5 Reasons You Keep Tripping Over Your Rope

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Abdullah Saady
ZEN BRAAAAAAHHHH, thanks for this video!
Abhimanyu Chatterjee
Mother of God, I never realized I subconsciously kept pulling my hands up. No wonder I end up tripping when I try to go fast. Thanks a ton for pointing this out. 👍🏻
Abhishek Ricky
nice one ....perfection good on you..
Adit Straiff
you keepin tripin with the rope because you are overthinking... just feel the rythm and Do The Thing!!
Aditya Bharati
I like that dance move
Ahsan Ali
are there any other cheaper ropes you guys would recommend
Akshim Vasistha
and is that a new tattoo you got on your left arm?
Amber Black
Are you coming to NYC
Ambreen Fatima
I totally realised where am I missing it up.. Thanks\n💙 💙 💙 💙.. #dothething
Andrew L
Dude this was soooo helpful
Anmol Bista
wasssssuuupppppp pppppllllaaaayyyaaaazzzzzzzzzz !!!!
Arcade Party
Jump rope technique, seriously! (never knew there was such a thing) Love ya Zen Dudes, just do the f*cking thing was one of my favorites. Still listen to that podcast episode often. Thank you for all the information!
you should start a channel with your dance moves too!
yay informational 👌👍👍👍💜💜💛💚💛💜💗💖
Bharath R
I start tripping once I start getting tired. Is this fine??
Bilal Akram
thank you so much for this. I've been tripping out recently, one of the reasons being I just can't do criss crosses. But I'll just keep on trying daily 🙌
Bill M
Whenever I jump rope I get really bad stomach cramps, do you guys have this problem, and if so how do you fix it? I try not to drink a whole lot of water, but I still get cramps
Black Thompson
Tripping on the jump rope makes me crazy!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET RIPPED BUT IT'S MAKING ME CRAZY. I'm not giving up but... ARGH!!!! I just want to cry because I can't jump rope. Pfff!
Warming up is very important! For me, doing some cardio like a minute jog to get my heart pumping helps a lot.
Charles Robertson
This video was such a big help. Awesome
Chaudary Izrar
Daily i do 3000 plus rope jumps but simple 1s\nSets of simtimes 300 sometimes 200 \nHow much will be effective ?
Chris Baranet
Dunk the rope ,in water ,if it's a leather rope.\nIf the rope is heavy ,you dont trip as much.
Christian Öhrn
Is there a \
Claudine Song
I have learned so much from your jumping techniques! Most important for me is to stop jumping when I get so exhausted for trying for an hour and then I make every one of the mistakes!!!!
Coated Edit
For\nGirls like me don’t where a ponytail just a tip. Also for everyone even when you mess us keep jumping on your toes without the rope in the beat of 4 . And then incorporate the rope
Cody Rinehart
crazy cool background!
Cory Harkins
This is a huge help.
Question: whenever I use the ropes they have at the gym I always trip, but when I use my own speed rope I skip like a rockstar. Is there something wrong with me or the gym ropes?
Thos dance moves were fire haha
Dan Dan
I keep hitting the back of my head
Elizabeth Foster
What happens for me is the rope always hits my ponytail
Eye Hates You
I got my first rope ever 4 days ago and i stopped tripping this morning. It was the best morning i had in a while
Gerardo Garza García
I can agree that rhythm is important! sometimes I mess up because I feel AND hear the rope rhythm or music. I need to choose only one, not both. or my hands may get faster, rope get faster, or my feet and I screw up. I also warm up 4 times in cooler weather, like below 15℃/60℉ because the body gets stiffer faster.\n\nthanks Dan for the vid!
Gunther Chai
im stuck at no.2 how do i maintain the u shape? whenever i use my wrist without moving my arms i tend to trip over the rope
HNX Media
I could totally see Dan doing all this while directing traffic. That would be epic!
How to Fingerboard Tutorials
You say if your not warmed up... I use jump rope to warm up lol
J v
Hey Zen guy dude man. I noticed your channel yesterday, and decided to give jumping rope a shot to get lean. I'm 6ft 230lbs and after 15min of jumping I'm sweating buckets. Is this a good start? Also how many times a day should this be repeated? Thanks for any info!
Jamie Guthrie
Finally the help I needed to get better with the rope!! Thanks so much!!
Joe G
Thanks a lot for this advice.
Jon Neil Oyanguren
This is a huge help for me as a beginner. Thanks!
Jorik the Dude
What is the song you use at 5:49 with your awesome dancing skills :p
Juan Torquemada
ver aproaching to 100,000 Amazing. Hugs from Bogota
Justin Hester
My cable rope makes me pay when I mess up.... mostly slaps to the ass.
Kimonimo Battazzello
6. Overthinking. The moment I start to think too much about jumping itself, I trip.
Krishna Mohan
Is it common that rope touches the floor while skipping?
Kyle Hallaert
I kept thinking throughout the video a car is just going to speed down that road...
Your body is so beautiful I wish my boyfriend look like you... I'm still looking for him.
Laszlo Takacs
good video...I get so frustrated when the rope hits my feet.
Lord Do.No.
#6 tired.. \nwhen i do an hour session (6 sets of 9 minutes skip 1 minute rest 140-150 stroke).. the last session sets is getting tough and i trip few time, but not much..
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT
i've never tripped up wtf u on about man
Mark S
This guy explained it better than anybody I've seen so far. It's all in the wrists. Got it now!
I used to jump rope a lot, but i recently just got back into it. I noticed that my knees hurt when i jump though. could this be because i haven't done it it in awhile?
Michael Hill
Ahhh, now I know why I trip up so much. Thanks for the tips. Makes sense too. I love jumping rope and I'm past 60 anyway. It's a good workout but I need to do my warmups first. The 10, 10, 10 rule is what I found most insightful. Keep jumping....
Mindaugas Kolesnikovas
where did you get that rope? looks sick, p.s. is it comfortable?
Mori Summer
6th reason. You aren't doing it in the middle of a double lane road.
Mr. Morgan
6:04 how many ppl remember that Nextel chirp
how to jump so low???
is your rope actually clipping the floor when you are jumping?
Prateek Srivastava
I have to ask, is that a green screen behind you or are you really jumping rope in the middle of the road?!
Raja Hammad Khalid
Raw LawGirl
that dance move at th end! 😛
Rochelle R
Thats a funny and entertaining dance at the end. How about more of it? Thanks for this video just started jump roping and the balls of my feet ache and I trip up every 2 to 4th jump. Feels like I am getting more of a beating by the rope than a work out.
Ron J
What's the brand of Rope and weight?
Rugged Human
Thanks for the advice, Respect from India !
SEO Local Business Services
The Hand coming above the waist line got me. Great Video!
I had this problem, because my rope was to small and was made for kids, or smaller people, I don't have that problem anymore.
I'm wondering if I jump rope for 30 mins a day will that help me for distance running. At school, I run the 1600m and the 3200m. Btw my track season just ended. I just want to come back next season and be known for being good. I have to make track & field a career for me because I'm not good at anything else. I'm about to get a job soon I can tell I don't want to live that life
Samuel James
been watching you guys for a while now,......thanks to you guys, i can now perform a double under and criss-cross simultaneously...thanks guys...keep up the good work
Great video! I start tripping because of reason #1, every time I start getting fatigued I subconsciously pull my arms upward! Now that I recognize it I will shut it down!
Shahajhan Fakir
Sir you videos are really really helpful. You are doing great job.
Source Prakash
love your body Dan.\nyou are my fitness God\n\njai shree raam
Steven Shoemaker
A weighted rope solves at least two of these issues and it's probably a good idea for a beginner to start with the one pound orange rope (Intensity) when possible.
The Dank Basketballer
This really helped me.Thanks man
The Metal Player
Hey zendude the ending song was awesome what is the title?
The shrewd magnate
Excellent channel guys...will skipping increase my height?
This may be a daft question... But how do you correctly breath when jumping rope?
Tyler Paul
Do you buy those pants with a cut in the knee or do you cut it?
William Lindroos
jumping boobs!
I've pretty much done all kind of sports from athletics, gymnastics, kickboxing & even breakdancing\nbut somehow i always sucked at rope jumping, so this is great help to give it a try it again. Thanx, keep it up :)
Yo Dude Guy Gaming
are you going to make a tutorial for that truck you were doing at the end?
Yvo Wilms
Thanks man, first time 50 in a row and one leg double. Thank you💪💯💯
Zsombor Panka
Wow Im so early, Gooo Zen Dudes!
abhijeet shirodkar
sir I am 90 kg person ..is jumping rope is safe for my knees ?
christian guillermo
I've notice in the mirror my arc on the rope is not a perfect u shape. any reason why that is? I am using a heavy rope fyi.
fred vuitton
Hahahahah awesome moves at the end ...... so interesting I'm really going to try out.
gratful for Life
*wanna learn to jump rope for my warp up* *dude is telling me too warp up before jumping rope*
ibrahim abaalkhail
Is the rope touching the floor?
jack bone
good shooting on the hand positioning!\nalso, digging the timbaland beats!!! dude was a beast in the lab
You never mentioned the length of the rope. That's the number one thing.
jatin soney
The point where you said that we try and do tricked we haven't perfected yet, that trick was dope though.
josie corpus
Who knew jumping could be so much fun!! Q: Any extra tips for \
learn how to use your signal light
I like ropes with beads and weighted
Thanks for the advice! This helps
mark lopez
hello zen dude fitness, thank you for the post, it was very instructive. however, I still seem to be hitting my feet while I'm jump roping. Once I watched your video I was sure that the holding hands too high was my issue but that's not the case. do you have any other tips that might help me find out what I'm doing wrong? Thank you for your time
mohammed zakkariya
Thank you I hope this video will help me ....I think I won't do this mistake while using jump ropes
nilayan moodley
Also be careful not to jump too high . Thats a personal mistake I'm struggling with
nobeauty kiencie
Wait I just gotta find and buy the best sports bra😂
I started in June and I decided it was going to be 4 months before I even try to do tricks.\nAlso *Is there a way to keep my arms down* my hands keep coming up and I'm mentally lazy right now so keeping my hands low has posed a problem. \nThe jump, light wrist twist, arms back, hands low with the rope click is just a little much.
wasteland viking
Hey zen dudes ...just wanted to say you guys are awesome...i was on a good track with your weight loss high intensity workout...unfortunatly I broke my back so I've been a couch potato for a month...but I still watch the vids and try and learn everything I can...keep up the awesome work...#dothething...and by the way...love the new ink brother
Éric-Olivier Marcoux
I've been jumping rope for like six weeks, I eat well and the right portions everyday and I'm 15. Is it normal that I only see really slow changes on my body?