really enjoy their support group ^^
Kto od roja łapka w górę
Vanessa C
Heard this at a waterpark with my brother & he loved it. I love it!!
Wafaa xx
13 reasons why here!💯💯💯
Wasp 209
Shazam brought me here
Wasted Alien
Heyyy I'm the girl who was taking photos for Silhouet in your tour in Spain with Agains The Current. I finished Thirteen Reasons Why like in a day and when I discovered that you were part of the soundtrack I was like nooooo wayyyyyyy. Congrats guys! At first I was like mmm this song is familiar and then bam hahahaha
13 reasons why ? me too
a random teen
Uploaded in 2016?????\n\nWhere have I been for the last 2 year's😂😂
against the current Nederland
thirtheen reasons why!!!!!
Love this track and Gravity so much, been dancing with headphones on for hours.\n\nAnyone got recommendations for a similar sound?
Heard this on Spotify and it's been on replay ever since. Awesome track!
Eine Wiener Band featured in 13 Reasons Why, das hätte ich nie gedacht. Klasse Lied
7th time hitting replay. :D makes me think of her \u003c3
laiki pl
Kto od intra lis u roja? :D
goosebumps I can't even begin to describe my love for this song
no one
FINALLYY i found it!I ve been looking for this song,since i heard it on 13rw(btw this show is amazing) i had the brilliant idea to download schazam in order to find its name and here i am,breaking the replay button!THIS SONG IS ABSOLUTELY GREAT,its just keeps playing over and over in my head and now thankfully i found it!i am excited!congratulations,greeeat work!keep it up you guys!
this song deserved better JEZUS
sammy del real
Great job boys! Sounds amazing! Love it
she's high on revlon
As soon as I heard this on 13 Reasons Why, I fell in love with this song. Super amazing song, I broke the reply button xx 💚💚
stephenChiu Rodriguez
vanneye x
I totally fell in love with this song... BIG thanks to the band! Such a great song! I can't stop listen to it😂💓\nplus 13 reasons why brought me here😇
You guys were amazing yesterday at Nijmegen! Really cool performance. You were all soooo friendly and kind during our meeting! :)